How Other Countries Do Healthcare

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Such as Spain

How Other Countries Do Healthcare

You have to wonder why the United States doesn’t do free healthcare for all, how much they wring and gnash their hands at the prospect of universal healthcare. This idea is outright offensive to capitalist pigs in charge of our country right now. In Spain, according to NPR interviews, “most taxpayers don’t mind paying for it.” America is backwards. Why on earth does it not want to pay for healthcare? Yes we are capitalist, yes we want the best money can buy, and other money clichés. In Spain, the option of privately run clinics exists but you have to pay more for this type of care over the public health care system.

Spain has small villages with primary care facilities dotting the landscape while in the United States, we suffer from lack of medical clinics in some rural areas. You could say the entire health care system on this planet needs to be worked on since some interviewed for NPR say that “physicians are underpaid and overworked.” You see, I believe that everybody on this planet should get healthcare for free. It is ridiculous to have a system where everybody has to pay for it no matter what happens or the large hospital bill that comes spooks you into paying up.

In Spain, there are three organizational levels, Central or the Ministry of Health, that oversees the government ”issuing [of] health proposals, while planning and implementing government health outlines,” such as the reduction of illegal drug use (Health Management). Each of Spain’s 17 Autonomous Communities is made responsible for offering a healthcare infrastructure. Local “areas de salud” have become responsible for managing the health care services at the level of the Autonomous Community. The Inter-territorial Board of the National Health System is responsible for the coordination of public health organizations, which sponsor healthcare facilities full of primary care physicians, pediatricians, nurses, and administrative staff. Private health insurance is used to avoid long waiting lists. The National Healthcare system has an abundance of both private and public hospitals. Events of heart disease are lowest in Spain but Spain is the highest in skin cancer since people worship the sun every summer. As you can see, Spain has a universal health care system. This makes the United States look ridiculous but even a universal health care system has flaws in the end.

The Spanish healthcare system is considered one of the best in the world or seventh in the World Health Organization. The public sector is the main source of health funding, as in funding comes from their taxes, which they are willing to pay. This shows that we Americans have a selfishness problem when it comes to helping our fellow man. Rich people do not want to pay more taxes, and Republicans are into tax cuts for the super-wealthy. Doctors in Spain do not issue prescriptions, but rather the pharmacy does (Wikipedia). Yes, we can all whine about how great other people have it in other countries or we can set out to implement widespread changes to our system. Why are capitalists stereotyped as greedy and selfish? Because they are. They live for their greed.

That is the problem with American society. Rich people or rich person wannabes are hoarding their wealth. Forget about helping other people. They don’t want to. SSI comes out of our own income. By the way, some disabled people have had a job before getting SSDI in addition to SSI. I only qualified for SSI and not anything else. Healthcare is tied to your job in the United States but the Affordable Care Act, however controversial, changed the pre-existing condition situation. So you see, we have some growing to do all over the world, as a species, not just in the United States since flawed national health care systems are everywhere.

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