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Reason First: Will the Real Joe Biden Please Take a Seat?

As he teases whether he will run for president, Joe Biden should quit while he's ahead.

By Skyler SaundersPublished 5 years ago 3 min read
Is he pointing toward the future?

Ever the windbag, former vice president Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr. has slipped up once again. By a twist of the tongue, Biden put himself in the position to claim that he will run for president of the United States of America. Over the years, Delaware’s adopted son has pushed for the agenda of a “regressive” state within the realm of politics. When he speaks, he bloviates and says very little with his rhetoric. His inability to represent for free market ideals is his Achilles heel. Much like any and all candidates, he leads the charge for unreason, unselfishness, and unfree markets.

For his time as vice president, he never flinched and in fact remained a cheerleader for one of the most corrupt legislations in American history: Obamacare. He championed his superior’s idea of limiting the rights of individuals who seek healthcare. He is a major advocate of government run mass transit including Amtrak. This has choked private companies who have wished to get their trains on the tracks. The government’s sole role is to protect individual rights not take over the railways with substandard locomotives. His support of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 further showed his ineptitude about the capitalistic system. The money the State doled out had to come from somewhere. Its source remained the American taxpayers and private companies. Contrary to popular belief, the Great Recession did not end with the stimulus package. Smart working individuals in places like Silicon Valley and Bentonville, Arkansas brought new careers to millions of American workers. Biden has no notion as to how to “let do” the makers and creators of this country. He’d rather see businessmen and women fettered either figuratively or literally.

His record shows that he is only capable of taking America to a state of incompetence and misery. By advocating for the citizens to rely on government handouts, he has lowered himself to the grade of just another power hungry politician. One of his few shining moments, however, remain his view on immigration. In favor of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), this position permits him to at least see that people are trying to join the party that is the United States of America. They seek to escape despotic, backwards countries of origin. This reflects well on Biden’s side of the issue. Another part of Biden’s slim collection of virtues is his stance on the LGBTQ community. He was in favor of the decision to legalize gay and lesbian marriage and censured President Trump for banning transgender people as service members in the military. But that’s about where it stops. Biden represents the old guard trying to appeal to younger crowds. His constituency constantly tries to do damage control after his gaffes, mishaps, and slip-ups. What makes Biden a figure that people want to see run for president is his mouthing of stale bromides and hollow platitudes that people know offer nothing refreshing or new but nonetheless show that they desire to hear the old broken record play on the Victrola.

For a man that has experienced real, personal tragedy to continue to slog through the realm of politics in support of some of the most heinous idea that have been purported illustrates a man in flux. He seems to change his mind on the whim and tease audiences rather than come out with a smooth, clear approach. To mark former vice president Biden as a man of shifting notions would be to give him too much credit.

Remember, his remarks about former president Barack Obama caused a stir as he said that the then senator was the “first mainstream African American who is articulate and bright and clean” to seek nomination for president, forgetting all about Shirley Chisholm and Jesse Jackson. He had to switch up his whole demeanor once Obama picked him as his running mate back in 2008. Biden had once again firmly placed his foot in his mouth. Will Biden be the next president of the United States? The answer is blowing in the windbag.


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