The destruction of justice in democracies

by Peter Rose 3 months ago in corruption

Legal abuse of natural justice

The destruction of justice in democracies

The destruction of justice in democracies .

Legal abuse of natural justice.

In any democracy the politicians consider themselves “law makers,” they like to believe they make the rules and laws that govern the people. Though the party system, if any particular group of politicians win a majority; they form the government. They then fool themselves into believing they run the country and make the rules everyone has to follow. In just about every democratic nation, on any day of the week, evidence can be found: if searched for, that this is a fallacy. Politicians tend to think in grand sweeping gestures, the big picture, great overall intentions.

The detail rules are drawn up by the bureaucracy and applied by the courts. The law courts apply rules in ways that suit lawyers, not politicians and certainly not the majority of the voters, they apply rules in ways that profits them. Politicians, even those of decent intentions, are not involved or even considered, may be especially those of decent intentions.

The following are based on experience in Britain but the same principles probably apply in every nation of the earth.

Yet another example of “the law” being the opposite of justice.

According to reports in the press; a relatively minor road accident in which it seems the facts are not disputed. A woman who was intent on and engrossed by, her cell phone, walked into the road without looking and collided with a cyclist, who was legitimately riding on the road at between 10 and 15 mph. Both knocked unconsciousness. Both suffer non life threatening minor injuries. She sued him; he defended the action but did not sue her.

The press report claims that the court as ruled that :-because he did not sue her; he must pay all the costs of all the lawyers and a small amount of “compensation” the total- vast majority of which is various lawyers fees, is said to be £60,000

It is claimed that if he had counter claimed, ( through a lawyer) when notified of her claim, he would not have had to pay.

What sort of lunatic version of “justice” is this?

Justice says the facts are: she caused the accident and none of this should have been taken to a civil court. The only action should have been because she broke the law against “jaywalking” or what ever the legalised name of the offence is. The cyclist could then claim victim compensation for a modest amount. Why is the cyclist to pay? Why (rhetorical question since the answer is obviously money); didn't the lawyers tell her she was at fault and she should keep quite and be thankful she is not being prosecuted.

Amend the law; break the crazy distortion of justice, that allows blood sucking legal parasites to milk tens of thousands of £ and cause such abuse of natural justice, over a relatively simple incident.

This is just a tiny example, look at the £billions legal fees, that are costing the NHS. money that should be saving lives, relieving human misery. Instead this is going straight to the ever bulging pockets of ambulance chasing lawyers.

Look at the incredible amount of tax payers money that is getting transferred to lawyers who are attempting to prosecute soldiers for events that occurred so long ago that no actual unbiased evidence remains. Lawyers, many of whom where not born at the time of the alleged incidents, are accepting claims made by people with dubious motivation, just so they can demand £millions of tax payers money for enforcing “the law.” It was an old Chinese saying that making more laws achieves nothing for the people, it only makes more criminals. If the press reports are true then even after many years and countless £millions; very few actual cases of wrong doing, by the troops, has been established. If this is the case then ALL tax money paid out on unsuccessful cases, should be immediately returned to the treasury. The lawyers should pay it all back then they can try and get back what ever they paid to “informants.”

Surely it is not beyond the ability of humans to find a way to curb this abuse. Let the judges fine lawyers for attempting to pervert natural justice-- no that will not work--- the judges are also lawyers and so come from the same well fed, arrogant self perpetuating elitist group.

Peter Rose
Peter Rose
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