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Call for a ceasefire Starmer's only hope of restoring credibility

But it's just shades of grey come election day

By Steve HarrisonPublished 2 months ago 10 min read
Humanitarian crusaders fill mainstream media void at St David's Dewi Sant on Saturday

Good or bad, for better or worse, one thing we can all be certain of is that life goes on. And right at this moment I’m thankful I have the good fortune that mine is centred in a country that is not under siege by the Israel Defence Forces (IDF) bombing hospitals, schools, universities and all other possible places of refuge for the tens of thousands of Palestinians being ethnically cleansed from Gaza by Benjamin Netanyahu’s terrorist Likud regime in Jerusalem.

But if it weren’t for social media and the unfailing efforts of humanitarian crusaders around the globe the true horror of the IDF campaign of genocide in Gaza would probably not be reaching the opposite side of the European continent.

And the reason for that is our mainstream media has long since been bought and paid for by the same malevolent forces behind Israel’s final solution for its “Palestine problem” after 75 years of unjustly occupying the land. But unfortunately the vast majority of people in the United Kingdom still believe the British Broadcasting Corporation is an organisation of great integrity and a paragon of justice when in fact it is nothing of the sort, rather a propaganda machine for the same demonic entities that support Israel.

At the moment there are three constants in my life. The first is that Israel’s campaign of genocide in Gaza will continue whilst complicit governments, such as Rishi Sunak’s in the UK and Joe Biden’s in the United States, turn a blind eye to the slaughter and suffering being carried out by Netanyahu’s terrorist regime.

The second is that the mainstream media will fail to report its true horror and will cling to Israel’s propaganda following its 7 October false-flag operation, involving its Hamas puppets and the IDF, which has formed its only justification for slaughtering thousands of civilians and children in Gaza.

You have to ask yourself had it not been for that bogus incident last year how would Israel’s campaign of terror in Gaza have been allowed to go on for almost six months, sanctioned by Sunak and Biden and other corrupt regimes around the globe?

I’ll include a link here to explain why I call them Hamas puppets and why I describe the events of 7 October as a false-flag operation but it really shouldn’t be necessary. The Israeli propaganda, as transparent as a jelly fish, is porous enough for anyone to get to the bottom of it, unless it doesn’t suit their narrative to do so.

And the third constant is that, as long as the genocide is allowed to continue and the mainstream media pretends it isn’t going on, the humanitarian crusaders of this world will look for other channels to wake people up to the inhumanity being condoned by the politicians who are supposed to represent them and stand for justice.

On that subject I checked Wales On Sunday – “pride of the nation” – yesterday and again found no coverage in the newspaper of Saturday’s march through the streets of Cardiff in solidarity for the people of Palestine.

Week after week we march for justice and for six months Wales On Sunday has found virtually no space to cover it, aside from perhaps a few lines on the odd occasion about how traffic has been disrupted. Its sister paper, the Western Mail, is no better.

Last Tuesday a hastily arranged Cardiff humanitarian crusade in solidarity for the millions of Palestinians in Rafah facing the imminent threat of Israeli terrorism blocked Castle Street, outside the city’s most famous landmark, for more than an hour but received no coverage in the Valentine’s Day edition of the paper.

If you need any more proof that what’s happening is being swept under the carpet by a complicit media then this is it… when newspapers stop condemning or even reporting about genocide it’s a clear indication it has a vested interest in supporting it. The BBC does not represent truth and justice, it represents the government’s agenda to resonate globalist lies and propaganda… as does all mainstream media.

So it falls on the humanitarian crusaders of this world to get the message out that Israel is committing genocide in Gaza and the UK, US, Germany, France, Netherlands, Australia, Canada and many of the planet’s biggest corporations are condoning and supporting it.

But, speaking from a personal perspective, it’s not how we really want to spend our leisure time and we’re certainly not doing it to cause the rest of society grief… but it’s simply a humanitarian response to fill the gap vacated by a negligent media to highlight the atrocities being carried out and the complicity of our government and high-street organisations in them.

On Saturday the participants in the humanitarian crusade through Cardiff took a short break to take a little rest in the St David’s Dewi Sant shopping centre. And although some of those shopping, while the bombs are dropping on Rafah, expressed annoyance that their quiet afternoon in Cardiff was being disrupted I’m sorry I can’t sympathise… just put yourself in the shoes of those poor persecuted Palestinian people and think how you’d feel if no one told the world about the extent and inhumanity of your suffering.

When the mainstream media is complicit, the word has to get out somehow. Sorry for the inconvenience, but it won’t stop until there’s justice for Palestine, but then perhaps people will start to think about Congo, Sudan, Yemen, Myanmar and all the other countries globally beset by human-rights violations.

