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Punishment of 21 Asian fraudsters between 5 years imprisonment and one year imprisonment : Bahrain

The High Criminal Court sentenced 21 Asians to between one and five years in prison, as they formed a criminal network.

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For electronically defrauding several people of an amount exceeding 21,000 dinars, as it ruled against the defendants from the first Until the eighth, they were sentenced to 5 years in prison and a fine of 5,000 dinars, while the ninth and tenth defendants were sentenced to a term of imprisonment. 3 years, and punishing the eleventh to twenty-first defendants for one year, while the seventh defendants were fined Until the ninth and from the eleventh until the fifteenth and eighteenth 100 dinars for possession of pornographic materials and ordered The court deported all of them from the country after the execution of the sentence

The Head of the Cybercrime Prosecution had stated that the Public Prosecution had completed its investigations into the incidents of electronic fraud committed by a number Among the defendants are Asian nationals who form among themselves a criminal network that specializes in seizing money through Reaching bank account data from their owners in fraudulent ways, as they were able to seize bank accounts by these means Money amounts exceeding 21,000 Bahraini dinars.

The Public Prosecution Department, the Anti-Cybercrime Department of the General Directorate for Anti-Corruption and Economic and Electronic Security, received several communications Its content is that victims are exposed to fraudulent operations by suspects by calling them and making them believe that they are bank employees. and that their bank details need to be updated, or they claim that they have won cash prizes and are asking To collect them, disclose their bank details to them, and then seize sums of money from these accounts.

The Public Prosecution Office initiated the investigation as soon as it received these communications, and it listened to the testimony of the victims, the person conducting the investigations, and the official in charge of one of the institutions. The financial institutions through which money transfers took place, while the Public Prosecution issued its decisions to local banks to track funds The victims who seized it, until it reached the perpetrators, so 18 suspects were arrested, and the Public Prosecution interrogated them. And it ordered them to be held in custody pending investigation, after they were charged with a felony charge of using an electronic signature for a purpose other than that Electronic fraud project and misdemeanour, and also ordered the arrest of the rest of the fugitive suspects, and after completing investigations and collecting Evidence proving the defendants committed the incident, the Public Prosecution ordered them to be referred to the competent court.

The Chief Prosecutor called on citizens and residents to adhere to caution in dealing with bank data and not to disclose or trade them Or share it with any party except in accordance with the instructions and directives issued by the banking sector and the security services in the country That matter.

Thwarting the smuggling of a shipment of drugs through a postal parcel, and the arrest of 4 Asians

The Anti-Narcotics Police of the General Department of Investigation and Criminal Evidence, in cooperation with the Customs Affairs, managed to thwart the smuggling of a quantity Of the narcotic substance Shabu inside a postal parcel through the air freight port, with an estimated market value of about 100,000 Dinar, where 4 Asians (between the ages of 30 and 33) were arrested for their involvement in the incident. ‬

The administration explained that after receiving a notification from the Air Ports Customs Administration about the postal parcel, the anti-aircraft police moved to the port Drugs and immediately began search, investigation and collection of information and evidence, which resulted in the arrest of the aforementioned They were red-handed when they tried to receive the package, and the General Department of Investigation and Criminal Evidence indicated that the seizures and reservations had been made. It shall take the necessary legal measures in preparation for referring the case to the Public Prosecution.

A handwriting in a book of financial transactions confirms that an African traded in marijuana and leads him to 15 years in prison

The Fourth High Criminal Court sentenced an African youth to 15 years in prison, fined him 5,000 dinars, and deported him permanently. for the country after executing the penalty for trafficking and promoting marijuana, while others were punished with imprisonment for a year and a fine each One thousand dinars, and deporting them from the charge of abuse, as the accused was dismissed after information stating that he had promoted the narcotic substance in addition To adjust his financial transaction book related to the sale.

Information had been received by the Narcotic Substances Control Department, which included the first accused's possession of narcotic substances with the intent of promoting Inside Bahrain, where he receives it from others from outside the Kingdom by smuggling in technical ways that are difficult to detect One of the members of an international network for drug trafficking, where permission has been obtained from the Public Prosecution to seize The accused was searched, where he was spotted in the Juffair area, accompanied by the second accused, who were in an abnormal condition, as they were drug users. for the drug.

A security patrol headed towards them before they got into the car, where they were searched and money was found in their possession. to the Narcotic Substances Control Department, and the first suspect’s car was found to contain 32 bottles containing approx From a kilogram of marijuana, they went to his residence and the third suspect, who was arrested In an abnormal state, he is in a state of drug abuse. The house was searched and materials used for drug abuse were found, and a notebook written in it was found Financial transactions related to the sale and trade of drugs, and the report of the counterfeiting and forgery expert confirmed that the first accused is The writer handwritten these transactions, so the Public Prosecution assigned the defendants to be within the year 2023 in a department Capital security: The first possessed and possessed with the intention of trafficking the narcotic substance marijuana in cases other than those permitted by law, just as they possessed All of them obtained the narcotic substance marijuana and hashish in cases other than those authorized by law with the intent of using.

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