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Only a fool would take Israeli propaganda at face value

Conned by an October fallacy to justify genocide

By Steve HarrisonPublished 2 months ago 16 min read
How Stephen Crabb might appear if he impersonated WEF chairman Klaus Schwab

I tried to watch Wednesday’s Westminster ceasefire debate over Israel’s campaign of genocide in Gaza but found it such pantomime that I wasn’t able to stomach much and still don’t really know whether the United Kingdom has called for a ceasefire in the Palestinian enclave or not.

I’m aware the debate ended in uproar after Commons speaker Lindsay Hoyle’s handling of it angered Rishi Sunak’s Conservative Party and the Scottish National Party, which had put forward the motion, but had long-since parted company with proceedings before the point when both groups stormed out in protest allowing Labour leader Keir Starmer’s amendment to the SNP motion to pass by default without resistance from the government.

The important matter at hand was to add the UK’s voice to calls to bring an end to Israel’s campaign of ethnic cleansing in Gaza, with the ins and outs of the debate totally irrelevant. But through Hoyle’s actions the entire narrative has been flipped to focus on him and not the outcome of the vote, just typical UK obfuscation of the highest order and all designed as a face-saving strategy to prevent government ministers from being held accountable for their actions in supporting or rejecting the SNP call for a ceasefire, while also allowing Starmer enough wiggle room to avoid a similar Labour rebellion to that which followed the last vote on the matter in November last year.

Could the overriding World Economic Forum plan be for Starmer to replace Sunak come election day so further division in his Labour ranks, that could see him ousted from the leadership, couldn’t be risked?

The entire process reminded me of a game of Monopoly, in which Israel had been granted an endless supply of Get Out Of Jail cards as a result of the false-flag “attack” on 7 October last year, which it orchestrated to allow it to proceed with the terror campaign in Gaza that has followed. Without that shaggy-dog story the shameless Israel apologists in Westminster, and across the globe, would have had no grounds for condoning the campaign of genocide that is now nearly into its sixth month.

The majority of MPs on Wednesday made reference to the 7 October illusion but on the Conservative side of the benches the adherence to the false narrative was staggering, although hardly surprising given the huge affiliation to the “Conservative Friends Of Israel” in evidence on them.

Starmer too – with wife attorney Victoria Alexander coming from a Jewish family – being one of Israel’s “friends” in the Labour camp, which also represents a significant lobby for Benjamin Netanyahu’s terrorist regime in Jerusalem.

One of the speeches I was present beside the television for on Wednesday came from the chairman of the Conservative Friends of Israel (CFI), Stephen Crabb, the MP for Preseli Pembrokeshire. And, to paraphrase an American Indian idiom… the “white man sure speaks with forked tongue”.

Netanyahu’s repugnant sycophant began his speech by decrying what he described as an “appalling outpouring of antisemitism” in the country and what he perceived to be a campaign to bully MPs to fall in line on calls for a ceasefire through the SNP motion’s very specific wording.

That word “antisemitism” must be the most inappropriately used term in the English dictionary. Simply by taking part in pro-Palestinian humanitarian crusades in support of Gaza I’d reckon Crabb would apply the term to me, but I have no grievance with Jews, nor many Israeli citizens either. My problem is with a terrorist state committing genocide and two-faced hypocrites such as Crabb condoning it and hiding behind misappropriated vocabulary.

His speech in the Commons on Wednesday was a clear indication of how far one might imagine his tongue could have ventured up Netanyahu’s behind.

“Every right-thinking person in this chamber this afternoon wants to see an end to the fighting and an end to the bloodshed,” he said. “It’s an appalling loss of life, we can be united on that.”

The right thing to say, of course, but words that completely contravene Netanyahu’s position on the ethnic cleansing of Gaza, which Crabb then went on to reiterate by repeating Israel’s nonsensical narrative that has allowed it to carry out genocide there with impunity, while politicians can ease their consciences by calling it self defence. But even if self defence played any part in Israel’s thinking, the reaction has been stratospherically out of proportion to the alleged crime.

“I was in southern Israel last week,” Crabb continued. “I went to one of the sites of the worst parts of the massacre that took place on 7 October and met with Palestinians, as well, when I was in Jerusalem last week and everybody in that region is feeling the pain of this.

