Britain and racism

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The politics behind claims of racism

Britain and racism

Britain and racism---

The politics behind claims of racism.

There are many claims that British people are “racist,” that is it is claimed that they discriminate against people of darker skin or non Christian religions. Such generalised claims have to be treated with caution. There are around 70 million people in Britain and it is estimated that 15% were either born out side of Britain or born in Britain to parents who came from overseas. To blanket claim that all these are racist is not sustainable. We have government ministers who come into this 15% estimate. They were voted into power by democratic majority votes and so all those who voted for them can not be classed as racist.

Some ardent political activists, who strive to generate division in British society, for their own political ends; keep referring back to the vile and inhumane, “slave trade” and they constantly bring up Britain's part in transporting slaves from Africa to America and the West Indies. The transportation of captives and selling humans as a commodity is vile and totally unacceptable. It seems it is still going on today but mostly the modern slaves are from Eastern European or far eastern nations and due to the colour of their skin, the political activists ignore their plight. This is racism. Slavery was an ancient practice, going back as far as human activity has been recorded. The City state of Athens; long held to be the origin of democracy, had an economy based on the use of slaves. The Romans occupied Britain and large parts of Europe, they took slaves form every nation and set them to work for the Roman Empire. Slavery was practised among warring African tribes. The Vikings and other Nordic tribes raided Britain and took slaves back to Ireland and Scandinavia. Slavery is abhorrent but it is not a British invention, it should also be remembered that the anti slavery movement and the political determination to end mass slavery, came from British parliamentarians.

There may be some racists in some parts of British society but has anyone looked at the make up of professional sports teams that represent British international teams ? Football. Cricket. Rugby. Athletics; just about every team that represents a British nation, contains a variety of religions and skin colours.

Racism can be unconscious, that is it is not an intention and the perpetrator will be totally unknowing that they have caused any offence. It does appear that some sections of the media, particularly the sections favoured by left of centre but affluent groups; do search for events or language use that they can claim to be offended by. Offence is often claimed in the name of a deprived section of society, the outrage is apparently felt more by people who are not directly involved, than by those who are. A head line that “no one offended by a joke” does not sell papers, while a head line that “ a member of such and such group expressed anger at the joke” does sell. It can be a single member of a multi million sized group, but any head line that sells, is a good head line to the media. We now have a considerable number of well paid people who have made a profession out of denouncing racism and discrimination. In order that they can prosper they have to find racism and discrimination. They have to have victims in order to earn their living. This is similar to the extreme socialists needing a section of society to be poor and deprived, since without the existence of such social groups, extreme socialism has no reason to exist. So they change the definition of poverty and deprivation, if no one questions the validity of the new definitions, the activists can justifies continuance of extremity socialism. The same shifting of definitions, is used constantly when reports of offence being caused, are given publicity.

Out side of inner-city communities, those who live in a rural communities, probably do not witness any discrimination against anyone due to their colour, gender or beliefs. An objectionable person can be any colour, any gender and any religion. Simply because the majority of people in these communities are white, without any particular religious conviction, the majority of objectionable people are also white without religious conviction.

Those determined to criticise the majority of British people, will claim that some one who does not witness discrimination does not see any because they are white. But consider the elderly, so much of the media and technology, can be said to be discriminatory against older people ( regardless of colour, gender etc.) Look at all the claims elderly people should be banned from driving, while all the statistics show that the most dangerous drivers are under 25 years old. So if you search for prejudice and discrimination you will find it. Search hard enough and you can find a “case” for complaint on behalf of just about any group you care to invent.

There are constant calls for gender equality even in governments, any one speaking out in favour of meritocracy, regardless of gender, age, religion, colour or race; gets labelled a racist by those who have no real argument against meritocracy. This use of the racist label, in place of rational considered argument, is actually harming efforts to eradicate racism. Failing to answer a debate, or avoiding debate, simply by calling the opponent racist, undermines efforts to eliminate racism. It is like the very old story of the boy who called wolf so often no one took any notice. When anyone who is simply trying to seek the best solution, to any problem, gets called a racist; racism itself is diminished.

Call all humans, people, not label them, not break down the total into artificial social groups. Just call us all people and treat all people equally. Not need positive discrimination laws. People are people. Those who seek to break down social cohesion, for their own non democratic political ends, use every report of a racial offence, to enhance their own cause. It does not matter to them if the report is accurate, if the offence is real or imagined; what matters to them is the possibility of causing friction and disharmony in the population. Both fascist and communists use the same tactic, and often the same “created news”. One side claiming the majority of poor whites are begin unfairly accused and marginalised while the other side claiming they represent the offended people.

Genuine racism is a vile and objectionable social practice. But, reducing racism to just an insult, an excuse to avoid debate; or even worse to a party political “ weapon,” is actually harming those who are genuinely victims of racism and discriminated against.

Peter Rose
Peter Rose
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