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Starmer: NHS Needs Reform.

Tories Are Managing a Decline.

By Nicholas BishopPublished about a year ago 3 min read
Potential Next Prime Minister: Sir Keir Starmer.

When we look at the NHS for all its brilliance and hard-working employees (many are striking for better pay and conditions) we know something is wrong.

If you've ever used the service and seen the chaos that happens there you will know what I mean. The NHS was brought in after WW II. The concept was free care for all regardless of background or status. It was brought in by Labour after they won the 1945 general election. Along with that came the welfare state where a safety net would exist for those out of work.

The model from the 40s onwards worked and worked well. It provided the finest health care and offered all types of treatment. The NHS or National Health Service is still probably unique in its philosophy of free care for all. Other countries run an insurance-style health service where you pay for it out of your salary. This is the case in the US and most other Western nations.

However, in 2023 is the NHS in its present form fit for purpose? Certainly, with the pandemic, the NHS managed but only just. This winter with flu and covid the NHS is creaking under the strain. NHS staff are working long hours performing herculean tasks. Hence many NHS workers striking saying they cannot cope anymore with such conditions and low pay. The government said it will be introducing a policy where the public would expect a minimum amount of service. Prioritising emergency call-outs like heart attacks, strokes, etc. However, ambulance staff said they already have prioritised such emergency call-outs.

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer has vocalised the ethos of this article. Speaking to the 'Sunday Telegraph' Sir Keir said the Tories are not helping the NHS despite saying they have spent this or that on it. Instead according to Sir Keir, the Tories are managing a decline in the NHS. In other words, Health Secretary Steve Barclay may say he cares about the NHS but does he? Indeed, does the government of Rishi Sunak even care or realize the plight of the service or its workers?

Sir Keir said the NHS needs urgent reform and restructuring or in its present form it could "die". Sir Keir said under his regime doctors would become direct employees of the NHS. Also, patients could self-refer. For example, Sir Keir said someone with back pain could refer themselves automatically to a specialist. Care in the community with GPs is the most important aspect of this. Where self-referral would enable patients to be seen quicker. Where bureaucracy would be cut out altogether. The emphasis would be on patient care and not so much on administration.

Sir Keir outlined his passion for the Labour-created NHS. Sir Keir said these urgent reforms would take place over a 10-year period. Sir Keir said Labour would not accept a Tory-style managed decline. Sir Keir referenced his time as Head of the Public Prosecution Service or CPA. That public body needed reform and Sir Keir said he oversaw a root and branch reform.

Dr Banfield of the British Medical Association (BMA) voiced his opposition to the Labour leader's plans. Of course, the Tories will oppose the Labour reforms. There may also be those in the NHS that may oppose Sir Keir's plans. Both now and if the Labour party forms the next government.

One thing is certain the NHS may struggle on but the system does need overhauling. The system in many ways is on its knees. It may even be broken and is failing many service users terribly. The NHS like many things in this country needs updating and very soon.



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