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Political Standings Not Withstanding

Unity Amidst Political Division

By Timothy A RowlandPublished 4 months ago 7 min read
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A Message of Unity in Modern Political Division

Across the United States, the country is divided by political views and beliefs. The level of division that currently exists in 2023, in fact, has not been seen in many decades, maybe even centuries. It could be argued that the USA has not been this divided since the days leading up to the civil war.

It is reasonable to assume that it is this very fact that has people concerned that a second civil war may be on the horizon. A scenario in which, surely, everybody loses. But the real question here is, why? Why has it come to this?

The Battle Lines are Drawn

It is my belief, as well as the belief of many, that political tensions have risen to this level simply because certain lines have been crossed. There was once a time when certain truths were understood and shared across party lines. The most sacred of those was, we always protect children and their innocence at all costs. That line is being crossed.

We protect and afford respect to our elders whenever possible unless the individual has done something to lose that respect. That line is being crossed. Throughout years past, it was understood that regardless of your political party, it was first and foremost, the people versus the government. That line is being blurred and crossed. But who is to blame? Who is at fault for the constant crossing of these lines?

That is the question that lights the proverbial spark, which then ignites the explosives, that may very well destroy the greatest country on earth. After all, if you ask a Republican this question, they will tell you the Democrats are to blame.

If you ask a Democrat this question, they will tell you the Republicans are to blame. If you ask an Independent this question, they will tell you that both Democrats and Republicans are to blame.

Everyone is so full of “I hate you” that we have all forgotten the power of “I understand you.” Or at the very least, “I want to understand you.”

A Country Gone Mad

We no longer protect children or kids. Doctors are mutilating children for profit, despite the child not being capable of understanding the consequences or implications of these actions. The same goes for feeding them life-altering drugs with irreversible effects.

Parents are hauling their own kids off to those doctors to have these procedures done, after brainwashing them, for the sake of the parents’ own notoriety and fame.

Thousands of Americans are trying to rewrite history and the English language to fit their own delusions and narratives, to avoid the natural changes that occur in the human psyche, or as a response to events and circumstances that have done mental and emotional damage.

The need and drive to help individuals to confront their issues and to aid them in taking responsibility for their actions, has given way to a chaos and almost schizophrenic approach to human behavior and beliefs. What used to be normal human developments and healthy challenges, are now turned into multiple personalities and a lost grip on reality for the whole world to see and, worse yet, even cheer on or adopt themselves.

The entire world, with the United States leading the charge, has entered a competition of which group of people can be the most absurd and get away with it? Then, these absurd groups begin recruiting to grow their ranks and become more powerful in a world gone mad.

The more rational and grounded citizens see this and choose either of two paths. Either they simply attack the other side, or they cower silently in the dark. Neither of these are a path to correction or peace.

Attacking only leads to more counterattacks. Cowering leads only to silent bitterness, which often then turns into attacking. This cycle continues and nobody is the better for it.

Unity and Return to Ground Rules

It would be delusional to believe that both sides of the political arena could ever have total unity. After all, that is why both parties exist, because the fundamental beliefs are different.

However, a bit of unity could be accomplished if both sides would return to certain ground rules that once existed.

Protect Children and Keep Them Innocent

The first ground rule that needs to be reestablished is, all children and kids should be protected and allowed to remain innocent. This includes protecting them from sexualization, mutilation, indoctrination, and exposure to ideas and visuals that are beyond their ability to fully understand or process.

During these critical developmental years, it is the parents’ job to educate their children on topics such as sex, health, and what it means to be the specific gender that child is. Regardless of which of the two genders the child is, the parents should be the ones to help them understand the nuances of their gender. Ease the wonder that is naturally in every child, teen, and young adult’s mind.

This includes legal and moral punishment for parents who fail to protect a child’s innocence or well-being. If a parent takes an action, weather it is verbal or physical, that endangers a child’s innocence, mental health, physical health, or even spiritual health, then that adult parent needs to be held accountable. One of our country’s founding principles is to protect those who cannot protect themselves.

Once a person has reached adulthood and is mentally and emotionally able to process the world around them, themselves, and the consequences of their choices, only then should they be allowed to decide if they wish to abandon reality and reason. This way, the consequences are at least their own and are never forced upon them.

Life Happens Offline

The second ground rule that needs to be reestablished is agreeing that life happens offline. The “cancel culture” needs to stop. Another person disagreeing with your beliefs or values does not mean that you have the right to attack their life, well-being, livelihood, or any other part of that person.

Your beliefs and values are not more important or hold more value than anyone else’s in this world. In the grand scheme of the world, you are not an ounce more special than every other human being walking around on the face of the earth.

Life is a collection of moments. These moments involve learning and experiencing alongside other people and animals in the real world. Being online is a tool for learning and for communicating in ways that enhance your actual life that takes place offline in the real world. Staying online too much means you are disconnected from reality, from the world, from your life.

Perhaps this is the reason that so many people have lost touch with reality and have begun fighting for made up terms, ideas, and concepts. Your made-up world online can quickly become your perceived reality if you disconnect and disassociate with the real one.

Stop Screaming and Listen

The third and final ground rule I will mention is simply this, both sides need to agree to stop fighting and screaming in place of listening and discussing. If you are busy hating the other side and screaming at them, you’ve left no room for listening to them so that an actual productive discussion can take place.

It may sound more than a little “hippie-like”, but the reality is that truth and understanding are found in real and open discussions with shared respect and understanding. Peace was never accomplished with screaming and attacking alone. In fact, nearly every war ends when both sides finally grow tired of the fighting and begin discussing the issues that plague both sides. Eventually, an understanding or at the very least, an acceptable middle is found.

Of course, to be effective and long-lasting, this discourse must be grounded in reality and truth, by those who are able to grasp reality. If you gather two delusional people, all you get are mixed delusions.

Final Thought

We finally reached a time in the United States where men and women are equal. Racism is dead. Now, we are inventing new and made-up things to fight over. Imagine what this country to accomplish and the lives its citizens could live, if we would just appreciate the epic country we belong to and worked together to keep it amazing.

Let’s not lose sight of the terrifying fact that we have other countries who are threatening our citizens and our way of life. Outside forces are continuing their decades-long pursuit to rule over us. We should be standing united together to ensure our safety and our future.

Fight and condemn the enemies… not your neighbors.

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