The American Neo-Nazi

Continues to Rise

The American Neo-Nazi

We live in a time of open racism. People are not hiding their prejudices anymore simply because they had to hide it a lot when 44 was in office. The alt-right has sprung up out of deep frustration. The alt-right is busy trying to establish a foothold in the minds of young teenagers today who feel alienated or disgusted with the way The United States was previously run by 44. They feel that 45 has been emboldened their struggle. Many of these people can turn into a shooter easily since they have violent ideologies rooted in fascism. Some of these people want to start their own state only for white people.

This is something that as a multiracial person, I fail to understand. The alt-right considers themselves patriots. Racist beliefs are a persistent problem in the now, in 2018 now, two years after 45 got into office. Many of the right wing like 45 because he’s a unifying figure even if he’s slowly destroying our reputation worldwide because of his relentless attacks. Many white supremacist teenagers find comfort in video games, even while espousing beliefs that would probably get them killed one day. Some people were once normal, having friends of different races.

But the rise of the alt-right has made them turn away from the normal life into the alt-right life. With anti-Jewish posters at UC Berkeley, and swastika’s on a dry erase board at San Jose State, there is a lot of racism at work in the United States now. Nazis like to distribute racist propaganda. Bragging about hate online becomes something that the Neo-Nazis want to do. This online hate comes out in real-world acts of violence, which constitutes a hate crime.

Some white nationalists want to propagate a race war. Radical Islamists are not as bad of a threat as white nationalists, and Neo-Nazis are. White people are simply intimidated by immigration, which is why they spread their hate around. The Neo-Nazis post fliers illegally to draw attention to their cause. Many Nazis just do their part by using the Internet looking for people who can join their organization, which has the purpose of igniting a racial war that kills minorities. They call it “Trump’s America.”

Many target minorities deliberately but no one assumes how dangerous these stunts are. Many are dreaming of “violent insurrections.” These white men feel that they have lost status in America as white men. They feel minorities are taking their jobs. This resentment is what has propelled the 4th Reich forward. All their rhetoric is purely on fliers or verbal. Racists have a problem: they do not know how to interact with people outside of themselves well. Being taught this would resolve their problems with minorities since Americans often do not mix very well with people outside of their ethnic group sometimes. Learning how to interact with real people may go a long way towards helping racists overcome their racism.

The alt-right is disturbing to those of us who do not hold such extremist beliefs. The alt-right wants to hate Jewish people, Blacks, Muslims, Hispanics, women, liberals, and journalists, anyone who would stop the alt-right’s demands. The alt-right is organized but that doesn’t mean we can’t organize a defense too. The alt-right is open about flaunting Nazi propaganda, swastikas and other symbols. Nazis plain flat out want to kill people but only “law” prevents them from doing so since some do outright if they are guilty of killing a black man with a sword in New York City. The Neo-Nazi movement is a concern for many of us law-abiding citizens despite your political leanings. How will this planet change in the next 20 years? With global warming and sea levels rising, what are we supposed to do when the glaciers melt? We have more pressing situations on this planet to deal with.

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