“Families are bleeding physically and they are bleeding emotionally and mentally. At this point last week I was sat with a group of mothers of children, people still in their late teens, who are being held by Hamas in Gaza. And these mothers, and fathers, are worried sick about what their daughters are currently going through.” Not worried about sons?

Notice no condemnation of Israel for the genocide that has followed Hamas’ alleged attack from the CFI chairman and no words of concern about Netanyahu’s campaign to slaughter innocent children and civilians and herd more than a million Palestinians into Rafah, a city the size of Heathrow Airport, where they are deprived of food, water and electricity.

Israel’s response to the events on 7 October, which have been largely exposed as pure fabrication in the months that have followed, has been totally out of proportion and the false-flag attack simply the cover story to permit the genocide to go on unchallenged by complicit governments in the UK, United States, Canada, Europe, South America and beyond.

A smattering of the narrative may have had a little truth to it, but any atrocities that occurred in October last year in Israel were not carried out by the Jerusalem-controlled Hamas puppets… but by the Israel Defence Forces (IDF), the brainwashed wretches enforcing the Likud party’s genocide in Gaza.

The mainstream media will tell you a group of Hamas insurgents, armed with muskets and crossbows (simply introducing a little sarcasm here to make a point), breached the most-sophisticated border surveillance on the planet in hang-gliders and jeeps (no sarcasm now, this is actually the chosen Israeli narrative) and took hundreds, if not thousands, of hostages and barbarically assaulted and killed many more.

But, if you bother to do a little research, you’ll discover Hamas is an organisation funded and catapulted to power by Israel for the express purpose of justifying its slaughter of civilians in the Gaza Strip. And no, it does not control every member of the group spearheading the Palestinian resistance to 75 years of occupation by the terror state of Israel but, be sure, it has a pervasive and malevolent control of those who sit at the top of it… Ismail Haniyeh and Yahya Sinwar.

And, what about the barbarity of the Hamas insurgents on 7 October? Just Israeli propaganda... pure and simple, with that alleged level of inhumanity now actually being openly carried out by the IDF ghouls in Gaza.

The Hamas insurgents allegedly killed hundreds of civilians attending the Nova music festival but even the Israeli press has carried stories largely attributing this slaughter to an IDF attack helicopter that opened fire indiscriminately at the event.

This report originated in Haaretz, the longest running newspaper currently in print in Israel, on 18 November, and states an IDF combat helicopter opened fire on the Israeli festival-goers while engaging the Hamas fighters, with police estimates suggesting 364 people were killed at the festival although their identities were not revealed.

Separately, the Turkish state-run Anadolu Agency in Ankara, carried excerpts from Israeli newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth, which highlighted the challenges faced by Israeli forces who “found it difficult to identify Hamas militants”... adding that the pilots “used artillery” against civilians at the festival.

The report also said Hamas fighters were instructed to blend in with the crowd to deceive the air force into mistaking them for Israelis, but clearly the ploy didn’t work as the IDF attack helicopter had no problem opening fire on its own citizens anyway.

And at the nearby Re’im kibbutz, allegedly the focal point of the Hamas attack, a skeleton Israeli tank regiment – strangely served by an inexperienced group of young women, untrained on the hi-tech machines they were put in charge of – were also ordered to fire indiscriminately on anyone in sight.

With that in mind, I’d just like to say to Crabb – and all the other friends of Israel, in both the Conservative and Labour ranks – that you can accept your pounds of flesh to turn a blind eye to genocide but don’t tell me anything that happened on 7 October justifies the ethnic cleansing of Palestine. I know it’s all a smokescreen that you’ve been nefariously convinced to spread... but the time for everyone else to realise that is long overdue.

All the deaths that occurred on 7 October were tragic, but the finger of blame for each and every one points to Israel and its campaign to flatten Palestine, with the end justifying whatever means that can be tolerated by its Zionist sympathisers such as Crabb, Starmer and Sunak.

Hamas is like an Israeli phantom… infiltrated, financed and foisted on the people of Gaza after Yasser Arafat’s Palestine Liberation Organisation showed too much intent to come to the negotiating table with former Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin.