Today the Welsh Palestine solidarity movement paid another visit to Bristol and picketed “high-tech defence firm Elbit” which supplies up to 85 per cent of Israel’s drones and land-based military equipment, forming “the backbone of the Israeli Defence Forces”.

A report on the BristolLive website said more than “100 protesters from Cymru Peace Coalition” arrived at Aztec West with “peace pickets” and blocked entrances, stopping workers entering the facility and holding banners saying “stop arming genocide” and “UK weapons kill”.

It wasn’t a long report but at least the Reach-owned website acknowledged the protest had taken place and why Elbit was being targeted, but at the Bro Tathan business park at Cardiff Airport another Israel-collaborator has a facility which has largely gone under the radar.

Sierra Nevada Corporation Mission Systems is another drone supplier to the IDF that Senedd first minister candidate Vaughan Gething was pleased to announce last year would create a new centre of excellence at St Athan.

“The Welsh government is working to develop the industries of the future here in Wales, which will create good, well-paid new jobs for people across the country,” Gething said. Way to go, well-paid jobs in the business of slaughtering Palestinians… really, is that the sort of company we want brought to Wales?

So much of the UK’s complicity in Israel’s genocidal ethnic-cleansing campaign in Gaza and the West Bank is glossed over by the mainstream media that protest has become the only way to get the message out about the atrocities being committed.

But, through such protest, there are signs the tide may be beginning to turn. In November last year Westminster failed to support calls for a ceasefire, but on Wednesday (21 February) this week they will be asked to vote again after the Scottish National Party (SNP) forced a second Commons ceasefire vote.

According to SNP Westminster leader Stephen Flynn, and anyone with an ounce of humanity coursing through their veins, an “immediate ceasefire” is even more pressing now than it was in November last year, with the Palestinian death toll approaching 30,000 and Israel threatening to invade Rafah, where about 1.4 million people have been forced to seek refuge from the genocide in an area about the size of Heathrow Airport.

“It's quite clear that enough is enough,” Flynn affirms. “We need the UK, we need the US and we need all of Israel's allies to speak out in favour of a ceasefire. History will judge all of us by our words and by our actions. It's time for MPs to take a stand and back a ceasefire.”

In November 56 Labour MPs defied party leader Keir Starmer to back the SNP demand for a ceasefire, including 10 shadow ministers and parliamentary aides who quit or were sacked.

Wednesday’s vote takes place the day before the Rochdale by-election too, another thorn in Starmer’s side, the Labour leader pulling support for his party’s candidate Azhar Ali because he accurately accused Israel’s government of orchestrating the 7 October Hamas incursion in order to use it to justify the campaign of genocide that has followed.

And the Westminster vote comes just days after Scottish Labour’s conference unanimously backed an immediate ceasefire, with Scottish Labour leader Anas Sarwar declaring himself proud of the vote and calling the SNP’s stance “perfectly reasonable”.

Speaking at the conference, Starmer endorsed a permanent ending of hostilities in Gaza but stopped short of calling for an immediate ceasefire. However shadow health secretary Wes Streeting has said Labour is considering whether to back the SNP cry for humanity to prevail.

In an election year Starmer must realise that his leadership of the Labour Party hangs in the balance now, with his refusal to back an immediate ceasefire quite probably the only thing that stands between Labour and victory in the polls.

Personally I don’t believe democracy exists any longer, but some shades of grey are worse than others. A vote for the Conservative Party this year means it’s full-steam ahead for the World Economic Forum’s New World Order agenda and a global conflict, while a vote for the Labour Party may slow down the race to war but certainly won’t halt it completely.

The actions by the SNP, Plaid Cymru, the Green Party and other minority factions represent the UK’s only hope of not following the US and WEF down the path to World War III.

For the majority of elections since the dawn of this millennium I have squandered my right to vote because neither the Tory nor Labour shade of grey offers any hope of a better world. I may not even be on the electoral register any more so may not have the opportunity to cast a vote for any other party this time around, but the British public is so politically naive that my vote would make little difference to the outcome anyway.

But if you care about humanity a vote for Sunak or Starmer’s cronies will only bring disappointment… the only hope for mankind lies elsewhere, but in a shambolic world where justice plays no part in politics I have no idea where that is. This election, more than ever, comes down to the integrity and humanity of individual candidates.

I believe there are still some Labour politicians who possess those qualities, but none on the blue side of the divide. The system is such that the other options have only a slim chance of affecting the outcome, but those are the only options offering any real hope of change. Think carefully come election day, neither the Conservative nor Labour Party are on the side of humanity!

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From Covid to the Ukraine and Gaza... nothing is as it seems in the world. Don't just accept the mainstream brainwashing, open your eyes to the bigger picture at the heart of these globalist agendas.


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