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Heaven for Starmer, Hell for Sunak.

New Poll Shows Labour Romping Home in General Election.

By Nicholas BishopPublished about a month ago 3 min read
Labour Leader: Sir Keir Starmer.

A new poll unveiled by 'MRP Mega Poll' has revealed that in the coming general election, Labour will have a 154-seat majority up on January's prediction of getting 120 seats. This will be a cause for celebration in Labour ranks. However, despite poll after poll showing Labour way out in front, Sir Keir Starmer has warned His party not to be complacent. There still might be that chance that (God forbid) the Tories can turn their fortunes around. After all, as Maggie Thatcher said, "The only poll that matters is the general election".

While this poll will be good news for Labour, it will have the opposite effect for the Tories. Sunak His reputation already in the bin will be made worse by these findings. Many Tories are calling for Sunak to be ousted and a new leader installed. These voices will grow even louder now and more anti-Sunak Tories will join their ranks. However, Sunak loyalists will be holding their nerve and telling everyone to stay the course with Sunak. They reason that changing leadership would be political suicide this near to a general election. But then keeping Sunak could be political suicide too. So the Tories are damned if they do and damned if they don't.

Sir Keir is correct in holding a steely determination to not be complacent over polls. At the same time, Sir Keir and His cohorts will be doing everything they can to rip apart Sunak's administration. Picking apart everything the government do or says. Like holding Sunak to account over His 5 pledges. Like getting down NHS waiting lists or stopping the journey of migrants across the channel. The Tories have admitted themselves they have failed in getting down NHS waiting lists. Sunak has yet to come up with a sound policy to stop the boats. Sunak seems to be putting all his eggs in the basket of Rwanda. In other words, if the Rwanda bill passes, it will start deporting illegal migrants to Rwanda. And that, the deterrent of being sent there will make migrants think twice about coming to the UK. However, there is no guarantee that the Rwanda bill will pass or that it will stop people coming here.

Despite their rubbish poll findings, the Conservatives will be looking for ways of attacking Labour. If they see any chinks in Starmer's armour they will regard it as a lifeline thrown to them. Right now, there's not a lot the Tories can hurt Labour with. That could all change, but hopefully, Labour will be aware of this and give the Tories very little to throw at them.

For a long time before and after the Tory landslide victory in 2019, people were still prepared to give the Tories a chance. Now as Bob Dylan famously said 'The Times They Are a Changing". People now are more prepared to give Labour a chance, a shot, about them being the party of government. 14 years of broken Tory promises, cutbacks and other shenanigans have caused this reverse in Tory fortunes. Labour right now are the antidote to the plague of the Tories.

How will parties like Reform or The Workers Party of Britain influence the election? Could they cause an upset at the ballot box? The 'First Past The Post' election system of Britain, only guarantees one of the two parties will be forming the government Conservative or Labour. However, from time to time, upsets do happen. Like the SNP sitting in Westminster thanks to them being the majority party and government (though still under Westminister) of Scotland. Or the Greens have their only MP in Caroline Lucas. The Liberal Democrats sometimes cause an upset in local or by-elections.



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