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Mohammed Yasin MP: Detained.

Air Canada Detained MP For Bedford.

By Nicholas BishopPublished 8 months ago 3 min read

A Muslim MP for Bedford was detained by officials from 'Air Canada'. Mohammed Yasin was detained, simply because, he was a Muslim. Mr. Yasin was part of the 'Levelling Up Committee' of MPs flying to Canada. He was delayed at Heathrow, while, 'Air Canada' officials asked him a number of questions. Such as, "Was he carrying a knife"?

Although humiliating for Mr. Yasin, it is understandable, why 'Air Canada' officials would temporarily detain him. With the war in the Middle East still on, it is understandable why Muslims, as humiliating as it is, should be challenged.

Islamic State and Al-Qaeda, have given a shout-out to anyone, to do something about the war on Gaza. Inviting anyone, in the world, to attack Jewish or Western targets. Islamic State and Al-Qaeda have never once expressed an interest in Palestine. IS and AQ although still around, have been somewhat reduced, by various things. They are simply using the Palestine issue to gain more support and recruits. They probably don't give 'two hoots' for the plight of the Palestinians.

Labour MP Clive Betts who accompanied Mr. Yasin, on the flight to Canada has made, his dissatisfaction known. Mr. Betts said, "When we checked in at Heathrow, we were delayed for a considerable time". Mr. Betts along with other MPs, noticed, Mr. Yasin was missing. Their flight to board the 'Air Canada' aircraft was delayed because of the detention of Mr. Yasin.

Clive Betts is going to raise the issue with 'Air Canada'. He will write to the airline about the alleged "racism and Islamophobia" About how Mr. Yasin was detained and questioned. Maybe there was so-called 'racism' and 'Islamophobia'. However, the 'Air Canada' officials were probably just doing their job. For all they know, Mohammed Yasin could have been a terrorist.

If the person who blew himself up at the Manchester Arena had been challenged the incident may have been prevented. A young security guard did see the attacker walking with a backpack. However, the security guard said he thought that if he stopped the attacker, he would be, accused of racism and Islamophobic harassment. So, the security guard will probably have to live with the fact that had he stopped the attacker, lives, would have been saved. Everything is racist or Islamophobic these days, so, security people are damned if they stop them or damned if they don't.

Meanwhile, the war in Gaza and Israel carries on. 1,500 or so Israelis living peacefully in a kibbutz were killed or kidnapped simply because they were Jews. 200 or so Israelis and other nationalities are still being held in Gaza. Although with Qatar's intervention, some hostages, are being released.

Israel has pounded the Gaza Strip like they never have before. However, the IDF while killing Hamas operatives have also taken out whole Gazan neighbourhoods and generations of people. They have cut off water, food, and electricity to the enclave. Which is a war crime according to the UN. But when did Israel or any other player in the Middle East ever listen to the UN?

Israel has already started some ground operations in Gaza, with Hamas fighters and Israeli soldiers being killed. 350,000 Israeli troops are gathered on the border of Gaza. When the call comes for them to invade (as they must surely do) it will be carnage for Hamas and Gazan civilians. IDF troops will also die and Mr. Netanyahu and Hamas have to deal with the circumstances. Not that Hamas or the fascist regime in Jerusalem cares.

Meanwhile, as Israel bombs Gaza to rubble and Hamas still fires rockets at Israel, the situation is getting dangerous. The US has sent the biggest aircraft carrier into the Med, British, Dutch, and German ships are also in the area. Obviously to support Israel and deter any would-be attack on Israel.

The Turks, and Chinese, are also sending/have sent ships in support of Palestine. Hezbollah has been exchanging shots with Israel. The Russians and the Iranians are observing and they largely support Palestine. So, if a wider war breaks out, God forbid, nobody knows, how it will play out.

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I am a freelance writer currently writing for Blasting News and HubPages. I mainly write about politics. But have and will cover all subjects when the need arises.

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