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One person's sacrifice futile in a world that condones genocide

Time for humanity to stand tall to stop the slaughter

By Steve HarrisonPublished 3 months ago 5 min read
Days after Aaron Bushnell made the ultimate sacrifice to stop genocide Israel hit Gaza

As Israel’s campaign of genocide heads into its sixth month, I’ve heard many people take solace from the knowledge they are “standing on the right side of history” by speaking out about the atrocities and condemning the United Kingdom government’s complicity in the ethnic cleansing being carried out in Gaza by Benjamin Netanyahu’s terrorist regime.

True, by protesting and taking part in the humanitarian crusades in solidarity with the innocent children and civilians being butchered by Israel in Gaza, we are doing the right and only possible thing we can if we have any empathy whatsoever with the suffering of our fellow humans. But standing on the right side of history? I’m not so sure.

I studied 20th century history for my O Levels… remember them? And if there’s one thing life has taught me since it’s that there is no right or wrong side of history, there is simply history… more often wrong than it is right!

And when history books are written about the period of time we’re living in now there are two things I’m almost certain will not be accurately recorded… the first is the “plandemic scam” from 2020-23 and the second is Israel’s campaign of genocide in Gaza that started in October last year and is still raging in Rafah now.

Having lived through them both, I know the “Covid pandemic” was absolute nonsense, but history books will go with the World Economic Forum narrative which convinced far too many people to stay inside for months on end, stick on stupid masks and allow themselves to be exposed to gene-altering mRNA experimental vaccines. Insanely stupid behaviour, but those people can take solace from the knowledge they stood on the right side of history… bravo!

I did my best to wake people up then but, other than prolonging the insanity for all of us as a result of their stupidity, their actions were predominantly only detrimental to their own health... their actions only really hurting themselves. I’m still not happy about it... but their bodies, their choice!

But with Israel’s genocide in Gaza it’s a little different… people’s ignorance and stupidity is now costing the lives of tens of thousands of innocent children and civilians and I find it hard to reconcile myself with that. The false narrative about events on 7 October on the Israel-Gaza border are just as preposterous as the plandemic scam... but that went on for three years and is still being propagated now, although thankfully the world has started to wake up to the insanity.

The ethnic-cleansing in Gaza is now entering its sixth month… for f**k’s sake people wake up… you are condoning genocide! You can hide behind Israel’s false-flag propaganda narrative to try to ease your guilt, but if you are not aware of the atrocities and war crimes Israel is carrying out by now you are either seriously deluded or totally complicit.

I don’t know whether people’s heads are buried so deep in the sand they are unaware that a 25-year-old United States airman died this week from injuries sustained after he set himself ablaze outside the Israeli Embassy in Washington on Sunday afternoon, while declaring he would “no longer be complicit in genocide”.

He was identified as Aaron Bushnell of Whitman, Massachusetts, and he served at Joint Base San Antonio Lackland in Texas as a cyber defence operations specialist with the 531st Intelligence Support Squadron.

In a livestream on his mobile-phone camera Bushnell called the Israeli campaign in Gaza “genocide” and said what he was doing was not as extreme as the suffering of the Palestinian people. He then put his phone down, doused himself with accelerant from a water bottle and set himself ablaze. Later he was taken to hospital with life-threatening injuries that proved fatal, reports on Monday confirmed.

A tragic but sadly futile sacrifice, because if people are so desensitised to the slaughter of thousands of children in Gaza then Bushnell’s actions are going to have little effect too in a callous and cruel world.

It came as news to me that Bushnell’s extreme sacrifice was not the first such act to take place in the US, with another similar incident having taken place in Atlanta at the beginning of December last year.

In that incident on Friday, 1 December, outside the Israeli Consulate in Atlanta a “protester” used gasoline as an accelerant to set herself on fire. Authorities did not release the protester’s name or age but confirmed she was in critical condition, with burn injuries to her body.

The following Sunday, 3 December, demonstrators flooded the streets of downtown Atlanta in memory of the tens of thousands of Palestinians slaughtered in Gaza with Arshad Anwar, one of the organisers of the march, saying how horrified he was to learn about Friday’s tragedy.

“It's devastating that people are willing to go to these lengths," Anwar said. "That really should make us understand that this is taking a serious toll on people's hearts.”

But for that to be the case people have to have a heart and care about humanity, which far too few people are providing evidence of at the moment, especially from those who occupy positions of trust in Westminster, Washington and other seats of government around the world.

I’ve tried to find out whether the Atlanta woman survived her ordeal but The Atlanta Journal-Constitution does not display on and online searches are not offering up any further information. But it really comes to something when people feel so distressed by the complicity of our politicians in genocide that they feel the only hope of changing that is to set themselves on fire in a desperate act to draw attention to the horrors taking place.

But the truth of the matter is that it is a pointless act… nobody seems to care about genocide, so why would one person’s extreme sacrifice be any different? The world has lost its humanity, you have to wonder whether it was something they put in the mRNA jabs?

Not a week after Bushnell’s heartbreaking condemnation of the campaign of genocide in Gaza, and the US military’s complicity in it, and another act of Israeli terrorism today (29 February) saw more than 100 Palestinians killed and at least 700 others injured after the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) opened fire on children and civilians waiting for food aid outside Gaza City.

The Gaza Ministry of Health said at least 104 people were killed and more than 750 were wounded, with the Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemning what it said was a cold-blooded “massacre” by the IDF.

Jadallah al-Shafei, the head of the nurses’ department at al-Shifa Hospital, said “the situation is beyond any words”, adding that “the hospital was flooded with dozens of dead bodies and hundreds of injured”.

“The majority of the victims suffered gunshots and shrapnel in the head and upper parts of their bodies,” he told Al Jazeera. “They were hit by direct artillery shelling, drone missiles and gun firing.”

But to a complicit world it’s just Israel defending itself. From whom? Starving children and civilians in desperate need of food and medical supplies who are being set up for slaughter by the arrival of aid trucks. What has happened to humanity, how have we allowed the world to descend to such depths of depravity?

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Steve Harrison

From Covid to the Ukraine and Gaza... nothing is as it seems in the world. Don't just accept the mainstream brainwashing, open your eyes to the bigger picture at the heart of these globalist agendas.


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  • Test3 months ago

    Israel continues to commit genocide in Gaza You are telling the truth and it is true, but no one here is ready to listen, everyone is supporting the oppressor.

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