The Era of Open Racism and Prejudice

by Iria Vasquez-Paez about a year ago in humanity

A Return to Bad Habits of the Past That Will Not Carry Us Into the Future

The Era of Open Racism and Prejudice

You see, the United States has a long history of racism, first involving the early settlers and the Native Americans. Racism serves no purpose other than belittling somebody. To demean somebody different from you deliberately is wrong. How many times have we tried to eliminate our racism as a species collectively? None. We have leaders that come every so often to help us like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. or President Barack Obama but we do not learn from their teachings. And in modern times, we have Meghan Merkle marrying Prince Harry.

Is there a way to unteach all our prejudices? Can we really learn to live with each other? I mean, I’m fending off the fundamentalist Christians right now. They think they can get a word in edgewise but I get them to shut up really fast. I start off with silence, they are quiet, I talk, and my words are usually involved with something like saying, “leave.” I’m hard to brainwash these days thanks to much therapy. I have to get myself more therapy because I need to work on other things, as unlike some people, I’m content with working hard on myself.

The prejudice prevalent now on many levels comes from 45 doing stuff to embolden the Nazi movement in the United States. We have never had worse of a reputation that we have had now. This is what is scaring me. I’m trying to keep my head afloat and I’m going to vote in the primaries on Tuesday. I know other people are in the habit of mocking their fellow human but I do not. I know who is mocking me by the way they talk or laugh. The bullies that do me wrong or anybody else wrong need to be put in their place.

Sexism is also rampant since 45 took office. We need to get over our prejudices and ourselves. During Obama’s administration, we had people repressing their racism, in particular, white people. What I’m saying is that the civil rights movement in the 60s didn’t necessarily make the difference that everybody imagines it did. Even in 2018, civil rights are something that many people take for granted. Everybody feels that the movement helped but when cops kill or detain people of color for nothing other than they are busy having a barbecue, then this means that we have problems as a species.

To resolve our problems as a species with race or gender, we have to do things to help us come to terms with our problems. We have to talk to somebody different from us, except those who would use coercion to forcibly convert somebody to another religion like the Christians who come to my house want to do to me. They don’t know any better. Extremist perspectives are something I’m going to write about this month as well. There is a way to change minds on extremist thinking. This type of thought pattern needs to be wiped out before we really do have a Christian theocratic oligarchy in the United States. These people want everybody to be the same religion as they are. Their prejudice is with people different from themselves.

Personally, I do not have a racist bone in my body. I try to include everybody. I try to care about anybody and everybody. This is because I do my best to learn about other people. I do not judge people because of their race but what they do and say. I judge character but I’m a harsh person since the Height Bully is not going to get away with what she did. I don’t even look twice at people’s body type or height although I have been accused of fat shaming. I was once 139 pounds and lost weight. I do not judge people on much aside from how they behave, towards themselves, and each other. When somebody has low enough self-esteem, I worry about them. This is because I have the self-love to take care of myself first. If more people cared about themselves, there would be less violence in the world. There are many ways of judging, categorizing and condemning people who would do the same to you. It starts with generic self-love, which then expands to give to others. Also, we haven’t learned from history to stop hating each other, not for thousands of years and not now with all the extremist ideology floating around. Try to let go of it.

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