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Nicole Junkermann 3.0: Model or Mossad? Carbyne911 & their CoVid App, World 3.0, & How to Censor News!

How Nicole Junkermann made herself look like a member of the Mossad.

By Johnny VedmorePublished 4 years ago 33 min read

Nicole Junkermann is not just a hot shot angel investor and business woman. She is so much more than just that. But if it was up to the Countess Brachetti Peretti - as she is also titled - you wouldn’t know anything about her past. She is in almost complete control of her public image. However, Junkermann almost lost the ability to dictate the narrative virtually overnight as a result of my first article which exposed her links to Jeffrey Epstein and members of Israeli Intelligence, such as 10th Israeli Prime Minister, Epstein’s close friend and IDF poster boy, Ehud Barak. 

These were not fictitious links, they were well documented and readily available for anybody to point out, I was simply the first to do so. I had spent years researching this fascinating woman and I had finally put most of the information I'd found in one place. Nicole didn’t appreciate my efforts very much. I would soon receive pressure anonymously via various fake personas to hide my findings. But Junkermann had underestimated one vitally important fact; she had gotten herself involved in the UK’s National Health Service, a fanatically protected public institution that I help pay for. Not only is my money invested in the marvellous NHS but they’ve literally saved my life. I owe them my very existence. It is also of course my right as a journalist to reveal relevant public interest information about any entity involved in this sacred institution of the United Kingdom. But Nicole Junkermann doesn’t seem to think she has to stand for any criticism from the public about her links with Epstein and others. 

So, in response to her many legal actions to censor this information, I’ve investigated the various systems she uses to Photoshop her past, and the information she has actively conspired to hide. Some of my findings are so potentially viral and pertinent that they should be almost impossible for Nicole Junkermann and her cohorts to successfully conceal. I intend to eventually publish an entire history of Junkermann’s family tree going back over 500 years, as I have done with malevolent pedophile protector Barbara Hewson, but for now. Let's take a look at Nicole Junkermann’s Carbyne911 and recent A.I. investments:

Carbyne911, Ehud Barak, and the Race to Capitalize on the CoVid-19 Track and Trace Apps.

Carbyne911 has evolved since my first article and the company, founded by the former Prime Minister of Israel, Ehud Barak, are setting their sights on being deeply involved in the various CoVid-19 digital track and trace projects around the world, but have started by focusing solely on the United States. The Mossad man and his ex-IDF team are very keen to exploit the CoVid-19 pandemic as a way to gobble up mass data directly from government sources. Carbyne911 promote themselves as the solution to the current crisis, they say: “Carbyne’s cloud native c-Live Universe+ platform can be deployed seamlessly and instantaneously to emergency call centers, health centers, remote doctors and the state government and creates a unified awareness center that provides unprecedented interoperability, analytics, as well as protection to both citizens and first responders.” The entire Carbyne platform has been designed for emergency situations such as pandemics; they are completely prepared to take advantage of the current situation. And what will you be giving this group of ex-IDF hitmen and hackers for them to supply such a service? All of your private data, or “unprecedented analytics” as they may prefer to term it. 

Carbyne911 featured in a Forbes online article dated 17 March 2020 and written by Deniz Cam and Thomas Brewster entitled: “To Fight Coronavirus, This City Is Asking 911 Callers To Agree To Self Surveillance.” The mainstream duo of journalists state: “These responders are now using a tool built in part by former members of Israel’s military intelligence—Elichai being one—that’s backed by Peter Thiel’s Founders Fund, former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak, who is now the company’s chairman, and a small, passive investment from deceased multimillionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.” They quickly gloss over the Epstein connection and label it as “a small, passive investment”. The article also completely fails to mention Junkermann or her NJF Capital private equity firm. The article appears to be more about manufacturing consent on behalf of Carbyne911 than getting to the truth.

