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Rishi Sunak: I Wouldn't Slap Anyone.

Wishy Washy's Wife Akshata Murthy and Criticism.

By Nicholas BishopPublished 2 years ago • 3 min read
Chancellor: Rishi sunak.

Rishi Sunak is the richest MP in Parliament. Some criticise the Conservative Chancellor for being a billionaire and being hopelessly out of touch with ordinary people. The argument goes, that even if Mr. Sunak does care, the fact remains that because of his fortune, he will never understand the lives of the poor.

Mr Sunak proved popular during the COVID lockdowns as he threw money at everything. Yes, he did save people's jobs through the furlough scheme, loans, grants, for businesses, etc. But now the Chancellor seems to be coming unstuck. As people find out more and more about his fabulously wealthy lifestyle, the press and the general public have it in, for him. Not forgetting his denial in the 'partygate' fiasco. Eventually, he came forth and admitted he had attended Downing Street parties. Also, his recent stunt where he filled up his car with fuel to make him look ordinary. The truth came out though, the hatchback was not his car, and it was borrowed from a shop employee. All this adds fuel to the fire of the critique this man takes on a daily basis. The Chancellor's response to the cost of living crisis has been attacked as woefully inadequate.

Mr Sunak is married to Ashkata Murthy, the daughter of an Indian billionaire. Mr Sunak's Father in Law is the founder of the technology consulting firm Infosys. Ashkata Murthy is rumoured to have a 0.91 share in the company. The company despite the Ukraine - Russia conflict is still operating in Russia while other well-known companies have pulled out of Russia. Mr Sunak and his wife, have come in for much criticism for this. Questions have been rightly asked do the Sunaks make a lot of money out of Askaka's shares in the tech consultancy giant?

Mr Sunak was told by a BBC news podcast that he and Will Smith had not had a good weekend. Why, because both Smith and Sunak, have listened to criticism of their spouses. As we all know in Smith's case, he slapped comedian Chris Rock who made light of Smith's wife's baldness caused by alopecia. When Smith returned to his seat, he was seen still, to be mouthing off at Rock.

Mr Sunak said criticism of his wife hurts him. The difference between Will Smith and Rishi Sunak is that as he said, he did not slap anyone. Sunak has said by all means take a shot at him but leave his wife out of it. His Father in Law has come under fire also. Mr Sunak though said he is proud of his wife's father and everything he has achieved.

The Labour party and the Lib-Dems have attacked Sunak for his wife having shares in Infosys. Also, the fact that the company is still operating in Russia. India has good relations with Russia though. For example, Russia supplies India with arms anything from fighter jets, tanks, warships, etc.

So it follows that Mr Sunak's father-in-law living in India will operate under Indian law. India will be loathe to criticise Russia over its actions in Ukraine. India has good trade relations with Russia so any criticism of Russia will be mute or non-existent. Maybe, if Sunak's father-in-law was a British citizen his company would not be allowed to operate in Russia.

The Russian connection to the Sunaks will always haunt them. As long as this war drags on the Sunaks will be reminded again and again about their links to Russia. Is it fair to blame the Sunaks though? Well, as Mrs Sunak is living here with Rishi isn't she under British law? Wouldn't it be better for her to relinquish those shares in Infosys? This would be in line with sanctions forbidding companies from operating in Russia. Also, it would show that the Sunaks have a conscience.

However, it would appear no such conscience is forthcoming and shows the Sunaks in a bad light. That profit comes before a conscience and that profit made from an enemy nation speaks for itself as long as the Sunaks are concerned.


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