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Talking Brook: 'Yaron Brook Show: Turkey in Syria & the Danger of Elizabeth Warren'

by Skyler Saunders 3 years ago in opinion
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What gets Yaron Brook motivated?

Like a juggernaut returning to war, Dr. Brook goes back to the battlefield of politics. Dr. Brook wants to start with foreign policy. The good doctor mentions that he did a show in December where he details President Trump’s decision to pull troops from Syria. Trump was being played and manipulated to leave Syria. Former Secretary of Defense James Mattis stepped down on information that related to this information. Dr. Brook says that mainly the Kurds supported in the wiping out of ISIS. The Iraq War saw the Kurds fight with the United States and continued that bond in that region. As the United States abandons the Kurds in favor of Turkey, he points out that the Middle Eastern country is moving towards totalitarianism.

To leave the Kurds is a complete slap in the face towards a reliable ally. In a thoughtful sense, Turkey is not fundamentally different than ISIS. Dr. Brook finds this whole thing “horrific.” Pragmatic short-term thinkers and ones who have little morality or no principles like Trump have no idea about America’s “interests.” Dr. Brook points out that we’re siding with the Islamists all due to an unthinking president. “His campaign promise was silly and stupid and will implement it in spite of it all,” Dr. Brook says. He then goes on a tear, saying that Saudi Arabia should have been named as an enemy. We should’ve “struck hard” on Iran back in the 70s. Ayn Rand said that “we will pay for that” awful misstep. We have emboldened our enemies because of our altruism and incompetence. We have allowed the Madrasas to spring up to teach the young that the West is evil for nearly four decades. And it continues, Dr. Brook says. We shouldn’t be in Syria if we fail to pronounce our adversary and destroy that threat.

Who knew that ISIS would be funded with the money left by General Patreus? In quick fashion, Dr. Brook says, “I did.” Here, he demonstrates not an omniscience but an understanding of history and how the West functions (or malfunctions) in the Middle East. Kurdistan is an autonomous State that is one of the most Westernized and freest in that region, Dr. Brook says. The famous Dr. Brook sigh shows up on this broadcast after just speaking for over twenty minutes. Dr. Brook remembers the exact date that the Embassy was taken over because it was the day that Dr. Brook enlisted into the Israeli Army.

He says that he’ll get into Ukraine “in another time and place.” Trump and the murderous dictator could show their illegitimacy with handling totalitarianism.

Dr. Brook calls for a “unilateral destruction of the Iranian regime.”

All funding for Wahhabi instruction ought to cease and Madrasas should be dismantled. Dr. Brook mentions that there is nothing special about the United States or that the country is not moral remain rhetoric that former President Obama championed and what has been flooded down into the mouth of President Trump. The United States has been silent about the protesters in Hong Kong. Dr. Brook finds disgust in this. Dr. Brook backs those on the picket lines who fight for their liberty. Sanctions against China become part of the conversation as Dr. Brook defends Hong Kong as the “bastion” of the West in Asia.

The Chinese actually have a moral spine to try to stop the NBA. Unlike Americans, we’ll accept any maltreatment and say sorry for inconveniencing an authoritarian State like China. Apologies certainly flew with the players saying that they won’t criticize China because they have no principles. It’s okay to take knees against injustices in America but China is somehow off limits. Tariffs are not about freedom, they’re not about Hong Kong, the principles of freedom, Dr. Brook holds. He shows that he is aware of the morality of how foreign policy is worse under Trump. Both the left and the right together, according to Dr. Brook, represent zero ideas. He demonstrates this by illustrating the destruction of American “credibility.” Trump has become much less popular in Israel. Dr. Brook says to pray for the Kurds, acknowledging that he says this with a wink as he is an atheist.

Elizabeth Warren scares Dr. Brook. He finds that Warren has a plan for everything and is an “organized authoritarian.” Trump is actually the opposite, to Dr. Brook. To the good doctor, “Elizabeth Warren makes [him] want to vote for Bernie Sanders.” She is thorough and knows what she wants. This clarifies Dr. Brook's objectivity. He can say positive things about a morally corrupt person where whatever virtuous qualities present themselves. Dr. Brook shows that she is a fascist. Warren wants you to feel that you own property but she wants to be the one to rule over those properties. Dr. Brook says that Yang is not that smart but he’s not evil. Dr. Brook hopes that Yang wins the Democratic nomination. Sanders is a “crazy lefty and a thug” but ultimately incompetent. The issue is that Warren can “get stuff done.” Dr. Brook ponders that someone has to replace Biden due to his affiliation with his son’s corruption. Within the broadcast, Dr. Brook says that he would take Hillary Clinton over Elizabeth Warren if she chooses to run again.

Warren wants to dramatically increase the power of unions, damage or destroy Big Tech, and throttle Wall Street. She wants to expand Social Security and implement a wealth tax. Dr. Brook finds this to be possibly unconstitutional. Universal health programs, debt forgiveness, and a Green New Deal are the residue of ambition for evil instead of good. She doesn’t care. She wants to rule. Dr. Brook elucidates the fact that she intends to bring about these changes with the idea of running the lives of people. Warren is actually in line with conservative nationalism, despite what naysayers hold. To Dr. Brook, “the left and the right converge.” Dr. Brook encourages his audience to go to Warren’s website. “Accountable capitalism?!” How about just laissez-faire capitalism? How about real freedom of markets? How about unfettered businesses where the government only steps into defend businesses from fraudsters? This is what Warren writes and she rejoices in the fact that businessmen kowtow to her suggested policies. Government control over the means of production is thoroughly unAmerican. “President Trump deserves every last bit of hate” according to Dr. Brook. As bad as Presidents Bush and Obama operated (or failed to), Trump will go down as the worst (thus far).

Trump speaks of collectivism to make it possible for anyone in the Democratic party to run. Dr. Brook says that the leftist policies of Trump become ramped up on the left. So, Dr. Brook would never vote in a Trump vs Warren presidential election.

Then, Dr. Brook shifts to Super Chats. Dr. Brook thinks that a voluntary military would prevent wars. There is no correlation between the two. The proper way to do it would to have voluntary taxes to fund legitimate wars. He then relates that he likes Pink Floyd and Ben Howard. Dr. Brook loves Queen, the Beatles, and the Rolling Stones. He doesn’t put too much weight on them. Under popular music, “we tend to like the stuff we grew up on” Dr. Brook holds. Everyone should try to love classical music. His assessment of music permits Dr. Brook to show how he can appreciate popular music and have a profound adoration for symphonic tunes.

A question concerns politics again. Dr. Brook promotes individual rights and the fact that the majority should have nothing to do with dictating what the individual does. More politics come to the fore as Dr. Brook agrees with total war where you go in, level the enemy, and let everyone else know that the same thing will happen to them if they fail to learn not to mess with America. Dr. Brook outlines the ideal goal for a war that completely makes the enemy surrender or crush them with complete and utter force. Dr. Brook then says Thom Hartmann is a “scumbag” and that he has debated capitalism and socialism with him on a few occasions. Hartmann is the worst of the left who is a power luster. Dr. Brook directs absolute abhorrence towards Hartmann for his outright lies against Ayn Rand. This unearths the thought that Dr. Brook’s slight anger is justified because of Hartmann’s wickedness.

Again, Dr. Brook sighs in response to talk about Warren and Trump. But Dr. Brook will speak the truth despite his audience agreeing with him or not. He relishes in the fact that he challenges his viewers and listeners and promotes his show through the power of the dollar.


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Skyler Saunders

I am a forever young, ego-driven, radical hipster from Delaware. Investor. Objectivist for life. Instagram: @skylerized


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