The Forbes piece gives a major opportunity to entrepreneur and director Amir Elichai to make a positive case for the company. But in one convoluted paragraph - with a “however to nowhere” - the authors find themselves needing to excuse the company for more intelligence based shenanigans, writing: “Carbyne has risked being associated with the murky world of government snooping, however. One original vice president was Eric Banoun, who in 2014 merged his old business, Circles, a smartphone tracking company, with NSO Group, a $1 billion spyware provider currently being sued by Facebook for attacks on its WhatsApp user base. (NSO Group has asked for more time to respond to Facebook’s claims, but in a recent statement CEO Shalev Hulio told the court that while NSO simply built the smartphone surveillance technology, it didn’t control how exactly customers used it.) Banoun left the company after it moved to the U.S. and is a passive investor, says Elichai.” Their careful wording seems to suggest that because Eric Banoun is no longer in a lead role at the company then that means they’re no longer linked with the “murky world of government snooping”, an obvious fallacy. Carbyne911 can’t hide the type of characters that they have had backing their project, including Eric Banoun, Peter Thiel, Nicole Junkermann, Ehud Barak, and the late child trafficking pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. 

On the Carbyne911 site, under the section about the apps data sharing capability the Carbyne team states: “The data-sharing tool gives EMS, remote doctors, and call takers the ability to easily connect and share information as they provide access to their Carbyne UI with 3rd parties.” But they fail to explain which 3rd parties will be involved. We are talking about access to people's private data on a massive scale, access that intelligence agents lust for, and the Carbyne911 board of directors is made up of some of the IDF’s former chief intelligence experts. Everybody knows that once you’re working for the Mossad, then you are in the Mossad for life. Giving access to the private data from government organisations to a company so closely linked with the brutal Israeli Defence Force should be resisted at any and all cost.

Many of Nicole Junkermann’s accusations of defamation seem to be aimed at the various people who openly exclaim that they believe Junkermann herself is a Mossad super-spy. This speculation has partly come about because she was one of the only members of the original Carbyne911 board of directors who hadn’t at some point been declared an official Israeli state agent. What is also of note, in relation to Nicole Junkermann’s attachment to the Carbyne911 project, is that it’s one of the few companies Junkermann has invested in with both her private equity firm, NJF Capital, and with personal investment, and she also initially chose to have a very active role in the organisation. Ehud Barak, Junkermann, and Pinchas Buchris have been removed from the website since I brought attention to their company. They have also removed all of the sinister photos of the management emerging from the shadows as though they were ready to cut the throats of their enemies. They have attempted to polish their image since last year, and it’s very telling that they removed Ehud Barak, General Buchris, and even Nicole Junkermann from their website to achieve that goal.

If Carbyne911 are allowed to access data on an unprecedented scale then they will become one of the richest and most powerful companies on Earth, for in the modern day, data is king.

Swarm Technologies and their budget satellite project

While Elon Musk’s 2020 global satellite display was promising to bring controversial 5G access across the globe, Nicole Junkermann has been investing in the budget alternative of Musk’s plan to connect the entire Earth to high speed internet access. Swarm are planning to launch small cube satellites in large numbers to deliver the internet to the world. The idea has obvious positive benefits to many areas of the globe which have no internet access at all. However, the project appears to be over promising whilst noting that the satellites may only be able to deliver 2G or 3G signals. 

Groq, Applied Intuition, Gideon Brothers, Evolv Technology, and the Race to A.I.

Many of the ventures in which Nicole Junkermann has spent the last few years investing in are all within the realm of A.I. technology. GROQ, a company for whom she helped raise 7.7 million in two rounds of initial seed funding, deals with electronics for machine learning. Applied Intuition won extra investment in September 2019 and concentrates on testing autonomous vehicles under the control of founders Peter Ludwig and Qasar Younis. Gideon Brothers offer A.I. solutions for autonomous mobile robots and has London based Pontland Ventures as their lead investor. Evolv Technology Solutions, are a Californian based tech company dealing in a platform for autonomous optimization. All these high tech companies are geared towards making A.I. possible and are also companies with technological innovations with militaristic applications.  

Owkin, Deep Genomics, and the Healthtech Advisory Board. 

