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Sir Keir: "Lasting Ceasefire in Gaza".

The Wannabe Prime Minister's Different Takes on Gaza.

By Nicholas BishopPublished 2 months ago 3 min read
Sir Keir:  "Lasting Ceasefire in Gaza".
Photo by Mohammed Ibrahim on Unsplash

We have all been horrified by the Hamas attack on Israelis on October 7. Where Hamas killed 1,200 Israelis and took many hostage. We knew Israel being Israel, would hit back. However, many have been and are taken aback by how hard Israel has hit back. Killing 28,000 civilians, taking out churches and mosques, medical facilities, education facilities, etc. Killing it seems, very few Hamas fighters. 300 or so IDF soldiers are dead with countless others injured. Hamas no doubt, has been and will be decimated, however, it remains intact.

Sir Keir Starmer initially refused to call for an immediate ceasefire. This caused a rift in his party. Many were outraged that Sir Keir had not called for an immediate ceasefire. However, if Sir Keir had called for such a ceasefire who would listen? Certainly, not this government who is toeing the line that "Israel must defend itself"! Certainly, not Israel with stubborn Netanyahu in charge. Netanyahu has not listened to world opinion calling for a ceasefire, so why would he listen to Sir Keir Starmer?

Sir Keir was attending a meeting with political leaders in Germany. The Labour Leader highlighted that people there spoke about Gaza. Seeing what could be applied to bring this awful carnage to an end.

Sir Keir then spoke at a Scottish Labour meeting. Sir Keir said he was ready for a ceasefire now, not a pause, or a temporary ceasefire, but a lasting one. A sustainable and viable one, that would suit both Israelis and Palestinians. One that could lead to a Palestinian state living in peace and security alongside Israel. Scottish Labour had already called for a ceasefire. However, Sir Keir said his call was different to what Scottish Labour was calling for. It seems they are calling for a temporary stop to the fighting. Whereas The Labour leader is calling for something that will bring the fighting to an end permanently.

Sir Keir's words come before parliament will vote on a ceasefire or not. Many will regard a call for a lasting ceasefire by Sir Keir, as too little, too late. Even if the vote is carried unanimously for a ceasefire what good will it do? If Netanyahu is defying the US, its chief benefactor, he certainly won't listen to any vote in the UK parliament.

Netanyahu seems to be set on a 'kamikaze' one-track mind of destroying Hamas. If he kills everyone in Gaza, defies a UN court, defies the US and international opinion calling for a ceasefire, battles Hezbollah and the Houthis, and snubs his nose at his own people or political foes, he does not care. If Netanyahu brings the whole of Israel down with him and the Middle East, in his mind, so be it! The only thing Netanyahu is bothered about is the survival of his political career. He knows his people want an early general election, his popularity is in the bin. He knows he will face corruption and bribery charges and face a lengthy time in prison.

Netanyahu ploughs on with his military campaign that has delivered nothing. Time and again he has announced that the only answer to Hamas and getting the hostages home is war. Even those in his war cabinet are now doubting his mentality.

Many Israelis want an end to the war, they want their hostages home. Many know that when there was a temporary ceasefire Israeli hostages came home. Palestinian prisoners were released and went home too. Israelis do care about how their country is seen around the world. Israel had to respond to the horrors of Hamas. However, the campaign Netanyahu has unleashed has brought the country into disrepute. Many now see Israel as bad as the Nazis who persecuted them and that is sad.


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