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Make America ?????? Again.


By Hope MartinPublished about a month ago 14 min read
Make America ?????? Again.
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I am upset.

I avoid the news for a reason. It gives me anxiety. Or I get mad. Or I get sad. And then I have a very very hard time shaking that feeling. I'm on anxiety regulators for a reason. So unlike the rest of America, I do NOT start my day with the morning news. I start it with coffee, my kids, more coffee, some cleaning, more coffee, some singing with the birds like Snow White, more coffee, and then... yeah. More coffee.

My Phone Decided To Choose Violence This Morning.

Every once in a blue moon, my phone, the damn traitor who KNOWS thanks to its AI technology and its big brother eavesdropping abilities, will make my morning interesting by giving me a headline from the stupid CNN news app I never open.

I hastily tapped the notification of Headline (which I didn't even bother reading all the way) that had the words "2024 presidency" and "Trump" in the same sentence. And so it was this morning, that I read that Trump is officially the only republican presidential candidate.

I hear all of you saying: "Where have you been? Under a rock? We've known that for weeks!"

No. I've been on top of my mountain in my holler happily avoiding other humans and the news. For this very reason. I am now so stressed that I can't let this go without writing a WHOLE damn article about it.

Why am I so stressed? Why am I freaking out? Why am I so angry that I am shaking and biting my tongue so hard that I am bleeding?

Because the monster that started the train on eliminating women's rights is now a presidential candidate - again - and if I know America and its greed and stupidity... he will win.

It's not even just the fact that this is the bigot sexual predator that treats women like property and trash, but this monster has a Charisma of 19 with a modifier of +9 to his dice rolls, and no matter what kind of trash comes out of his mouth, people bleat and baa and fall at his feet. He can literally be recorded and put on the news saying: "Grab them by the pussy. They love that," and all of the drunken inbred rednecks in our nation are holding up their beers and yelling "HELLLLLLL YEH!" (I say this as someone who lives in very rural East Tennessee and I don't know how city folk who support this absolute tool cheer to him).

He can buy whoever and whatever he wants. Never mind the fact that he has 91 counts of felony charges he's facing for FRAUD and LARCENY... he's also committed TREASON against our country by inciting the riot at the White House, and allowing Government secrets and property to be stolen.

OH and the government secrets he stole from the white house, and kept in the BATHROOM of his gaudy mansion. That he SHOWED a reporter. He has sucked the sphincter holes to the dictators of the world who throw test bombs over other countries just for the fun of making people scared. Instead of being a man and standing up to them, he leaned over and kissed their asses and became their friend. This evil monster just recognized his people and said: "Hey! I gotta make friends with demons like me. And convince the idiots of this country that I am doing it for our 'safety.'"

I guess America will let any trash be president - so long as they are not an immigrant.

I remember when Obama was accused of not being a citizen of the United States. There was a GIANT uproar, over the (I believe, false) accusation that Barack was not an American Born Citizen.

But... it's okay for a criminal who has been charged with sexual assault, slander, committed treason, and has 91 counts of fraud and embezzlement and who train-wrecked our damn country the first time around in his presidency to be... allowed to run again?

By Bruno Figueiredo on Unsplash

America. What in the ACTUAL F**K are we DOING?

Let's break down what Trump is planning for his presidency, so I can explain why I am stressed, and possibly planning to apply for refugee status to Canada or Europe if he wins. AP News reports on several steps of his plan, and what he has elaborated on what that means.

Trump has pledged to “immediately stop the invasion of our southern border” and end illegal immigration.

As part of that plan, he says he would immediately direct U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement to undertake the largest domestic deportation operation in American history. He would target people who are legally living in the United States but harbor “jihadist sympathies” and revoke the student visas of those who espouse anti-American and antisemitic views.

NBC News seconds this claim, along with more words from the former president of:

“I banned refugees from Syria, I banned refugees from Somalia — very dangerous places — and from all of the most dangerous places all over the world, I banned them,” Trump said at an Iowa rally in October. “In my second term, we’re going to expand each and every one of those bans,”

I don't know about any other intelligent, sane person, but this doesn't read as: Make America Great Again.