Since my initial article which pointed out Nicole Junkermann’s connection with Epstein and Israeli Intelligence, the Healthtech Advisory Board has not met again. But the NHS’s relationship with Owkin and the promise of sharing in NHS private user data has not gone away. Owkin states that they use machine learning for medical research, but this comes with the risk of a private company, funded by private equity giants, potentially able to access the data of every UK citizen. Deep Genomics lead investors include Khosla Ventures, True Ventures, and Future Ventures. Based in Toronto, Canada, the founders Andre Delong, Brendan Frey, and Hui Yuan Xiong promise A.I. for genetic therapies. 

Junkermann’s Attempt to Hide her Past by Censorship

Before I published my original article, I spent a very long-time contemplating the various potential outcomes. It is within Nicole Junkermann’s character to fight every battle, even if it’s a battle against the truth. I knew what I was letting myself in for by highlighting her powerful links so concisely. But it was the right thing to do. In fact, the article was just a collection of information which was already available in various places online. But Nicole Junkermann didn’t expect anyone with an independent opinion to scrutinize the scattered evidence. When the quirky investigators at started to develop her associations further, the entire site came under a massive cyber attack that would take VOAT offline temporarily. That was the moment when everybody involved truly began to believe that Nicole Junkermann was actually an agent of the Mossad. That decision to illegally attack and attempt to censor the work of many clever VOAT users caused a tidal wave throughout some of the independent media’s vast community. To the thousands of people involved, that act of unadulterated and unlawful cyber-terrorism, committed to protect Nicole Junkermann, was an obvious sign of her importance. Whether that act was actually perpetrated by Nicole Junkermann and Carbyne911, or by another conspirator, is irrelevant. That is the moment everybody began assuming that Nicole Junkermann had definitely been a member of the Mossad for decades. To those who witnessed the online aggression against VOAT, Nicole Junkermann’s links to Jeffrey Epstein and Israeli intelligence were fused forever. After all, if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and cyber-attacks like the Mossad, then it’s probably not a duck that you’re dealing with.

Nicole’s aggressive response to the various speculations that she could be a Mossad agent had begun. At first I was unaware of the various tools she was going to utilise to systematically hide her connections to Epstein and Israeli intelligence. But the problem for Countess Brachetti Peretti is that the internet is full of people who like the truth to be known. By the winter of 2019/2020, I was starting to receive tips from various ordinary and honest folk who had become involved. I had already published the second article on Nicole Junkermann and Jeffrey Epstein’s visit to a UK country house owned by Les Wexner - where they met with two sitting senators - and afterwards I was planning to move onto another project. But Nicole Junkermann was intent on destroying my freedom of speech. The interviews I had given about her incredible connections were being taken off YouTube by various court actions across mainland Europe. Ed Opperman was the first to contact me with the news of her successful censorship of our public interest interviews. Then ex-BBC legend Tony Gosling rang me one afternoon to say that his content had been pulled in the same way. Tony urged me to fight her and gave me some sound advice. Then, Jason Bermas’s interviews with me were also censored via legal action directed at YouTube. It was clear that there was much more happening behind the scenes. 

I was eventually contacted by a friendly French man who worked on a German micro-tasking website. He had been given the same job repeatedly. He was to search for the name "Nicole Junkermann" on Google and was to write down the results that were returned. Eventually the genial chap became suspicious and decided to check out who Nicole Junkermann actually was. He would soon contact me to tell me all the details of his work. Then another newly encountered ally got in touch with the long list of web pages that Nicole Junkermann’s solicitors had had pulled off Google. All of those websites had been removed from the Google search engine with no questions asked. In this time, Nicole would also attempt to flood the internet with favourable articles about herself and she would also release multiple YouTube videos, in various languages, advertising each of her investments under the titles “Nicole Junkermann Presents…” in an attempt to drown out the videos that she was having removed. And then came the request from the Berlin regional court for me to pay two thirds of Nicole Junkermann’s legal fees for her taking out an injunction that I was never officially informed of. My Grandfather fought in a war to stop the German state from taking away our freedom of speech. Yet here I was, it’s 2020 and a German millionaire is attempting to censor my public interest journalism. Nicole Junkermann was not only censoring anybody who criticized her, but also seemed to be hiding everything about herself from before 2011. 

That’s why I decided that the only really effective response to somebody who is hiding all of their past is to expose everything I could find. If you want to invest in the UK National Health Service, then you can expect such extreme scrutiny and nothing less. So, here is Nicole Junkermann’s history from 1995 onward, much of which she has attempted to hide.   

