The Missing Pages Of American History

by Dr. Williams 6 months ago in congress

History Repeating

The Missing Pages Of American History

In memory is where many of us can escape the surrealness of now. For a nation that was founded by the guiding principles of Liberty, Justice, Education, and Morality have all withered by the decay of corruption, deceit, and greed of those who we entrusted to do the publics good. From humble beginnings of a fledging nation to the harsh realities of today the American public have been grossly misled. While some Presidents and members of Congress thought they were moving the country in the right direction only to have the public ill prepared for the consequences of their actions have had lasting effects on every American. Some of those actions taken were designed to deceive the public and entrench a ruling class elite.

Governmental cover ups are nothing new. Many were under the guise of National Security while others were purposely omitted in the education of the public. A self protecting mechanism of policies that served not the public but the ruling class elites. This has been going on for far too long. It is in education that we learn history. But, if in the teachings there are omissions, and distortions of what actually happened we will always be prone to repeat mistakes of our past and be totally unaware of what was done.

In the history of the United States there are at least 8 instances where certain governmental actions and events that have been purposely omitted in our education and generally deemed unreliable that have had profound effects on all Americans even to this day. It is not just in the history of the United States that events that actually occurred have been covered up but in the history of the world many still can't fathom all that was actually done.

It was after the War of 1812 history teachings have completely omitted the truth of what occurred to cause the original 13th Amendment to vanish from what we are taught in American history. In essence the original 13th Amendment forbid Bar Attorneys from holding pubic office. This Amendment just showed how concerned our Founding Fathers were about the future of the country. The realized that legislative corruption starts when our public servants are vested into conflicts of interests. Today, when we have over 95% of members of Congress are Bar Attorneys which if the original 13th Amendment was invoked there would be only about 9 current members legally allowed to serve.

Again, in 1871 after the Civil War the government of the United States set the president of blatant disregard for the Original Constitution when they passed the Act of 1871. This Act is the most damaging piece of legislation that has affected every American since it's passage. To this day in our teachings of US history too many of us can't comprehend what our government actually did and the underlying reasons of why they did it. Yet, today we are taught that the Act of 1871 benefited the people of Washington D.C. Sure it helped the population of D.C. but, the real essence of that Act did irreparable harm to the publics freedoms and inherited rights that were established under the Original Constitution with the Original 13th Amendment intact.

When people hear or are told the Act of 1871 turned our government into a corporation they assume it is just another conspiracy theory drummed up to stir the imagination of a country gone wild. What we are taught and what actually occurred are two entirely different scenarios especially in the education about the Act of 1871. The public has been indoctrinated into accepting what we are taught. It is therefore the publics unilateral denial that our government could have purposely committed treason when they passed the Act of 1871.

These two instances in our past set the stage for more abusive's of power by governmental officials. Had the public been taught of what our government actually did this nation would be debt free and our inherited rights would still be intact. Now, we are faced with insurmountable debt and too many of our freedoms are gone. These two blatant omissions, the Original 13th Amendment and the Act of 1871, are the two most significant actions by our own government that are not included in today's curriculums in the teachings of US history. It is time that these missing pages of our past be included in our education to prevent abusive's of power by government.

Dr. Williams
Dr. Williams
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