By Alex Haney on Unsplash

To me, this reads as "Make America Racist Again."

I am going to say this: illegal migrants have been a major issue for America for decades.

El Paso last year, we couldn't even go downtown when we visited because there were so many illegals waiting to be deported back it was considered a 'safety and health hazard.' It's an issue, and it probably always will be. But Trump's hard-line racist appeals don't help. There are all kinds of solutions we could offer to stop the problem, but the wall was just an easy solution to manipulate ignorant racists into supporting him.

People do not come to America for the 'freedom' or the 'opportunity' anymore. People come here illegally because Americans don't want to pay Americans fair wages. They would rather offer money to illegals who are just trying to desperately make enough money to buy protection for their families back home from the cartels that blow children's heads off in front of them if they can't pay their weekly protection.

Let me just make everyone understand: They don't come here because America is 'great'... they come here because they are trying not to be murdered by the people in their own countries.

The syndicate of criminals running our government can't just shoot up entire families out in the open here like they can in other countries. So they come here because greedy Americans offer money to them for jobs that lazy Americans think they are too good for.

They aren't coming here because America is 'the land of milk and honey and freedom.' They are coming here because they don't want their heads blown off for just existing in a space with a bunch of drug lords or religious terrorists.

In no way am I saying that this doesn't negatively impact our country. But I just want you guys to understand that racism isn't needed. I fully support of people coming to America the right way, the legal way. But Trump would have you believe these people have malice in their hearts and they just want to take our jobs and our country. He would have us HATE others, and he's trying to continue to instill extreme views.

He would have us believe that all Muslims who do not 'appropriate the American way' are extremist terrorists. He would rather sow hatred and racism, as a way to isolate America and keep the active hate alive. I mean, this is the man who created camps for illegal immigrants to be imprisoned in, and children and women were being raped by American guards and torn from each other cruelly... but whatever.

He's Trump, so it's totally okay. The fact that these people were illegal made it okay to torture them like Nazis did the Jews. Letting them live in excrement and starve to death. I mean, he's best friends with Putin, so why not just become the new freaking Russia?

Hate breeds profits, so it makes sense why an 'intelligent' (said with as much malice and sarcasm as possible) 'businessman' who 'self-started' with a 'small loan of a million dollars from his daddy,' with 91 counts of fraud would propagate it.

It simply isn't true, and he's using the ignorance of our people to manipulate us.

By Marco Zuppone on Unsplash

Trump wants to 'eradicate crime.'

Oh! COOL! How we gonna do this Mayor of Willy Wonka's Factory?!

Oh, by America The New North Korea!

“One of the things I’ll do — you’re supposed to not be involved in that, you just have to be asked by the governor or the mayor to come in — the next time, I’m not waiting,” Trump said.

There has traditionally been a bright dividing line between the military and domestic law enforcement. But figures on the right have argued for a more aggressive use of the Insurrection Act by Trump to deploy the military domestically during a second term.

Trump has also upped his harsh rhetoric on crime: For certain low-level crimes, Trump has suggested the punishment of death.

“Very simply, if you rob a store, you can fully expect to be shot as you are leaving that store, shot,” Trump said to a rowdy California GOP convention crowd in September.

You have been talking to little Kim Juno Uno a little too much Trump.

You're a president, not a king or emperor. YOU CAN'T JUST DO WHATEVER YOU WANT.

That's the point of AMERICA. The whole freaking FOUNDATION you slimy testicle wart!

Trump also routinely insists that the death penalty should be instituted for drug dealers, depending on the severity of their offenses.

I am going to admit an unpopular opinion. I support the death penalty. But not on drug dealers. Rapists, of all sorts. Child murderers (like real child murderers, not women who had abortions before 4 months because of pregnancy complications), Elderly Abusers. People who torture animals (because I like animals better than people). And murderers. Politicians who are part of the infant-eating Illuminati. Human traffickers... you get the idea. Truly, evil, terrible human beings who hurt people for the fun and the money.

