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Liz Truss: The Wannabe Mrs Thatcher

Liz Truss: Blonde Ambition.

By Nicholas BishopPublished 2 years ago 2 min read

When the 'Partygate' scandal became known to the media it seemed Boris had tripped himself up yet again. During the lockdown period of 2020 Boris is alleged to have attended gatherings at 10 Downing Street. At some of these gatherings in the Downing Street garden there was booze present. When questioned by Sir Keir Starmer Boris said he did not even know he was at a party.

Many in the media and the public at large were outraged. Boris had spent time broadcasting from 10 Downing Street telling the public to stay in. It appears that he may have broken lockdown rules attending these parties.

Boris is currently under investigation by the Met Police for breaking said lockdown rules. Whether the police decide to charge Mr Johnson could decide the rest of his time as Prime Minister.

Many including Sir Keir Starmer were demanding for Boris to step down. Of course he hasn't as yet and may survive this political turbulance. It is not without good reason he is known as the 'Teflon Prime Minister'.

The thought that Boris might be removed from office had 'wannabe' leadership replacements coming out of the woodwork. Chancellor Rishi Sunak seemed to have a ready made campaign as the natural and more reliable successor to Mr Johnson. Tom Tugendhat, a backbench MP and former soldier, also hinted he was ready to lead the Conservatives.

One candidate who seems to have a penchant for Maragaret Thatcher is Foreign Minister, Liz Truss. Liz Truss never misses a photo opportunity. For example, when she was in Moscow, she wore a fur coat and hat just like the 'Iron Lady' did when she visited Gorbachev.

There is a famous picture of Mrs Thatcher riding a tank. Liz Truss emulated this knowing people would compare it to Margaret Thatcher. These days many politicians either want to be or are compared to past politicians. For example, it has not gone unnoticed that President Macron bears a resemblance to Napoleon. No doubt, with the up coming French general election, Macron, will use this to his advantage. Boris Johnson likes to think he is another Churchill. Some compared Trump to Reagan. Others say there is passing similarity between Putin and Julius Caesar.

Liz Truss is actuely aware of how fashion trends come and go. Ms. Truss wore a pair of baggy pants similar to a famous David Bowie photo from the 70s. Perhaps trying to attract the alternative crowd showing there is more to her than being a politician.

Ideologically some would characterize Ms. Truss as on the right. However, she was a Remainer, preferring the UK to stay in the European Union. She is against 'Woke' politics and all that it stands for. When it comes to economics and trade Ms. Truss is somewhat of a libertarian. Ms. Truss is married to Hugh O'Leary and the couple have two duaghters.

Liz Truss was born in Oxford where her Father was an Oxford Professor. Her Mother was a teacher, a nurse, and a member of 'The Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament'. Ms. Truss said her parents were left of centre and Labour party supporters. Its ironic that Liz Truss opted to become a Conservative MP.

Liz Truss was elected to the House of Commons on 6 May 2010. Liz Truss has held down different jobs in the cabinet under current Prime Minister, Boris Johnson.

Whether Liz Truss does become leader of the Conservative party and eventually Prime Minister time will tell.


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