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Police in Fairfax County mistake a woman's car in a high speed chase.

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By Emily AurelienPublished about a year ago 3 min read
Police in Fairfax County mistake a woman's car in a high speed chase.
Photo by Scott Rodgerson on Unsplash

Jamee's car was intentionally rammed by a police cruiser her car mistakenly thought to have been the car they were trying to catch in a high speed chase. This isn't true, her car and make was the same model they were trying to track down.

She was appalled her kids were in the back seat. This is so disgusting to me when I saw this.

While recording the aftermath of what happened to her and her kids while the cops are surrounding the air.

A form of racism happened here and something I will never forget when I witnessed this. Can you imagine giving birthday to a baby six days ago and then end up falsely accused of these things.

My first instinct would be checking my baby after recording this.

As the white cop argues with the woman still accusing her of these things. This would be if I was accused of my car being in a high speed chase but it wasn't my car.

Real logic cop.

When she apologizes to the African American cop, "Sorry Brother you should quit."

He works still with his storm troopers.

They should call cops Storm troopers because they are so quick to judge.

They had the wrong person and yet still accusing the poor new mother.

My husband showed me this on twitter and encouraged me to write about it.

The cop unjust behavior doesn't feel right. I think a lot of cops use their power to create havoc and everyone is growing tired of this.

I started a hashtag #JusticeforJameeandHerKids all me the vigilante with a keyboard. I have always believed in all rights to all people.

Kimble was on her way to walmart to buy food for her kids, and six days ago had given birth to her baby via C-section. Was hit from the back by a police car.

"During the stop, an officer's cruiser struck the front bumper of the wanted vehicle while traveling at an estimated speed under 10 mph. There was minimal damage to the car," the police statement said.

All she wanted was for them to apologize for the incident but they never did.

"I still am very angry and, more than anything, hurt because I teach my children that the police are supposed to protect us, and that if they need anything they can call them for help," she said.

What Kimble doesn't know is the cops are supposed to be protect us but a lot of them don't. They are all about themselves no one else.

As a young teenager I've always been afraid of the cops. I learned early in life that cops aren't there to protect us they abuse their power.

Kimble spoke saying they drew their guns, and arrested her. Before releasing her they offered her medical treatment, I wonder if they offered her kids medical treatment.

This just goes to show you how cops abuse their power and when it's to late to correct it. Thing is we should always fear cops, but never let that fear control us.

This has always been my passion writing about these kinds of stories. A woman who just wanted to drive to Walmart buy her kids food. But I imagine she learned with her courage to speak up.

Thank you for reading this article please like, comment, and leave a tip if you want. Writing about this has always been a strong passion of mine. It feels good to write about this. I thank my husband for share this with me. I hope that we don't have to leave with this fear all of our lives.


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