Sure. They deserve to die. But...

Drug dealers don't make the cut for the death penalty. And excuse me, dear government. We have different ideas of what 'drugs' are. Because you have Marijuana at the same level as heroin. And until y'all demonstrate a little more intelligence on that matter, you're a fucking joke. There, I said it.

How about working on the corrupt people who enable addiction legally through the medical field? There are doctors out there who are legally drug pimps and drug lords - prescribing medicines like legal heroin and pharmaceutical grade meth to people they know are selling it because they are getting illegal money cuts out of the prescriptions being dealt out.

I appreciate the thought of lowering crime - but making a strong arm out of it isn't going to work. Most crime is committed by the lower class and the poor.

That's going to sow more discord, hate, and fear. And things go very very wrong for governments in a country full of scared people who have the legal freedom to obtain military-grade weapons off the street. I can already see riots in the street, burning buildings, and military shooting civilians in the street, and people shooting back.

We don't need a military state. We need more resources for Americans such as real drug rehabilitation programs, more affordable healthcare options, and more jobs.

That alone would reduce crime drastically. It's so stupidly simple, but it's like fucking rocket science for this country. Healthy, happy communities have low crime rate. It's proven by Iceland, Denmark, Ireland, New Zealand... well you get the point.

The United States ranked 129th in the Global Peace Ranking for 2022. The United States' ranking has fallen every year since 2016, a drop usually attributed to a decrease in life satisfaction, rising political division, and an increasing wealth gap.

But... Trump would have you believe that our crime is being committed by minorities - specifically migrants.

Do you want to know why MOST illegal immigrants don't commit crimes or get themselves hurt? Because they don't want to be caught and deported.

Fucking. Rocket. Science. Right?

By Alexander Grey on Unsplash

Let's Talk Some More About Trump's Racism And Bigotry.

Trump says he will ask Congress to pass a bill establishing that “only two genders,” as determined at birth, are recognized by the United States.

As part of his crackdown on gender-affirming care, he will declare that hospitals and health care providers that offer transitional hormones or surgery no longer meet federal health and safety standards and will be blocked from receiving federal funds, including Medicaid and Medicare dollars.

He would push Congress to prohibit hormonal or surgical intervention for transgender minors in all 50 states.

Now listen. I have a very strong opinion of the LGBQT+ community, and that is: "If they treat me with respect then I treat them with respect because they are human beings and deserve to be treated with kindness, and quite frankly it's none of my damn business what or who they do in their personal lives - so long as they are happy, healthy and not hurting anyone."

This right here is just another example of how Trump wants to keep Americans at war with each other.

You don't have to like gays or transgenders. You don't have to like women. You can have opinions - no matter how shitty they are. But this is an outright attack on our rights as Americans and as human beings. And while I agree we can't have ALLLLLL of the LGBQ+ identity options for legal things (because - even I'll admit as a supporter - there seems to be an excessive amount of additions to the identity thing ) we can have an "other" option.

Just because you may be homophobic or closed-minded doesn't mean you have the right to take away another human being's identity. And you can't take away their right to be in love with another human!

This is like going back to the fucking dark ages! First, he starts a war on women, and lines up the perfect execution team to overthrow Roe Vs. Wade, and take away our rights to our bodies and our privacy, demolishing the purpose of HIPPA laws, and NOW he wants to start a war on a whole collective of our population.

"Death row for drug dealers - next up the Gays! We will just make an American version of the Holocaust! It'll make America Great Again!"

Pure adlib, but I can imagine the little orange Cheeto's spokesman saying trash like this. I can imagine the American Gay Trials, where transgenders are being burned at the stake with this clown in charge.

Gay marriages were already canceled. Which is bullshit. I don't understand why the Government thinks they should control who gets to marry one who? What is Trump going to do next? He wants to bring back asylums? For who exactly? The mentally deranged? Or our LGBQT+ community?

