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Has Labour Lost The Muslim Vote?

Damage Limitation from Labour.

By Nicholas BishopPublished 4 months ago 3 min read

Keir Starmer has said Israel has the right to defend itself. Keir Starmer has a very good relationship with the Jewish community. Mr. Starmer's wife is Jewish and Mr. Starmer attends Friday Night 'Shabat' Dinners. So, Sir Keir will be very pro-Jewish and pro-Israel, so what is wrong with that, one might ask? Well, nothing really, Sir Keir has the right to hold whatever views he wishes!

However, like many political leaders, since Hamas did what it did, on 7 October, Starmer backed Israel's actions in Gaza. Sir Keir even indicated he might support Israel's cutting off food, water, and electricity to Gaza. Later, Mr. Starmer clarified that he supported Israel's right to defend itself but not cut off food, water, and electricity.

The actions of Hamas on 7 October were horrific. Even if you support the Palestinians, you have to concede, that the actions of the Palestinian group were barbaric. Hamas is accused of mass murder, rape, etc. Hamas committed atrocities on that day. A lot of propaganda about what Hamas did or did not do is out there. Israeli propaganda will highlight the barbarism of Hamas - which is understandable. Israel will also make Hamas's actions ten times worse than what they are or even invent things. Hamas was accused of beheading 40 babies which later turned out to be false. Hamas too will make up things that Israel has done or has not done. It's what sides do in war to make themselves angelic and their enemy demonic.

Senior Labour figures admit they have probably lost many Muslim votes. Due to Labour's stance on supporting Israel, many UK Muslims will be turning away from Labour. Indeed, it is rumoured that many in the Muslim community are going around trying to dissuade people from voting for Labour. So who will the Muslim community turn to at a general election? Certainly not the Conservatives that's for sure! A new party formed because of Israel's real/alleged actions in Gaza has formed. That party is called 'Never Forget Gaza'. This party will challenge Labour in its strongholds. Notably, areas in Birmingham where it seeks to unseat Labour MPs.

Labour was asked to call for a ceasefire to end hostilities. However, if Labour had called for a ceasefire they would have been at a disadvantage. For one, Labour is not the government and 2, would Israel listen? Labour is currently in opposition so calling for a ceasefire would not have influenced Sunak's support for Israel. Also, Israel does not listen to world governments calling for a ceasefire let alone opposition parties!

Israel carries on with the war against Hamas. Now Israel appears to be readying itself for a full-scale war with Hezbollah. Rumours abound that there are splits in the Israeli war cabinet. Netanyahu appears at odds with moderate members of his cabinet and also with the more far-right element. Rumours abound that Israel, Hamas, Qatar, Egypt and the US are hammering out a ceasefire. Be that as it may, the US is getting sucked deeper and deeper into this conflict. The US has bombed targets in Syria and Iraq on groups backed by Iran. This after suffering 3 dead soldiers and multiple service people wounded by a drone. The US and UK have yet again bombed Houthi targets in Yemen.

This spreading conflict could be over tomorrow if Israel and Hamas halted their war. Not just halted the war but negotiated peace for Israel and Palestine to live free and in peace. So, until that happens the Middle East will always be the way it has been for 75 years. War then peace and ad infinitum forever and a day.


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Nicholas Bishop

I am a freelance writer currently writing for Blasting News and HubPages. I mainly write about politics. But have and will cover all subjects when the need arises.

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