1995 - 2001: Elite Models Europe and Winamax

In 1995 Nicole Junkermann was 19/20 years old depending on which side of April 27th you’re looking at. Junkermann was one of the top names on the roster for John Casablancas’ Elite Models, the high-end supermodel agency representing the biggest names on the catwalk. The giant names at Elite at that time were such celebrities as Naomi Campbell, Linda Evangelista, Yasmin Le Bon, and Cindy Crawford. The supermodel scene was over-saturated with some of the greatest icons of all time. Nicole Junkermann would be competing for space with Kate Moss, Eva Herzigova, Claudia Schiffer, and many other queens of the catwalk. If you were to search for any of the models who Nicole shared her time at Elite with, you would find plenty of images of their many appearances, but Junkermann herself is absent from these same archives. 

Trying to find evidence that Nicole Junkermann really was a high profile model is almost impossible. It’s as if she has been completely deleted from history at a time when there were cameras everywhere. The only evidence I could find confirming her life as a top model was an askew photograph of an Elite Models Head-shot catalogue from 1995. This wonky portfolio showed only five images of Junkermann’s work, where she was sporting dark hair in different photo sessions. There was no evidence of which publications or shows she actually appeared in, just those five shots. Junkermann was not advertised in the same Elite agency catalogue from 1994. I would search through thousands of catwalk shows during this period for a glimpse of Junkermann but I found no more leads. The absence of modelling photos had bothered me during my original article. Surely there should be hundreds of past pictures? But now I understand her mentality and techniques better, her missing history isn’t a big surprise.

The world of the 1990’s supermodel wasn’t only extraordinarily competitive, it was also blighted by a false body image that would contract in width year after year. At the beginning of the 1990’s the models were often voluptuous and naturally curved, but by the mid to later years of the decade the models had become thinner and thinner until many looked emaciated, starved, and often very young. Nicole Junkermann did not fit the changing trend. She was a natural beauty and normally proportioned, not a wafer thin ghost like many of the models to come. Nicole Junkermann had much more determination and focus than most of her modelling companions. She was definitely more than just a pretty face. Nicole would go on to complete her first degree at the International University of Monaco and she would later follow that up with a business management qualification from Harvard University in the US. And during her first degree she would help found a company called Winamax in France, or so the story goes. But if you take even the most cursory glance at the tale of Winamax, there are obvious holes in the official story of its founding. 

Winamax was described originally as a Football Gaming Platform and was a fantastic resource for football stats and data. In essence, it was an early digital version of Fantasy Football where no real money was exchanged and the site seemed to be running on ad revenue alone. If you were to search for Winamax now, you would discover that it has become one of the many pro poker sites. You’d also be told by google that it was founded by Patrick Bruel, Nicole Junkermann, Alexandre Roos, Christophe Schaming, Alex Dreyfus, from an idea by Robert Louis-Dreyfus, but this isn’t entirely true. In fact Winamax was the pet project of its real founder, a man called Max Derhy. But like everything from Junkermann’s past, it is information that has been altered slowly over many years. It is also unclear how much Junkermann invested into the project, or how she managed to raise the capital whilst still a University student. 

This was her first official company and it would become tainted with rumours about her relationship with the Adidas boss and Winamax idea man Robert Louis-Dreyfus. Louis-Dreyfus, who was married to Margarita Louis-Dreyfus at the time, would be accused of having a sexual relationship with Nicole Junkermann that led him and his wife to live separate lives. The Wall Street Journal would eventually report on the subject on 3 November 2016 in an article written by Sarah McFarlane, Katherine Dunn, and Maarten Van Tartwijk entitled “Family Feud at Louis-Dreyfus, One of the World’s Largest Commodities Traders, Spills into Court.” the article states that “By the late 1990’s Mr. Louis-Dreyfus had started a relationship with Nicole Junkermann, a German sports and media entrepreneur three decades his junior, people familiar with the matter said.”  Robert Louis-Dreyfus would eventually die of leukaemia in 2009, and in the following decade his widow would begin selling off the inherited fortune, much to the dismay of the wider Louis-Dreyfus family. 

