Donald Trump: Despicable and Deplorable

by Rich Monetti 2 years ago in trump / activism

President Panders to his Deplorable Base

Donald Trump: Despicable and Deplorable

I’m gonna blow. We have this thing called social media that let’s you sound off whenever something rubs you the wrong way. Hello, Donald Trump. But the election taught me how impulsive posts only elevates anger, alienates without resolving anything and makes Facebook fertile ground for unfriending. So my responses have been to encourage people to get involved rather than seething with each unsettling factoid. But after seven months, I just have to vent.

Donald Trump is an absolute disgrace.

Where do I start? How about with the “Basket of Deplorables?” A terrible thing to say, and this impulse probably cost Hillary Clinton the election.

Instead, her statement should have been more targeted, and signified that there’s a clear element of the Trump base that is deplorable. You know this because of policies that have no other purpose but to fire up those in disrepute.

All Fired Up over Transgender Ban

How better to do that than institute a ban on transgendered personnel in the military? As it stands, there are around 2 million people in the armed forces, and according to a 2016 Rand study, between 1,320–6,630 active members are transgendered.

Do I really need to say anymore? Suddenly, the Deplorables have been awoken to an issue that doesn’t really exist and secures them in the knowledge that this disgusting man has their back.

What’s also problematic is Trump gives validation to issues that have no basis in fact and ensnares decent people into a debate that clouds the issue. So for example, I understand well meaning people questioning the impact of transgendered troops in a combat unit. This especially since it is so foreign to 99% of the population.

But you’re talking .3% of the military and not all of them are in combat. This is simply a solution in search of a problem, and once again, we’re choosing up sides over nothing.

Up a Wall

Believe it or not, Trump has not taken side on immigration - at least in terms of a solution.

The background is the Democrats have had no political incentive to solve the problem. When you had Mitt Romney handing you the election with his self deportation comment, can you blame them?

Of course, they have incentive now. But previously George W. Bush made an attempt, and Donald Trump didn’t miss the implications of its failure. W’s moderate amnesty proposal went down in flames, and it was the Republican constituency that lit the match.

So why take a political risk in search of a pragmatic solution when you can just give them something that feels good. “Build a wall and make Mexico pay for it.”

Just deplorable.

It has no practical application and gives those mired in the racial aspect of the issue a chance to foam at the mouth. On the other hand, I have no idea what the rational Trump supporters are thinking in terms of immigration, and they aren’t expending much grey matter when it comes to Jeff Sessions.

Voter ID Laws and Affirmative Action

The respectable southern gentleman’s push for Voter ID Laws are simply a facade to disenfranchise the poor and people of color. All you need is a little knowledge of history to know that elections are not stolen by having random people voting twice. It’s done by controlling ballet boxes or moving people off the rolls en masse, and that’s the racist agenda of these two despicables.

So why not move on Affirmative Action? Resources are going to be directed toward investigating universities that discriminate against white applicants, according to The New York Times.

Sorry, I don’t see any reason to explore whether this initiative has any justifiable merit. Given Trump’s agenda to satiate his base, why should I?

A recent justice department filing on another hot button issue makes my case for me. Reversing Obama’s support, Sessions is arguing that federal civil rights law does not protect employees from discrimination based on sexual orientation.

Swell. But not to worry, Neanderthals are covered.

However, I will give Trump credit for at least realizing that letting Obamacare implode will hurt too many people. So he’s not entirely the petulant child in chief. There’s also the FoxConn deal coming to Wisconsin, but that might involve a little slight of hand involving taxpayer expense. Time will obviously tell.

Still, kudos for those who had good cause to vote for Trump - especially if this begins an upwards job trend. But you can’t be silent or you deserve to get lumped in with the Deplorables that Trump likes to calls his own.

The venting is over so don't just sit there. Get involved and fight back!

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  • Planned Parenthood
  • ProPublica
  • Sierra Club

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Rich Monetti
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