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Sunak Flies Into Israel.

Meets President Herzog and Prime Minister Netanyahu.

By Nicholas BishopPublished 9 months ago 4 min read
A lot on his mind: Rishi Sunak.

Rishi Sunak flew into Israel on the back of the awful attack on a hospital in Gaza. Accusations are flying back and forth as to whose fault it was. Sunak has met with President Isaac Herzog and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

President Herzog described Hamas as another "ISIS" on the border with Israel. Certainly, the barbarity of the Hamas attack on innocent Israeli civilians reminds one of the mindset of ISIS. People were gunned down at a music festival, ironically enough, peopled by revellers who want peace with Palestine and hate Netanyahu. A kibbutz near the Gaza border was attacked by Hamas. They were subjected to the most heinous cruelty on Jews since the Holocaust. People were shot, butchered, raped, and taken away against their will to Gaza. 199 hostages are believed to be held in Gaza. Some of them non-Israelis and people with dual nationalities.

Israel has unleashed hell on the Gaza Strip as it takes out Hamas targets, fighters, and leaders. Unfortunately, Gazan civilians have also paid the price and that is regrettable. Israel has amassed 350,000 soldiers together with military equipment to invade Gaza. Their mission is to wipe Hamas off the face of the earth. Meanwhile, Hamas and others continue to lob missiles and mortars into Israel.

Hamas and Netanyahu are two sides of the same coin. Hamas is an Islamic terrorist group whose stated goal is the destruction of Israel. Who regularly lobs rockets into Israel causing minimal damage and disruption to Israelis' lives. The rockets are terror weapons that send the Israeli population running for shelter. Hamas has ruled Gaza as a one-party state since it was elected in 2007. Life for Gazans is hell who cannot leave the enclave. Egypt and Israel only allow in goods like food. Israel controls the water and electricity. Israel controls the airspace and coast of Gaza. Israel pulled out of Gaza a long time ago. But still retains control of the above resources.

Sunak has repeated the mantra as have other Western Leaders like Joe Biden. That he stands with Israel. After the bombing of the hospital in Gaza, Arab leaders refused to meet Joe Biden, including the Leader of the Palestinians on the West Bank, based in Ramallah, Mahmoud Abbas. Biden seemed to persuade the Israelis to allow food into Gaza, a so-called 'Humanitarian Corridor". Food will most likely come in through the Egyptian side into Gaza. However, Israel is still not allowing water and electricity into the enclave. Although, Israel is supposed to have turned the water back on in southern Gaza. Israel told Gaza City dwellers to head for Khan Younis, in the south. Supposedly, they would be safe, however, it appears Israel is bombing targets around Khan Younis.

Sunak will be in the Middle East for two days, visiting other Arab leaders in Jordan and probably, the Palestinian Leader, in the West Bank, Mahmoud Abbas.

The Russians said, this war, could grow into a wider conflict. Israel and Hezbollah have already exchanged shots in the north. Iran has stated it may enter the war, if and when Israel, invades northern Gaza. Turkey has also sent warships and declared its support for the Palestinians. The US and the UK also have warships in the area. Unless the whole thing is brought under control, the situation could explode and where it will end, only God knows.

People worried and still worry that the Ukraine-Russia conflict could lead to WW III. But with this conflict, in the Middle East, attention is turned to that now, which could also turn into a wider war. How much can the US, control what Israel does? How much influence does Washington have in Tel-Aviv/Jerusalem, in what it does? Does America have the power to tell Israel enough is enough or you have gone too far? How much influence does Iran have over Hezbollah and Hamas? Does it have the power to tell these proxies, that's enough or reign it in?

Israel at some point will have to act and invade Gaza. It hasn't got 350,000 troops on the border for nothing. Netanyahu said he wants all Hamas operatives dead to the last man. So, if Netanyahu does not invade, it will make him look weak both at home and abroad. Hamas, have no doubt, prepared for the onslaught of the Israeli machine. They know the land, they know their tunnels, and they will have fortified Hamas City, just as the Islamic State did in their capital, Raqqa. Just as the Germans and Japanese did.

Urban warfare is horrible warfare both for those defending and those attacking. However, Hamas will have the advantage, as they are on their home ground. They will have prepared booby traps, mines, IEDs, and ambush centres. They will be able to move supplies through a complex tunnel system through Gaza City (just like the Viet-Min did when fighting the Americans in Vietnam). The fighting will kill scores of civilians in Gaza. Many Hamas fighters will die and so will scores of Israeli Defence Force forces. If Israel does not get bogged down in urban fighting as they did in Lebanon (when fighting Hezbollah in 2006) and overthrow Hamas what then? Will they set up a government in Gaza more to their liking, rule Gaza directly (at least the north) or pull out (when all their objective are met or do they even know what their objectives are?)

A generation of Palestinians living through this war will grow up hating Israel. Thus brewing up trouble for the future. A generation of Jews will grow up hating Palestinians because of this war. And, so sadly, two peoples that need peace, will never find peace, short of a miracle.



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