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Release the Hounds

by Iria Vasquez-Paez 9 months ago in trump

The Glaring and Obvious Failures of This Administration 2016-2020

Release the Hounds

It takes the bleach-ridden cake that he suggested that people inject themselves with bleach, while then calling it a prank. Is this not evil? Can people see this as evil already? 45 had many failures as President, indeed, for me he is a study on what not to do, as even other Republicans do not support him, the George Bush senior kind, the Reagan kind. He can't see the deaths of 50,000 Americans on his hands, and the toll could reach 200,000 or more. This virus caught America by surprise, only because it means that the Covid-19 response that put air travelers in long lines with possibly infected people is part of what is also Trumps' fault.

Wow, that is in "It's his fault" territory. Not giving adequate supplies to New York hospitals and is another means of enacting his need to destroy the good in the world. Coronavirus is not like the flu, buddy, it doesn’t just up and go away. It takes two weeks to go away already. He has already been proven as royally unfit for office as everybody pointed this out but the Republicans responsible for putting him in office let this go. The White House learned of the outbreak in December to January 3rd, and had advanced warning but did not take it very seriously because of the leader's attitude. Anybody else would have had better preparation skills, planning ahead skills, and ability to foretell the future skills. They'd be more reassuring when they talk to the public rather than say "Oh inject yourself with bleach, that can protect you from the virus." Who says that? Who wants to say that? He spends his life blaming other people for his mistakes.

His supporters do not understand that he has committed treason by pressuring the government of Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden's son, Hunter Biden. His actions are considered treason. But yet, he is playing a larger role for certain factions who are the real people in charge, he's merely rattling his saber, to scare people with "oh look fascism." It is a distraction from a much larger ploy I'm still piecing together, while trying to be a kinder theorist than others even as I believe in staying home. Do you want four more years of a liar in power? Someone who is undermining the very democracy we all have been brought up to respect. A democracy that many people flee worse countries to be a part of, and to become a U.S. citizen so that they can equally participate? While House Democrats and their allies do not accuse Trump of treason, he got aid from another country in his selection, and that country is Russia.

I knew it was the Russians the minute they announced him as having won the popular vote. The Constitution recommends that a person convicted of treason, should be executed, fined $10,000 and be banned from holding office. It was President Dwight Eisenhower, who made the sentence life imprisonment, although since 1952, the entire concept of treason was not commonly used. Impeachment was tried but the Republicans all committed treason against the country by acquitting Trump of any charges so he could continue in office even after the effort was made to impeach him. All the infighting does not help the fact that we are in the middle of a pandemic. This is something that unity is required to fight off since the virus does not discriminate against age, race, or where you live. This virus is truly the bigger fish to fry right now.

Can we all work together on this instead of fighting over what qualifies as treason or even harming people with comments about injecting oneself with bleach. At that point, this kind of commentary and accusing people right back of the same thing you did, is narcissistic behavior that is also qualifying as juvenile behavior. How old are you? 10? Pointing fingers on either side of the aisle is not helping. We have to work together with keeping social distancing as a thing, although people want the states to reopen earlier than planned so they can get back to work.

Iria Vasquez-Paez
Iria Vasquez-Paez
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Iria Vasquez-Paez

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