2001 - 2011: Infront and Dating the Elite

After the steamy relationship with Mr. Louis-Dreyfus had seemingly fizzled out? Nicole Junkermann began dating German entrepreneur and socialite Patrick Graf Von Faber-Castell. At this point in her history, Junkermann had managed to get through a controversial business deal with her public image basically intact - and Mr Louis-Dreyfus would take most of the flack for their future business dealings surrounding the 2006 World Cup.  During Nicole’s relationship with Faber-Castell, she would be persuaded to sell Winamax and begin her own private equity firm. Nicole’s relationship with Patrick Graf Von Faber-Castell wouldn’t last long, but they would remain friends, and Junkermann would eventually be pictured in 2006 at the wedding of Patrick Alexander Hubertus Count of Faber-Castell and German actor Mariella Ahrens, who was originally born in Russia.

Nicole Junkermann’s relationship with Robert Louis Dreyfus was still ever present and extremely complicated. Mr. Louis Dreyfus was a man who would eventually be accused of widespread corruption and bribery in their next joint business venture, Infront Sports and Media. In fact the next decade and a half would have many German authorities looking into the widespread corruption surrounding the organisation of Germany’s 2006 FIFA Football World Cup. Infront would be awarded the television rights for the FIFA football tournament by conveniently placing Sepp Blatter’s nephew as its chief executive. Eventually they would be rewarded with further coverage rights of the 2018 and 2022 FIFA world cups, helping Infront Media to be sold for a massive fee in 2011 to Bridgepoint.

On September 1, 2002, Jeffrey Epstein and Nicole Junkermann would fly alone from Paris to Birmingham in the United Kingdom and visit the Wexner mansion for a shooting weekend with two sitting US senators. 

In 2003, Junkermann doesn’t seem to be noted anywhere, in contrast to the following year where she is seen at many events for the wealthy and powerful. When the Hollywood blockbuster Ocean’s 12 was being promoted in Monaco, Nicole Junkermann and her close friend US Tennis Grand Slam Champion, Monica Seles, were in attendance. Karl Lagerfeld had organised the event where George Clooney and Brad Pitt were the centre of attention. A wonky looking Junkermann is pictured alongside Pitt at this event but Nicole chose to give the photographer the false name of “Sophia”, so most researchers would never have come across the shot of Brad Pitt with Nicole Junkermann. A much more relevant superstar and tech pioneer was pictured with Nicole Junkermann arriving at the Cinema Against AIDs event of the same year. She is again marked as an unnamed guest arriving at the event alongside co-founder of Microsoft, the late Paul Allen. Junkermann would sit on table 44 with Paul Allen and her friend Monica Seles. The 90’s tennis ace, originally from former Yugoslavia, would also be spotted in the same year with Junkermann at the Laureus World Sports Awards.  

In 2005 Junkermann would found United in Sports and she would move to Shanghai where the operation was based. But not before being spotted at the Sorbonne in Paris, attending the Gala Evening in Aid of l’Institut des Vaisseaux et Du Sang alongside her ex-lover Robert Louis-Dreyfus, a man who was becoming sicker each time that they met. Her time in Shanghai was not heavily publicised except for the enormous figure of €242.2 million which the United in Sports equity firm would raise during 2007 alone. She would be spotted again in Venice that year on 8 June for a dinner in honour of Janna Bullock.

In 2009, Robert Louis-Dreyfus finally succumbed to his long illness and in 2011 Junkermann would dedicate the successful sale of Infront Sports Media to his memory. But Mr Louis-Dreyfus had seemingly failed to see that his family's inherited business was no longer in safe hands under his estranged wife, Margarita Louis-Dreyfus. Mrs. Louis-Dreyfus had already begun a relationship with Blackrock Chief Executive Phillipp Hildebrand who was once head of Switzerland’s central bank. And the eventual sale of the various Louis-Dreyfus family assets will probably be the real legacy of Robert’s life's work.