So, bye bye Rabin, assassinated on 4 November 1995 in Tel Aviv by Yigal Amir, a right-wing extremist who opposed the signing of the Oslo Accords and who had absolutely no connection whatsoever with Mossad, the national intelligence agency of the Israeli state. Yawn!

And so to Arafat, becoming less militant and more moderate in later life, who had long been an Israeli target, with numerous attempts to assassinate him carried out over the decades, including attempts to intercept and shoot down private aircraft and commercial airliners on which he was believed to be travelling.

Following Israel's 1982 invasion of Lebanon, Israeli Minister of Defence Ariel Sharon created a special task force codenamed "Salt Fish" to track Arafat's movements in Lebanon to try to kill him. The task force, later renamed "Operation Goldfish", was responsible for the bombing of buildings where Arafat and senior PLO leaders were believed to be staying.

By March 2004 Sharon had risen to the position of prime minister when Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, founder of the Hamas movement, was taken out by Israeli gunships and the infiltration of the organisation could go on unhindered in time for elections in Gaza in 2006.

But Arafat was still a problem... his organisation it seems could not be infiltrated and diverted from its quest for a peaceful solution so, I’m guessing here, steps were probably taken to get him out of the way before the elections.

And, by October 2004, there were reports of Arafat's failing health due to what his doctors described as flu after he threw up during a staff meeting. Over the following days his condition deteriorated further until he lapsed into a coma and, after being transferred from Ramallah, in the West Bank, to Jordan, he ended up in France where he was admitted to the Percy military hospital in the Paris suburb of Clamart.

On 11 November, aged 75, Arafat was pronounced dead from what French doctors called a massive haemorrhagic cerebrovascular accident. Initially, Arafat's medical records were withheld by senior Palestinian officials and his wife refused an autopsy believing it went against Muslim practices. So Arafat, tragic haemorrhagic cerebrovascular event or another Mossad intervention? I really couldn’t say for sure but I know which I’d put my money on!

Fast forward then to 7 October last year and Hamas, still in power because no further elections have been allowed to take place in Gaza, casually overruns the most secure border on the planet on a few hang-gliders and jeeps and captures Israeli hostages during an eight-hour assault that the best-equipped army in the world fails to quickly bring under control but, in the course of trying to contain it, does manage to wipe out hundreds of its own citizens attending the Nova music festival and those living at the Re’im kibbutz.

Given these facts it’s quite staggering that the United Nations International Court Of Justice (ICJ) even has to consider whether or not Israel is carrying out genocide in Gaza… you’d have to be insane, blind or have your head deeply embedded in your posterior not to recognise it.

But, despite no shortage of evidence suggesting Israel itself was responsible for many of the deaths attributed to Hamas insurgents, politicians and the global media are still regurgitating Likud’s Zionist propaganda as justification for the atrocities being carried out by the IDF.

Any loss of life on 7 October across the Israel-Gaza border was tragic, but the whole exercise was orchestrated by Netanyahu’s Zionist thugs to justify what has followed… with the underlying plan being to see the world plunged into another global conflict.

Israel knows it, the mainstream media knows it, I know it, governments around the globe know it and CFI chairman Crabb knows it too… and if he professes otherwise he must be the most gullible MP ever to set foot in the Commons.

“Now, no amount of wishful thinking and no passing a simple motion this afternoon, that calls for an immediate permanent ceasefire, is going to make that happen,” Crabb continued on Wednesday.

“With the very difficult practical negotiations and discussions going on involving Egypt, Israel, America, Saudi Arabia and Qatar, do we honestly think this messy divided debate that we’re having this afternoon is going to make any difference to the kind of discussions they are having right now about how we dial down the violence and open up space for aid to go in and get some kind of negotiation going that will see the release of hostages?

“I happen to believe Mr Deputy Speaker that if there was one single thing that would change the course of the war right now and lead to an end to the violence that we’re seeing... that would be the immediate release of the hostages. And, actually, if there was one thing that we could unite around this afternoon it would be a simple one line motion that calls on Hamas to release those hostages immediately, that point should be made time and time again.

“Now my problem with the SNP motion that’s on the order paper? There are several issues I have with it. First of all, no mention of the use of sexual violence and rape as a weapon of war against Israeli women.

