The Greatest Challenge

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The Peace of Nations

The Greatest Challenge

Are we being led like sheep to the slaughter by leaders after quenching their thirst off of the tears of the masses? Is mankind going to dissolve into obscurity where all that is left is woe and misery? Has the US lost its moral compass? Very sobering thoughts considering the events of our modern day world that has played out before all to see. As undaunting the task before humanity is, the resolve has to be united. Not fractured as we are witnessing here in the United States and throughout the world. The future for all mankind rests with the decisions that are made today. But, sadly there continues to be those who hide behind cloaks of deception and deceit. Then we have a President who is incapable of uttering decisive remarks and decisions that would heal the wounds of an already divided country. Our leaders are the ones that control the events that shape the world. History is ripe with those whose cloaks have masked their misshaped ideologies. For those who seek of gaining more power, control and wealth they do so at the expense of the future, the environment, and the existence of all life.

Ever since the dawn of man, there have been countless wars and atrocities against their fellow man and nature. The slaughter of the American Bison to almost the point of extinction is just one instance where man has continued to display greed over temperance. So many of nature's animals have faced extinction over the course of history which is a true testament to the wanton destruction that man continues to do. The battles of Saratoga and Waterloo are two of the more recent in the history of mankind that the outcomes forever changed the course of history. It is in history that is full of countless battles that have determined the destinies of man which only has proved that man still can't resolve differences through peaceful means, even to this day.

Today, a global catastrophe is already afoot. The continuing civil unrest in Syria where thousands of their own citizens have perished. So sinister the recent carnage there underscores the rampant disregard for the sanctity of life. Those cloaks of deception and deceit are in play in more places today than ever before. The constant turmoil in countries all over Africa, to the killing fields of South America and Mexico, the constant political posturing in Israel against Palestine and the threat of nuclear aggression from the leaders of North Korea has indeed made the world a most volatile hot bed of aggression where at any moment a spark could ignite, yet again global terror.

To go back in recent history at the end of the First World War the United States in its failure to ratify the League of Nations fueled the flames for Hitler's rise in Germany which led to World War II. The United Nations since its formation following the war in the late 1940s has done very little in curbing the horrific tragedies that have plagued countries all over the world. The argument of a superior military presence of one country is a valid one where the greatest deterrent against any armed aggression by any country or group is the real threat of total annihilation. Today the world is more violent, destructive, and more complex. The civility among nations except for a few there is none. In most parts of the world, dignity, compassion, humility, and humanity have yet to be a prominent importance in the governing of nations. Man's inhumanity to man is so rampant that any attempt today to stop the insanity is almost futile. This is why and necessary the United States must initiate more authority for the United Nations in solving the many crises around the globe. The failure of the UN has been the constant lack of real authentic support by countries and the go it alone approach that still is the norm for the United States.

The real problem in attaining a lasting global peace and prosperity for nations is that most countries governments are faulty. When there are leaders whose thirst for power and control continues for too long, the more corruption there is in the governing. The United States is not immune to the corruption within. Nor is any other country where government officials remain entrenched. Corruption of any form destroys governments no matter how well-intended there are. It is pervasive honesty that is vital for the success of democracies. Morality is basic and fundamental for any and all laws to be effective. It is essential and proven that a moral society is rudimentary for any government to succeed. It has taken centuries to rid the concept of divine rights of Kings, now it is time to rid of the divine rights of governments in order to restore sensitivity, humility, and humanity to societies. When anarchy prevails in places like Somalia and even now in Syria, human rights are non-existent and the horrific suffering of people continues to spread continuing the escalation of more violence. The only recourse is for the United Nations to form a coalition force to stop the spread of anarchy and restore order to those countries who continue to violate basic human rights.

It is time that the UN must have the real backing of all the Industrialized Nations to start to ease the suffering of peoples whose own governments prohibit basic human rights. It is with the major Industrialized Nations commitment to the United Nations that the UN will now have the capabilities to strive for global coexistence between nations. They must have the means and the ability to thwart countries and organizations from using armed aggression and terror against one another. This does not mean to relinquish nations sovereignty. But, it does mean that the United Nations will have the full support and the resources to combat nations who violate international laws.

With the United Nations backing a government, success depends on four basic contingencies: Whether it is the clear choice of the people. The majority of those governing must be charitable. That nation must have a military and a diplomatic policy of and for defense only. There has to be a reasonable distribution of wealth among the populace. That nation's government will be considered negligent if it denies or does not provide the means for earning a living for all who want to work and supports basic human rights like access to fresh clean water, healthcare, food, and shelter for all its citizens. It is quite obvious that the United States, as well as many other countries, are guilty of not following through on most of these guidelines and policies. Therefore, the success of America, as well as those other countries, remains very limited at best. Limited until we have a government that is not made up of self-serving bureaucrats.

There are five very fundamental moral rules that must be followed by leaders of countries. It is the citizens' responsibility though to be concerned enough to speak up and demand that governments follow these fundamental moral obligations. 1. The United Nations must have a mutual defense pact and a firm resolve by all countries to join together to repel aggression and restore human rights in countries that oppose and suppress them. 2. Citizens must withdraw support from any leader or country that violates or condones armed assault. 3. Nations must have adequate defense forces to prevent aggression and to repel any armed assaults. 4. Governments must realize that no person has the right to commit violence against another for any reason except if it is unavoidable to protect human life. 5. Capital punishment must be abolished and replaced with life in prison. These fundamental moral rules have to be the basis to build a foundation for lasting global peace.

It is imperative that the United States take the lead in bringing the rest of the industrialized nations together to re-enforce the United Nations commitments where ever they are needed. So many are frustrated with this present Administration one has to wonder will the United States be able to get its house in order to actually felicitate coordinating in unifying the other industrialized nations to commit to the United Nations? And until we do the world will continue to slip into the void where any spark of indifference could ignite into an inferno. When so many nations are on the verge of falling into a cataclysm of misery much worse than the Great Depression where at any moment another Hitler like persona beguiles the masses, is again not the answer. The answers lie with the United Nations ability to secure and implement those moral codes. To do that starts with the United States. And, for the United States to be able to get its house in order starts with the implementation of National Economic Reform's Ten Articles Of Confederation. To do nothing or to ignore is a prelude to Armageddon.

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