2012 Onward: The Documented Years

After the sale of Infront Sports and Media, Junkermann had become a very rich lady. But she had never been one to rest on her laurels. In 2012 Junkermann made some more public appearances, only now she would start giving the photographers her real name. It was clear that she was looking to begin a new era of her life. Junkermann would again be pictured with Monica Seles at that year's Laureus Welcome Party and later with Leona Koenig and Eva Dichand attending the 65th Cannes Film Festival’s the Cinema Against AIDs event. In 2013 she was also pictured at Cannes, where she attended a VIP Giorgio Armani launch party with other famous models from her past. But then she would start to focus and begin to form NJF Capital into a professional working entity. In that year she invested in Songza which would go on to be acquired by Google in 2014.  

In 2014 she would also begin a realty project in Ireland called Ziggurat which would eventually fall through as well as visiting an art exposition in Bogotá, Columbia - possibly representing the Tate gallery. 2015 would be a really busy year where her still forming private equity firm NJF Capital invested in Jobio, Chiaro, Elvie, and Thousand Child. It is also in 2015 where Nicole Junkermann is spotted with her future husband, the Italian API Oil baron Count Ferdinando Brachetti Peretti.

Ferdinando Brachetti Peretti and his brother Ugo Maria Brachetti Peretti were both listed in Jeffrey Epstein’s famous little black book. But their relationship with the garrotted pedophile billionaire is not clear. The Brachetti Peretti family has some very prestigious lineage. Ugo and Ferdinando’s father was the previous boss of API Oil for over three decades, Aldo Brachetti Peretti. Born as simply Aldo Maria Brachetti, he would eventually combine his surname with the surname of his father in law Cav. Del Lavoro Ferdinando Peretti. Aldo’s wife was named Mila and worked for the Red Cross for thirty years and was the only woman in Italian history to carry the military grade of General. Mila’s youngest sister was the famous New York based jewellery designer and model Elsa Peretti, who was the founder of Tiffany & Co. The young Elsa would be considered as in rebellion from her famous Italian family, and would run off to New York without any future financial support from her oil baron father. She’d eventually become a legend of the New York Studio 54 era where she mixed with iconic giants like Andy Warhol, Halston and Liza Minnelli.

Count Ferdinando Brachetti Peretti, who was originally married to Princess Mafalda von Hesse, and Nicole Junkermann met on a few occasions before eventually partnering up whilst staying at the elite Gstaad Palace in Switzerland. The history books will write about how Ferdinando comically chastised Nicole, when meeting by accident in the Swiss hotel lobby, saying to in an interview originally published in February 2019: “When I saw her, I said, 'You are a very naughty woman. Why didn't you reply to the message I left you two years ago?’” 

On 9 April 2015, Italian website released pictures of Ferdinando kissing an unnamed female - later identified as Junkermann - during a romantic day out in Rome. In that same year, Junkermann would officially found her private equity firm NJF Capital. On July 13th 2015 Ferdinando would officially introduce Nicole to his lifelong friend Carlos Martorell, the host of the VIP Flower Power events in Ibiza. He would say of the couple in one of his blog posts: “Nicole is the perfect woman. Very attractive, friendly and powerful business woman. Ferdinando is, quite rightly, very much in love.” 

In 2016, NJF Capital invested in Coindrum and Catapult and in 2017 Junkermann was named as co-chair of Magnum Global Ventures. It is around this time that she became involved with Carbyne911. In March of that year Ferdinando and Nicole were officially married and the couple would soon have a baby girl together. Junkermann, now Countess Brachetti Peretti, would then begin her mass investment in A.I. tech startups. In late 2018 she would be placed on the NHS Healthtech Advisory Board by Matt Hancock MP and she was still relatively unknown to the wider world. Then in the summer of 2019 Nicole’s past would finally catch up with her and she would begin her quest to regain complete control of her public image by using European courts and her great wealth.  

The World Security Network and their World 3.0 

Before I conclude this romp through Junkermann’s history, I would like to point out an outstanding example of irony and hypocrisy by introducing you to the World Security Network. This half-cooked attempt at a credible global public policy institute, made in the image of the Council for Foreign Relations, describes itself as

“an NGO founded and funded by Dr. Hubertus Hoffmann, a German investor and geo-strategist living in Berlin, former advisor in the European Parliament, the German Bundestag and U.S. Senate in foreign and defence affairs.”