“And why is that important? It’s because there’s a campaign at the moment – not just on social media, I see it in emails coming in from constituents, I had a constituent confront me with this last Friday – that seeks to deny that these atrocities happened.

“They are saying that somehow Israel has concocted this, these crimes didn’t take place. Well they did take place, they were recorded on mobile phones and body-cams and they were picked up on other security cameras and there’s a 47-minute film that people can watch if they make themselves available to do that. Hamas fighters having the time of their life committing the most barbaric acts. And I’d encourage all members to grip themselves and watch that film.

“My other problem with the SNP motion this afternoon is that there is no mention of Hamas guilt, the fact that they started this round of conflict. The SNP spokesman started his speech by saying he condemned Hamas’ atrocities, well why didn’t the SNP motion say that? Why didn’t the SNP motion spell that out?

“And I’ll say this Mr Deputy Speaker my problem fundamentally with the SNP motion is that at the heart of it, it lets Hamas off the hook for what happened on 7 October.”

Now personally I do not agree with Crabb at all, I contend it is the CFI chairman who is trying to get Israel off the hook for genocide by referring to the slaughter in Gaza as “fighting” when all I see is innocent children and civilians coming under a constant bombardment by Israel.

As for the events of 7 October being a “massacre”... well, the way I see it, the IDF was largely responsible for causing the majority of them and any claims of atrocities were pure Israeli fabrication.

But there was video evidence of it, you say. Well, with the resources at Israel's disposal and cinema icons such as Sam Mendes, Barry Levinson, Jonathan Glazer and Vadim Perelman to draw inspiration from, I'd simply refer you to the events in the US on Halloween morning in 1938 when Orson Welles awoke to find himself the most talked about man in America after his Mercury Theatre's radio performace the night before had convinced listeners New Jersey was being invaded by Martians.

Seeing is believing... but only when what's being put in front of your eyes is what you're expecting and being instructed to see. Just ask illusionist David Copperfield about the art of deception.

And hostages? Well, we only really have Israel’s word for it that there are any left in captivity. All those daughters, but not sons, those mothers – oh, and fathers – are so worried about are quite possibly just another figment of the Mossad imagination machine. Complicit actors or sympathetic participants on hand to reinforce the false narrative to willing believers.

When Crabb refers to “negotiations and discussions going on involving Egypt, Israel, America, Saudi Arabia and Qatar” he mentions nothing about Palestine. Do Palestinians not have any say in their future in their ancestral homeland?

Other flaws in his argument are the Israeli state’s complicity in its citizens blocking aid going into Gaza, the notion that people simply record events while atrocities are going on without attempting to stop them or flee from them and that the calamity on 7 October was started by Hamas, when it was orchestrated by Israel to justify the genocide that has followed. And wasn’t it fortunate that much of it was captured by body-cam footage… please, give me a break!

The thorn in the side of a peaceful solution in the region is Israel… it doesn’t want a two-state solution. Only total control of Palestine, cleansed of any “pollutants”, will satisfy Israel, which is where the Israeli puppets Haniyeh and Sinwar enter the fray… they provide the conduit for Israel’s excuses for the ongoing campaign of genocide to achieve that goal.

I agree any loss of life on either side of the conflict represents a humanitarian tragedy of unimaginable proportions and the border incursion on 7 October — and alleged brutality by Hamas against Israelis — was also regrettable if it actually took place, but I have to reiterate my belief that it was organised by Israel, which adopted Hamas, bankrolled it to an election victory in 2006 and has refused to allow a further vote on the matter since.

Hamas is its justification for genocide and in truth poses virtually no threat to Israel whatsoever. The threat facing Israel is the world waking up to the propaganda that has allowed its occupation of Palestine to go on for 75 years with the complicity of world leaders.

Well much of the world has now finally woken up and it scares the s**t out of Israel, which is why it will not listen to the ICJ or anyone else as it pushes ahead with the “final solution” to its “Palestine problem”. It’s genocide, pure and simple, and each day it is allowed to go on brings further death and destruction in Gaza… for humanity’s sake, ceasefire now!


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From Covid to the Ukraine and Gaza... nothing is as it seems in the world. Don't just accept the mainstream brainwashing, open your eyes to the bigger picture at the heart of these globalist agendas.


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