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Putin Is NOT Dead

Summons his Security Council for a Programmatic Meeting

By Lana V LynxPublished about a month ago 7 min read
Putin delivering his remarks at the Oct.30, 2023 Security Council Meeting

To calm down the rumors of his death, tuned-up and refreshed Putin has conducted a meeting with his Security Council today (Monday, Oct.30). I asked ChatGPT to translate his introductory remarks. Consider this the reaffirmation of his anti-West foreign policy. I personally believe this is one of the most hostile anti-American speeches to date, also addressing the antisemitic events in Makhachkala (Dagestan, Russia) this weekend:

ChatGPT translation (I haven't edited it, so may be clumsy at times)

"V. Putin: Dear colleagues,

Today, I wanted to discuss a wide range of issues with you.

The Minister of Defense [Sergey Shoygu] has returned from an overseas trip and will share its results, and report on the progress of the special military operation.

We will, of course, also discuss the situation in the Middle East and issues of maintaining law and order in Russia itself. We will talk about the protection of our citizens' rights and public safety, civil peace, and inter-ethnic harmony, especially considering external threats.

At a recent meeting with the leaders of religious groups, as you know, I spoke about attempts to use the dramatic situation in the Middle East and other regional conflicts against our country – against Russia, aiming to destabilize and fracture our multi-ethnic and multi-religious society. Various means are being used for this, as we see: lies, provocations, and sophisticated techniques of psychological and information aggression.

I'll reiterate: those behind the conflict in the Middle East and other regional crises will use their destructive consequences to sow hatred and pit people against each other worldwide. Such geopolitical puppeteers have this as their true ulterior motive.

We remember how the current Middle Eastern crisis began – with a terrorist attack against civilians in Israel and other countries within its territory. We also see that, instead of punishing the criminals and terrorists, unfortunately, there has been revenge based on the principle of collective responsibility. The horrifying events currently unfolding in the Gaza Strip, where hundreds of thousands of innocent people are indiscriminately killed, with nowhere to flee and nowhere to hide from the bombings, are inexcusable. Seeing bloodied children, the deaths, the suffering women, the elderly, and the deceased medics – it naturally clenches one's fists and brings tears to the eyes. There's no other way to put it.

However, we must not, do not have the right, and cannot afford to be guided by emotions. We need to clearly understand who is truly behind the tragedy of the peoples of the Middle East and in other regions of the world, who organizes this deadly chaos, and who benefits from it. Today, in my view, this has become obvious and clear to everyone – the culprits are acting openly and brazenly.

It is the current ruling elites of the US and their satellites who are the primary beneficiaries of global instability. They draw their bloody profits from it. Their strategy is also evident. The US, as a global superpower – everyone sees this, understands, even according to trends in the global economy – is weakening and losing its position. The American-centric world, with one hegemon, is collapsing, gradually, but steadily fading into the past.

But the United States does not want to reconcile with this. On the contrary, they want to maintain and extend their dominance, their global dictatorship. In the midst of universal chaos, this is easier to achieve because they hope that such chaos will help them contain and destabilize competitors, or as they put it, their geopolitical adversaries, including our country. In reality, these adversaries are new centers of global development, sovereign, independent countries that do not want to be humiliated or play the role of vassals.

Today, Russia is not just actively participating in the formation of a new, fairer, multipolar world with equal rights and opportunities for all countries and civilizations. We are not only one of the leaders of this objective historical process, but I'll go further, and everyone knows this: for our future, for the principles of a just world order, for the freedom of countries and peoples, Russia fights on the battlefield. We fight consistently, and our soldiers, officers, and heroes fight and lose their comrades in arms.

I'll reiterate: both the tragedy of the Palestinians and the massacres in the Middle East as a whole, the conflict in Ukraine, and many other global conflicts – in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, and so on – are instigated by the ruling elites of the U.S. and their satellites. This is now evident to everyone. They are the ones setting up military bases everywhere, constantly resorting to military force, and sending weapons to conflict zones. They also send financial resources, including to Ukraine and the Middle East, fanning the flames of hatred in places like Ukraine and the Middle East.

Failing to achieve results on the battlefield, they aim to fracture us, referring to Russia, from within, weaken us and sow discord. They also dislike any participation of Russia in solving world and regional issues, including the settlement in the Middle East. They are generally displeased when someone acts or speaks without their instruction. They believe only in their own exceptionalism, thinking they can do anything.

I want to emphasize: unlike the West, our approach to the situation in the Middle East has never been driven by self-interest, intrigue, or hidden motives. We have openly declared, and continue to declare, our position, which remains unchanged year after year. The key to resolving the conflict lies in the establishment of a sovereign, independent Palestinian state, a full-fledged Palestinian state. We have candidly and honestly spoken about this to both Palestinian and Israeli leadership on multiple occasions.

I'll reiterate: the truth is that the stronger Russia becomes and the more united our society is, the more effectively we can defend both our own national interests and the interests of those nations who have fallen victim to Western neo-colonial policies.

I want to emphasize again: one needs to know and understand the root of evil, the spider trying to ensnare the entire planet with its web, aiming to secure our strategic defeat on the battlefield, using people it has deceived over decades in today's Ukraine. By fighting this enemy within the context of a special military operation, we, I want to emphasize again, strengthen the position of all those fighting for their independence and sovereignty.

Yesterday evening's events in Makhachkala were incited, among other ways, through social networks, largely from Ukrainian territory by the hands of Western intelligence agencies. In this regard, I want to pose a question: how can attacking Tats and their families help Palestine? By the way, Tats are the titular nation in Dagestan. The way to help Palestine is by fighting those behind this tragedy. We, Russia, are doing just that within the context of a special military operation, fighting them for ourselves and for those striving for true freedom.

By the way, I continue to be amazed by both the Kyiv regime and their overseers across the ocean. We know that figures like Bandera and other Hitler's accomplices have been honored, and we see how Ukraine's leadership applauds the Nazis from World War II, those complicit in the Holocaust, who personally participated in these crimes, and who now, under the guidance of their Western patrons, try to incite pogroms in Russia. By the way, I'm not sure if all governing circles in the States are aware of this. It would be good for those who purportedly care about the citizens of Israel to investigate what their intelligence agencies are up to in Ukraine if they are trying to inspire pogroms in Russia. Scum, plain and simple. There's no other way to put it.

But the one who truly stands for truth and justice, who fights against evil and oppression, against racism and neo-Nazism, which the West encourages, is now on the front-lines – near Donetsk, Avdiivka, on the Dnieper. I'll repeat: these are our soldiers and officers. The choice of a real man, a true warrior, is to take up arms and stand in line with his brothers. To be where the fate of Russia, and indeed the entire world, is being decided, including the future of the Palestinian people.

I want to draw the attention of the heads of all regions, law enforcement leaders, and special services to the need for firm, timely, and precise actions to protect the constitutional order of Russia, the rights and freedoms of our citizens, and inter-ethnic and inter-religious harmony.

Let's move on to discussing all the proposed topics."

The event as it is reported on is here:

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Lana V Lynx

Avid reader and occasional writer of satire and dystopia under a pen name of my favorite wild cat.

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  • Celia in Underlandabout a month ago

    Shame. You could almost believe him. All that rationality and magnanimity.

  • Hannah Mooreabout a month ago

    It's got to be said, this is a good speech. If this was the only, or the loudest message you were getting, it would be comfortable to run with it.

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