The WSN has a 72 member advisory board which consists of well-known experts from 21 countries, 20 retired generals and admirals, and some of the most influential people in the world from the Dalai Lama to Gary Kasparov. It boasts in their site’s introduction that  “The World Security Network is:

  • Not American, Asian or European; we are the largest global-elite action network for foreign and defence affairs in the world, focusing on the young, new elite.
  • Neither left nor right, neither U.S. Republican nor U.S. Democrat, or indeed an adherent to any other party line. WSN is an independent, international and pluralistic non-profit organization.
  • Neither a peace movement nor an organization of warmongers: it promotes a realistic and credible balance of Realpolitik and Idealpolitik, of power and diplomacy, of necessary military actions and reconciliation; a double strategy of solid and realistic peacemaking - the new art of peacemaking we call World 3.0
  • Solution-oriented, looking for concrete proposals for all conflicts.
  • Not bureaucratic: we are creative and action-oriented, like businessmen.
  • Not fanatical: we are engaged global citizens with the vision of networking a safer and better world for our children.”

These vague statements are obvious hyperbole once you dig a little deeper into their ideology. The World Security Network puts forward their proposal of a new world order, titled simply World 3.0. The WSN explains that World 1.0 was “stuck in administering the status quo and defence of national interests through deterrence.” And they profess our most recent world order to be World 2.0 which is defined by “a foreign policy which fails to offer coherent and creative action plans for crisis management, with little deeds and much talk which does not deliver feasible results and staggers from one media-friendly conference to the next.” 

Instead, the World Security Network boldly suggests:

“World 3.0 is the upgrade of World 1.0 and World 2.0. The historical maxims and wisdom of the importance of power and national interests as described by Cardinal Richelieu or German Chancellor Bismarck and the needs of Realpolitik a la Hans J. Morgenthau and Henry A. Kissinger are still the solid base of World 3.0, but these are no longer sufficient for a successful foreign policy in the 21st century.” 

The online piece, written by Dr. Hubertus Hoffman, goes on to give the international operations in Libya to depose Col. Gaddafi as a successful example of good foreign policy. Astonishingly he writes:

“As a rare exception Libya proved in 2011 that political hot spots can also be dealt with effectively. There were no Western boots on the ground, the local rebels in Benghazi occupied the driver’s seat, and the push came not from the United States but from France and the United Kingdom. The tiny and wealthy Gulf state of Qatar and the United Arab Emirates supported the air campaign with 18 jets from the Muslim world side by side with European allies like Norway and Italy. This first joint NATO-Arab military campaign conducted more than 20,000 air strikes in support of the rebels. This confirmed Dr Fritz Kraemer´s doctrine that nothing works without power. Surprisingly the UN Security Council passed a resolution with Russia and China abstaining. The Arab public as well as the Qatar-owned TV station Al Jazeera supported NATO. The intervention aimed to protect human rights and prevent slaughter by the mad colonel. Minimum input resulted in maximum output. Suffering a minimum of casualties among rebels and civilians, no losses of NATO jets or soldiers, and without burning huge amounts of money, a new post-dictatorship government was established in Libya. The mission was accomplished with a globally networked and innovative World 3.0 approach.”

This organisation is obviously completely deluded and ignorant to the terrible state Libya was left in by this savage and reckless military intervention. A country that has since seen the rise of slave markets that literally buy and sell human beings, including children. But this is their very own proclamation of what the World 3.0 ideology represents. The entirely coherent, yet completely insane, description of World 3.0, from their own website, should be read in full. There is even some clues to who may be supporting and funding this effort behind the scenes:

“Today we have finally arrived in a global village. The Dalai Lama put it in a nutshell during a meeting of the World Security Network: “There is no me and they – the whole world is me.” International organizations and action groups, such as the World Economic Forum, Amnesty International, the Open Society Institute of George Soros, Human Rights Watch, the International Crisis Group, the Young Presidents Organization, the Catholic lay person organization Sant’Egidio from Rome and its successful peacemaking efforts in Mozambique in 1992, or the World Security Network Foundation inspired by Fritz Kraemer – all these organizations via the worldwide web provide a permanent network for hundreds of thousands of active individuals from dozens of nations with entirely different ideas.”

