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Angela Rayner: I wouldn't Slap Boris.

Angela Rayner: Responding to Will Smith's Slap.

By Nicholas BishopPublished 2 years ago • 3 min read
Deputy Labour Leader: Angela Rayner.

The world saw Actor Will Smith slapping Chris Rock for making a joke about his wife's alopecia. Jada Smith has been suffering from hair loss and yet despite this, she does not wear a wig. Her baldness is there for all to see and why not? Ms Smith is making people who also live with this illness not live in fear of what others think. Will Smith's Mother commented after that she had never seen her son behave like that before.

After that Will Smith apologised for his behaviour. Mr Smith said the pressures of the industry sometimes get to him. He admitted he was in the wrong later on 'Instagram'. Mr Smith later apologised to Chris Rock too for his outburst. Humour from people like Chris Rock or even Ricky Gervais, (who hosted the Oscars in the past) is near the edge. So, one should know what depths these kinds of comedians are capable of.

Of course, what is funny to one is not to another and that is fair enough. Many have condemned Chris Rock's joke regarding Jada Smith's affliction. Smith, like all of us, lost his temper and thought the joke was in bad taste. Maybe as Smith himself said in hindsight he should not have behaved as he did. Especially, when millions of fans throughout the world were watching. But, Smith said sorry for his actions and the world media should move on. Smith won an Oscar for his portrayal in King Richard. No not a Shakespearean movie. The movie tells the story of the Williams sisters who went on to become tennis aces. Smith played their father who was something of an icon and mentor to both Venus and Serena.

The Oscars are not what it was and are now too bogged down in Wokeness. This 94th ceremony has come and gone like all glitzy red carpet award ceremonies in Hollywood. The Oscars will always be around but will not be the thing they once were.

Meanwhile, Deputy Labour Leader, Angela Rayner, has been waxing lyrical about the antics of Will Smith. Ms Rayner condemned the action Will Smith took against Chris Rock. Ms Rayner, admitted, to being a huge Will Smith fan. However, she said "violence is never the answer" when confronting abuse of any sort, be it verbal or otherwise.

Ms Rayner said Boris Johnson, often grinds her gears. However, at the same time walking up to the Prime Minister's dispatch box and slapping him is not the answer. Ms Rayner obviously thinks about it but that kind of behaviour would be unacceptable in the House of Commons. It would obviously go against every protocol of how a Member of Parliament, (MP), should behave. Keir Starmer would have to suspend her, while an investigation was held. The investigation of what action, if any, would have to be taken against Ms Rayner would be decided by those in the know. But thankfully, Ms Rayner uses her tongue and intelligence, to respond instead.

MPs have been asked to leave parliament by the Speaker for actions or words unbecoming many times. One of the most famous outbursts in parliament back in the 80s was that of Michael Heseltine. When he picked up a mace at the dispatch box and swung it in anger. Mr Heseltine did not hurt anyone but it was just a show of indignation at the time.

Prime Minister's Question Time can be quite a knock-about affair. Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, and the Leader of The Opposition, Sir Keir Starmer, square off against one another. It takes on the performance of a rather bad 'Punch and Judy' show.

The job of Sir Keir Starmer is to hold Boris Johnson to account for his government's policies. The job of the Prime Minister is to defend the government's policies. Things get heated between Messers Johnson and Starmer, but no physical blows have been traded - yet.


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