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Gary Linker: Accused of Prejudice and Racism Over Qatar.

Qatari Head Attacks Lineker.

By Nicholas BishopPublished about a year ago 3 min read
Ex-England Footballer and Sports Presenter: Gary Lineker.

The Qatari World Cup Chief has accused Gary Lineker of being "prejudiced, racist, and orientalist" over Qatar. Hassan Al-Thawadi also blamed Roy Keane and Jurgen Kilnnsman for having the same attitude to Qatar and other Middle East countries.

The former footballers' comments about Qatar were accused of being "elitist" and ignorant of Middle Eastern culture. Mr. Lineker has spoken out about Qatari rules over LGBTQ+ rights and the treatment of foreign workers. Mr. Lineker denies being approached to make such statements.

Mr. Al-Thawadi said, "politics should be left out of sport". The Qatari may have a point. While many football fans are political and support minority rights most want to see football. When teams like England take a knee, there are many fans supportive of such moves. However, others do not want to see gestures on football pitches and just want to see a game of football. Many fans will have forked out a fortune to travel to Qatar to watch the World Cup. They did not pay to see overpaid, hypocritical, footballers do political stunts.

If players want to be involved in politics like Marcus Rashford they should remain off the pitch. Christiano Ronaldo is not everyone's cup of tea but he supports causes but keeps his involvement off the pitch. When ethnic players accuse fans of being racist they have a point to complain of course. However, perhaps it would be better to ignore such comments and let their playing do the talking. The more you entertain negative comments and let them get to you your adversary has won.

Lineker, Keane, and Klinnsman were all good footballers for their day. However, maybe it should be a rule of thumb that the media they work for should ban them from being political. They are paid to be sports presenters, not political commentators. Many fans will be aware of Qatar's harsh rules but will still want to watch a load of overpaid primadonnas kick a bag of wind around. Many fans will not agree with the choice of venue for the 2022 World Cup. So, therefore they will boycott the game by not watching it or not travelling to Qatar.

Sepp Blatter former Head of FIFI said "Perhaps in retrospect, Qatar was a bad choice for holding the World Cup". Of course, it is all about money and putting Qatar on the map as a tourist destination. Qatar and other Middle Eastern nations are a bit like 19th Century Japan. Japan was a very insular society until it was forced by Admiral Perry of the US Navy to open to the West. After that Japan modernised very quickly and I won't bore you with you the rest of it. Similarly, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and the U A E are still insular nations but they are opening up more and more. Certainly, tourism is what they want and they want other things too to put their nations on the map. How far the fundamentalist Islamic clerics will allow this to go will remain to be seen.

In as much as you may disagree with a certain country's rules, it is at the end of the day their country. We all know tyrannical regimes fall and change sometimes for the better comes. The Change also comes for the worst. One would have thought with the West's debacle in Iraq and Afghanistan we had had enough of sticking our noses into Middle East country's affairs. I'm not expecting a Western invasion of Qatar any time soon. However, as much as we may disagree with the awful regimes in power there it is their form of government.



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