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Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad, Hamas, Hold Meeting.

Meeting Took Place of 'Axis of Resistance'.

By Nicholas BishopPublished 8 months ago 3 min read
Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad, Hamas, Hold Meeting.
Photo by Charbel Karam on Unsplash

Hezbollah has held off from joining the war against Israel. Yes, Israel and Hezbollah, have exchanged shots over the border. However, the scene in the north of Israel remains tense. It is probably at its tensest, since Israel and Hezbollah, fought a 34-day war in 2006. Both sides fought each other to a standstill. Although, some pundits, think that Hezbollah gave Israel a bloody nose. The first time that a Muslim adversary had gone toe-to-toe with Israel and achieved something resembling a victory. Massive damage, however, was done to Lebanon, and many people lost their lives, not just Hezbollah fighters. Israel too, had damage inflicted upon it, with loss of life too.

As Israel pounds Gaza into dust, Hasan Nasrallah, Leader of Hezbollah, Hamas, and Islamic Jihad had a meeting in Lebanon. The meeting was called the meeting of the 'Axis of Resistance'. The meeting was held to discuss how these groups should deal with Israel.

However, Hezbollah seems to have been sending out contradicting signals. On one hand, it says will enter the war full tilt, if Israel invades Gaza. On the other hand, it says, it does not want to escalate fighting. However, Israel and Lebanon, have been evacuating their populations in case, war starts. Israel has moved people from the north of its territory. While Lebanon has been moving its population out of the south of Lebanon.

Israel has killed 41 Hezbollah fighters and launched airstrikes on Hezbollah targets. Hezbollah said it had destroyed an Israeli tank. Again, as with the Hamas - Israeli war both sides put propaganda out. Propaganda seeks to downgrade the achievements of the enemy. And 'big-up' the achievements of the home side. Ever since humans have fought wars, this has been the case.

Only those Israelis who were killed and kidnapped in the kibbutz and music fest realize what it was like to face Hamas brutality. Only those Gazans on the ground know what it is like to be bombed to death by Israel. We can all be supporters of one side or the other, we can all give our opinions miles away. When you are not directly in the hub of the violence we can all say and think what we like.

Both Israel and Hezbollah may not want to escalate any conflict on the northern border. The last clash between the two sides, in 2006, was bad enough. This time both Israeli and Hezbollah weapons are far more deadly, accurate and all-encompassing. Any full-scale war between the two sides would this time, be utterly devastating. Understandable then, that neither side, would want a re-match, of the 2006 war.

Israel right now, is more concerned, with dealing with Hamas. It does not want a conflict on its northern border. That would mean Netanyahu's forces would be split. Maybe, that is Hezbollah's strategy to divide, Israel's forces. So, not only will it have to deal with Hamas but with any threat from Hezbollah to the north. Whether Israel can fight a full-scale war against Hamas and fight Hezbollah at the same time is best known to Israel itself. Israel was dealing with internal problems because of Netanyahu's alleged corruption and far-right government. The Hamas attack has united the nation like nothing else has. However, once this conflict is over, (if ever) Israeli politics will come apart again. Demanding a general election or the removal/resignation of Benjamin Netanyahu.

Hezbollah has lost popularity in the Muslim world since 2006. It has suffered losses in Syria trying to prop up the regime of Bashar Al-Assad. Lebanon has suffered economically and the last thing it wants is a war with Israel. Hezbollah's popularity in Lebanon is not what it was.

So, Hezbollah may have to think carefully before committing itself to a full-scale war with Israel.


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