The Mounting Tempest

Divided We Fall

The Mounting Tempest

Hindsight is relative in proportion to events that have already occurred. That being said, with the transgressions that the Trump administration has done, many now wonder would the electoral college have voted for the one candidate who had the majority of Americans in his corner if they knew how the Trump Presidency is turning out to be? A historical turn of events would have taken place. It is so sad that today we use the word hindsight in terms relating to what has been going on ever since Trump took office.

The blunders, the outright lies, amidst the false bravado spewing from Trump himself has put the United States on a much lower plane than had we elected Bernie Sanders. It never ceases to amaze that many still align themselves with this President. Then again there are millions more opposed to the mockery that Trump is making of the office of the President.

There are more troubling signs on the horizon with the continued assault on the public's well-being from this administration. The instigator himself has managed to open wounds that were long since healed. The reaction from Charlottesville has been a quick response to target and strip away monuments that now are used to cover up the fact we are no longer united. The division has widened correspondingly with the largest income disparity gap in history. The racial divide that has reared its ugly head in recent years is so entwined with the income gap that the two are intermingled where it is difficult to separate the two. The inability to separate these two discerning facts in America today is the prime reason why there is such a furor over monuments, especially the ones from the Civil War.

When people deface and target monuments that were erected as a testament to what individuals accomplished, whether in war or peace, regardless of political correctness of today, signals the tempests of bigotry, hate, intolerance, and indifference that has managed to resurface under the Trump Administration. Least we remind everyone that most of these monuments have been in place in our capitals, parks, and just about everywhere for over 100 years. So why now all of a sudden is there a furor to dismantle these monuments?

To answer that question, we have no further to look than at what Trump has done just within the past six months that he has been in office. And more importantly, what has transpired in American society for the past 50 years that has redefined our nation's consciousness. Today, what we as a nation are seeing and hearing is the hysteria manifested out of the frustration of the failure of government, education, and society as a whole.

Much of the problems of why the United States has become so divisive stem from the fact that a disproportional amount of economic and financial opportunity there has been between the races. A case in point in regard to unequal opportunity, look no further than Flint, Michigan where much of the water problem is in poor Black communities. And today, to make matters worse, government policies have uniformly targeted poor communities and the nation's poor. In every city and town, all across the country, the plight of the poor is so often overlooked and too many of our elected officials turn a blind eye to what is happening. Today, it is the Black community that has the most unemployment; they are routinely targeted by the police; local governments so often ignore Black communities in favor of the more affluent neighborhoods.

This is only the tip of the iceberg of why there is so much frustration that is boiling over and why the Black community is lashing out at just about anything that reminds them of the servitude they endured in a dark period of our history. There has been so much frustration brewing because of the death of equal opportunity just within the past 35 years. Today, education is vital to understand that our governmental policies both domestic and international have done almost irrevocable damage to the healing that Dr. Martin Luther King did so well. It so sad that the mainstream media will not focus on the root causes of why there is this recent uproar about removing objects and monuments that literally have stood the test of time. Instead, all that they have done as with our current President is create an atmosphere that is ripe for more bigotry, hate, and intolerance between people of all races.

Until there is a uniform objective to create equal opportunity where all, regardless of race or religion, can we all be on equal footing as they say. We also have to realize what Dr. King stood in order for this nation to find a way to heal the wounds that have opened up. The mounting tempest in the United States will only grow unless we the public understand that education and commitment to creating equal opportunities will bring about the changes needed that will end the bigotry, hate, and animosity that has plagued our nation. We must implement the National Economic Reform's Ten Articles of Confederation so that our nation will become a United States. Equal opportunity for all.

Dr. Williams
Dr. Williams
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