Who do you think is sitting on the advisory board for this completely shady new world order association? Of course it’s Nicole Junkermann, alongside the European Council for Foreign Relations Ulrike Guerot, Walter Laqueur from the Center for Strategic and International Studies Washington, Ehsan ul Haq, who was the Director of ISI from 2001 to 2004 and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Pakistan Military from 2004 until 2007. Other members of this organisation include Rand Corporations Robert E. Hunter, US Defence Intelligence grandee Mike Munson, and King’s College Prof. Dr. Peter Neumann who was also director of the International Summit on Democracy, Terrorism and Security from 2004 to 2005. 

The World Security Network is a fine example of what Nicole Junkermann is involved in. Many of the WSN advisory board are ex-intelligence agents, former generals, and money men who push for military conflict. How can anyone possibly believe that Nicole Junkermann is not involved in any form of intelligence operation when these are her associates?

Some Conclusions: A Truly Fascinating Woman

In concluding this very long and detailed article, I feel great sadness for Nicole Junkermann. In many ways I believe that she is an outstanding example for humankind. She is a strong willed, beautiful, funny, talented human who has reached almost the top of her potential. I do not have any qualms when I say that she is totally inspiring and I’m even going to predict that one day they’ll make a film to honour her fascinating life. But more importantly now, Nicole should stop hiding and manipulating her past. She’ll have to accept that, unless she were to set the record straight, people are going to make judgements based on what she chooses to hide and not what she tells them. She has made her own bed in many respects. To succeed in the world of men after her short stint modelling meant Nicole Junkermann would get dirty at times. You don’t survive in big business without claws and she was always ready for a fight. However, many of the men she had in her life seemed to be eager to sacrifice their own credibility to protect her, so Nicole never really had to use those claws.

Her relationship with the late Robert Louis-Dreyfus may have benefited Nicole's early business dealings, but I believe it to be a story of a great romance. Robert Louis-Dreyfus was far from a stupid man and his decision to separate from his wife to be with Nicole Junkermann was a huge one. He didn't intend to divorce Margarita and he must have known the the Louis-Dreyfus fortune, that had been handed down for more than 150 years, would be at risk. He was more intent on being with Nicole than being a billionaire, a laudable choice for any hopeless romantic.

In 2019, perhaps for the very first time, Nicole was up against an enemy that she was never expecting to encounter. It was the first real time that anyone had called her out for her own actions. That aforementioned enemy wasn’t me, rather, it was the truth. I was just one of the potential delivery methods for the bad nostalgic news. It was all information that was already available for somebody to stumble across. The Jeffrey Epstein affair was way too big for some of his provable connections to avoid or contain. The Carbyne911 and Ehud Barak link would always be found, the flight manifest would always prove that she flew with Epstein twice, and World 3.0 was always going to look bad seeing as no one had bothered to update their manifesto after the Libyan intervention went catastrophically south. Nicole Junkermann may want to blame myself and everybody else for the situation she is in but she's made those choices herself. She can’t go around silencing every independent voice without eventually causing herself much more attention, from much more mainstream sources.

As for the main question: Model or the Mossad? It is something that will be speculated on for many years to come. To be seen as a beautiful super-spy isn't the worst fate possible. She may not even be the Mossad, she could possibly be simply a German intelligence agent, or maybe she's just been mixed up with some really dirty characters like Barak and Epstein. But with the cyber-attack on VOAT, all of the systematic fascistic acts of censorship, and taking court action against the work of independent journalists? Well, the lady doth protest too much, methinks.

In trying to bury this story, Nicole Junkermann's actions have made it generate more interest. For every act of censorship she attempts, just brings another dozen people into the fight. And so it will go, for as long as that cycle continues, the sooner the truth will out.

I’m going to leave you with a quote from a previously mentioned Vanity Fair article on the fabulous Countess Brachetti Peretti; a very fitting quote in Nicole Junkermann’s own words:

“We live in a fake news world where people change their reality with Photoshop.” - Nicole Junkermann, 2019.


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