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Transgender promotion has reached the Indian media and is causing controversy

The Indian magazine Brides Today has sparked controversy after it published a picture of a man wearing Indian women's clothing and jewelry on the cover of its digital magazine.

By News CorrectPublished 5 months ago 6 min read

The cover of the digital magazine featured a photo of Indian-born transgender activist Alok Vaid Menon.

Menon said in an interview with the magazine that "India practices discrimination by not normalizing same-sex marriage," considering that "the refusal to legally recognize same-sex marriage is a form of discrimination that must be addressed."

"At the same time, it is important not to view marriage equality as the main and unique issue facing the LGBT community," he noted.

Tweeters rejected this step, and one of them said: "If this cancer reaches India, I fully support Sharia law."

Another said: "He thinks gender identity is a western disease, but damn it, it's contagious and it's spreading to India too. We need to prevent our children from such sick ideologies."

I thought the gender identity is western disease, but damn it, it is contagious and spreading to India too. We need to prevent our children from such sick ideologies.

- Dr.Vivek Raskar (@DrVivek1886) April 24, 2023

The Supreme Court of India recently set up a panel of 5 judges to expedite the hearing on the issue regarding the recognition of same-sex marriage under the Special Marriage Act. The Government of India has already opposed it in the Supreme Court. Source: opendia

A pizza worker turns hero and helps catch a fleeing thief

A pizza delivery worker has impressed social media after showing a video of his efforts to help the US police catch a wanted man.

The exciting incident took place last Sunday in a suburb of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, when a worker at the "Cook's Pizza" restaurant was delivering a pizza order to a customer.

Watch a pizza delivery guy take out a suspect fleeing police

- CNN (@CNN) April 18, 2023

In the video clip, the worker named Tyler Morell appears standing in front of a house waiting to deliver a pizza order, and at that time he noticed the police officers chasing a wanted man who was driving a stolen Kia car.

However, the wanted car apparently crashed into a sidewalk after he lost control of it, so he ran and continued his escape on foot.

And here, Morel was able to obstruct the security wanted with his foot without even signing the pizza box that he was carrying in his hands. This obstruction caused the suspect to fall to the ground, which helped the police officers throw him down quickly and easily. Source: CNN

Bahrain is investigating the crime of fraud against artist Hani Shaker

The Bahrain Tourism Authority announced the start of an investigation into the merits of the monument to the artist, Hani Shaker, from the sponsor of his last concert in Bahrain.

The authority affirmed its keenness to implement the regulations and laws, with regard to organizing various tourism events, in order to preserve the rights of all parties.

The authority stated that it had started an urgent investigation, immediately after circulating a video of the artist, Hani Shaker, from his concert in Bahrain, in which he announced that he had been subjected to fraud.

The authority indicated that it is investigating this matter with the organizing party and the party hosting the event.

The authority stressed that it is keen to address everything that would harm the reputation of national tourism, and confirmed that it will not hesitate to take all measures, in a manner that preserves the commitment of all parties to the responsibilities required by laws, regulations and contracts.

This comes after the circulation of a video by the artist, Hani Shaker, during his last concert in the State of Bahrain, where he said: I love you very much and respect your presence with me very much..despite the western circumstances that happened to me and my band today and the contractor's escape and his lack of commitment to pay us the band's wages and my wages..but I My presence with you is sweeter than my wages a million times.

The artist, Hani Shaker, surprised his audience by being exposed to the monument, and the performer of the concert escaped without giving him his wages or the wages of his band, but despite what happened, the artist decided not to cancel the concert, and he revived it without getting paid, because of his appreciation for the audience at the ceremony. Source: Cairo 24

Brazil entered the hospital for an operation in the womb, and lost another member

A samba dancer in Brazil was admitted to the hospital for a uterine operation, but when she woke up, she was surprised that her left arm had been amputated.

Alessandra dos Santos Silva, 35, woke up to discover that her left arm had been amputated due to complications during surgery, which also led to the complete removal of her uterus.

Silva had her first operation on the morning of February 3, but bleeding prompted doctors to perform a complete hysterectomy that same night. After she got out of the operation, her relatives noticed that the dancer's hands and legs were cold and that her fingers had changed color.

Three days later she was transferred to the Aloysio de Castro State Institute of Cardiology in Botafogo, and at this point, family members say, her arm had turned completely black.

Doctors tried to save her arm, but on February 10 decided it had to be amputated in order to save Silva's life, as her kidneys and liver began to fail.

She only found out about the amputation when she woke up from anesthesia, before she was released from the hospital on February 15.

The Rio de Janeiro Health Department and the Civil Police opened an investigation into the incident, and an investigation will be conducted into what happened at the Helonida Stoddart Women's Hospital. Source: The Mirror

She is more than 100 years old An Algerian perennial who lives with snakes and rats and maintains a strong memory

Al-Shorouk newspaper revealed the story of a 100-year-old Algerian woman who lives in harsh conditions in the Al-Asnam municipality camp, in the northern province of Bouira.

According to the newspaper, Hajja Boqamoum Takfa Nath Qasi, maintains a strong memory and a fast movement that does not reflect her age, as she celebrated her 100th birthday on October 25th.

The newspaper notes in its report that the long-lived woman lives in the largest colonial camp in the First November neighborhood in the municipality of Al-Asnam, in inhumane conditions, and sharing her difficult diaries with snakes and rats.

Haja Takfa speaks fluently, does not wear glasses, and aging diseases have not known a way to her body. She has 8 children and 50 grandchildren, all of whom she remembers asIt remembers all prayer times, the number of rak'ahs for each prayer, in addition to reciting several chapters from the Holy Quran.

Haja Takfa stores many of the historical stations that Algeria has known, so she talks about the liberation revolution, and from time to time she evokes memories of several years ago, during the colonial period and the sheltering of her home for the Mujahideen she served, which are difficult and pleasant historical scenes, stored in her strong memory.

Takfa tells everyone who visits her home how the colonizer burned her house and the homes of the neighbours, and how she moved to live in the village of Ath Yala Usmar in the heights of Jarjara near Tikda, and how her husband fell ill, so she was forced to sell eggs and grapes and support her son Muhammad to complete his studies, and he became a state engineer in agriculture as he graduated in 1979 from University of Mostaganem.

At the end of its report, the newspaper points out that the dream of the needy woman is to find a home worthy of her age. Source: Al-Shorouk

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