I am shaking in rage as I type this. How dare you, you little, sad, pathetic, SHOULD HAVE BEEN SWALLOWED BY YOUR MOMMA ON THE NIGHT OF YOUR CONCEPTION, oompa loompa, narcissistic, God Complex, SOCIOPATHIC PSCHOTIC YARD GNOME... think you have the RIGHT to take away ANYONE'S identity? You would go so FAR as to defund hospitals that SAVE PEOPLE'S LIVES to fulfill your NEED for control and to hurt?


Trump should be identifying as SATAN. That's what I think.

By Nsey Benajah on Unsplash

*Brief meditation break to regain my composure.*

This article is getting long, so I'm going to just... highlight the next few evils of this man.

Next: Trump Wants To Profit Off The Destruction Of The Earth.

I'm all for lowering energy costs. But not at the expense I have to move to Mars because of global warming. Because only Bill Gates and Trump can afford to move to Mars people. Climate change needs to be addressed, and Trump wants to focus on taking us back to the industrial age.

I'll admit, that electric may not be the entirely correct answer - but going backward is not the answer either. The only thing keeping our rich fucks from progressing to a better, more naturally sustaining future is the dip in profits they would experience before things got better.

The love of money is the root of all evil.

His ideas for Education....

I do not EVER want anyone as STUPID as Trump... EVER being in charge of ANYONE'S education.

He has said he would cut funding for any school that has a vaccine or mask mandate and will promote prayer in public schools.


Trump also wants a say in school curricula, vowing to fight for “patriotic education.” He says that under his administration, schools will “teach students to love their country, not to hate their country like they’re taught right now” and will promote “the nuclear family” including “the roles of mothers and fathers” and the “things that make men and women different and unique.”

To protect students, he says he will support school districts that allow trained teachers to carry concealed weapons. He would provide federal funding so schools can hire veterans, retired police officers, and other trained gun owners as armed school guards.

"Patriotic education" should be renamed as "selective lies to brainwash our children and turn them into sheep."

"Teach students to love their country and not hate it... like they are taught now."

I mean... the public schools are already telling bald-face lies in history classes and telling children that the Indigenous people of America 'gave the white people their land because they were nice,' what more do you want? Oh, right. You want to be Putin or Kim Jung Uno or whatever his name is. You are in America... we are a democracy. NOT a dictatorship, Delusional Overlord Supreme Cheeto Man.

He doesn't want education. He wants indoctrination institutions.

And oh, hey, Murica. Schools wouldn't need to hire armed guards if our government would get it's shit together and make a Federal Law on Gun Control that made it a lot harder for people to just be able to walk into a gun store and buy a semi-automatic assault rifle.

I know. I know. I hear all the Trumpians screeching about their rights to bear arms, and blah blah blah. Listen. I'm going to hurt some peoples feelings right now and I'm going to enjoy it.

If women don't get the right to choose what is best for their bodies...

If people don't get the right to identify with who they are...

Then you don't have the right to bitch about your right to bear arms. Quite frankly you can take your right to bear arms and use it to shoot yourself in the foot. You don't get to say 'certain people have rights but others don't."

That's not how this works, bitch.

There is no need for ANY civilian to have access to automatic or semi-automatic assault weapons. The right to bear arms was created so the American people were allowed to have them, to protect our homes from a corrupt police force or government, intruders that would do us harm, and to provide food for our family when we couldn't just go buy our dead animals from the stories.

I have guns. But I don't have semi-assault weapons.

We wouldn't need to hire armed guards for our schools, if we made it harder to acquire weapons that can massacre tons of people in seconds.

But Trump lovers really do not and will not intelligently talk about that.

If I write any more - no one will ever read this article to completion. So, I'm going to reign it in here.

I just needed to process this. It took me down a rabbit hole. And now you all know what I think. Not that you care.

I'm just saying America...things are looking bad for us.

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