Reason First: L.A. D.A. Clears Marijuana Cases, Must Do More

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Should the federal government legalize all drugs?

Reason First: L.A. D.A. Clears Marijuana Cases, Must Do More

Los Angeles District Attorney Jackie Lacey is dismissing tens of thousands of convictions related to marijuana possession. But it’s not enough. This is great news but it needs to go further. Not only does the substance need to be cleared from records, it needs to be decriminalized and legalized completely nation-wide.

Also, every other substance including but not limited to crack-cocaine to crystal meth ought to be on the marketplace. With regulations only concerning adult usage, every substance ought to be available in the nearby convenience or superstore. This piece-by-piece, little-by-little approach to the issue of narcotics is untenable. The Supreme Court ought to just say that every American over the age of 18 ought to be able to lick peyote on their lunch break. Now, the law would have to respect private corporations who would test and even outlaw the usage of drugs on company time. But that can be worked out later. For now, the focus ought to be on setting people free and cleaning up records. By giving people a clean slate after receiving a mark against their name based on something like marijuana is a boon. What’s not a benefit is the fact that the federal government can still prosecute people based on a choice. Yes, it is a decision that grownups ought to make to get high on private property and not have the intention of operating a vehicle or heavy machinery. There ought to be a clarion call for drug dealers and users to persuade lawmakers to pass much needed legislation that will free up the substance economy. With the wealth of individuals willing to make money from the production, distribution, sale, and consumption of controlled substances, this should spur politicians and other office holders to alter the tide.

The War on Drugs would be laughable if it did not claim thousands of lives, affect millions through the legal system and cost an estimated $1 trillion in the United States. At the very least, rappers would need something different to base their rhymes off of as the trade of substances would lose its edge, mystique, and coolness. Marijuana is too easy. Some people rave that it’s “just a plant” and should be elevated above other substances, especially “man-made” ones. But aren’t they all from nature? What substance does not originate from the earth in some fashion? And to talk about the legalization of only substances that are from the plant is insufficient. The truth is that substances ought to be in unfettered hands based on rights. It is the right of the individual that should be respected. This is in line with why every single narcotic ought to be made available to adults willing to pay for them. Additionally, they should not be taxed in any way. Just as there should be no taxes on income or anything except contracts or possibly consumption of other goods, substances such as marijuana and cocaine should be able to be purchased without government intrusion.

Just imagine all of the companies that would crop up on the market that would be backed by not street corner dealers but executives ready to do legitimate business. Envision all of the trading that could be opened up due to the fact that once low-level peddlers can sit in corner offices as drug lords on an open market.

But before all of that can happen, people in bondage who should’ve never been locked up in the first place must be released. Whether it’s marijuana or any other substance, those imprisoned deserve their liberty. For taking part in actions that should not have been regarded as crimes in the first place, they should once again breathe the fresh air of freedom. Nevermind the marijuana smoke.

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