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Sunak's Director of Communications Quits.

Where As Sunak Friend Joins Cabinet.

By Nicholas BishopPublished 6 months ago 3 min read
Sunak: Much to Ponder.

Rishi Sunak's Director of Communications Amber de Botton has quit. Ms. de Botton has only served a year in the job. De Botton has quit as next year's general election looms large. It is thought, by many, that the general election will be held in the autumn of 2024. However, the government could hold out until January 2025. If the government's poll ratings remain dire Sunak will probably hold out until the last minute. In this case, it could well be January 2025.

Amber de Botton's quitting comes on the back of an appointment to the cabinet. Claire Coutinho has been appointed as Energy Secretary. Ms. Coutinho is seen as a close friend to the Prime Minister. Also, Grant Shapps has been appointed as Defence Secretary. Ben Wallace, the former Defence Secretary quit and was an ex-military man. Wallace's military experience would have served him well as DF. Shapps comes in with no military experience at all. Shapps has gone from job to job in the cabinet. Whether this is a statement of his capabilities cannot be known. Or he just seems to be the wrong man at the wrong time constantly.

Amber de Botton had a decade-long career as a broadcast journalist. She worked for ITV and Sky News. Her next career move was being appointed as Wishy-Washy's Spin Doctor (Director of Communications) after he entered Downing Street. De Botton's role was to advise the government in various aspects.

On Twitter, Ms. de Botton wrote: "It has been an honour and privilege to serve as the Prime Minister's director of communications but I have decided it is the right time to move on". "I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Prime Minister for his support and leadership".

Obviously, now, Sunak will have to appoint a new Director of Communications. Sunak might need a very powerful and commanding director of communications. Someone of the calibre of Alistair Campbell who was the power behind the throne of Tony Blair. Rather ironic really when one considers Sunak sounds uncannily like Blair. Turn away from Sunak as he speaks and you might think it is Blair. Time is running out for Sunak so he needs to act fast and appoint someone who will remain loyal to the end. Even if that means going down with all hands if this government loses the next election.

Of course, you cannot be sure of anyone's loyalty. Even friends, family, colleagues, etc. People you thought you could rely on can drop you like a stone.

It is possible Ms. de Botton found it impossible to work for this 'zombie' (as it has been called) government. She could perhaps see where this government is heading. Out of touch and out of ideas going down to probable election defeat. Whenever, Sunak, has the guts to call a general election. So Amber said "It's time to move on" and that is exactly what she is doing. The reasons for her leaving could be based on the above thoughts. However, only she will know why ultimately she has decided to leave the government to it.

Sunak in his 5 pledges has promised much and delivered nothing. The NHS remains as flawed as ever. With doctors and junior doctors going on strike again. The train industry is on strike again. Schools falling down because of cheap and useless concrete. Migrants still swarming across the channel. Sunak's 'Stop the Boats' campaign as well as sending them to Rwanda and housing them on barges is in tatters. Sunak's poll ratings are in the political bin. Sunak does not help himself by being a billionaire. Sunak in his understanding of how ordinary people live will always be out of touch. Sunak's world and the world most of us inhabit are worlds apart.


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