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Discrepancies from the 2022 Kenya Elections involving the US Government

Just somethings that seem like corruption to someone watching closely

By IwriteMywrongsPublished 3 months ago 5 min read
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William Ruto won the August 2022 Kenya elections, however many doubt he rightfully won. Watching the arena prior to the announcement of the results several fishy actions took place.

First, being his opponent never left his Karen home to meet at the location where the winner of the presidential elections were being announced.

Second, all the white diplomats & guests in the room received texts or phone calls, on the video they can all be seen grabbing their belongings and leaving. Why, did all of them appear to be looking at their phones? Why did they rush to leave? It wasn’t a casual exit by any means.

Screenshot from Facebook Live KTN News

From my phone I screen-recorded the YouTube live video at the arena. Like many in Kenya I watched for over 5 hours, waiting for the results. There were several odd things that took place while watching.

As many know Raila Odinga never left Karen, there were dozens of reporters outside awaiting his exit. Once it became apparent he wasn’t leaving several cars came to his location. Multiple at once. The cameras continued recording the entire time, the cars piled up trying to gain entrance.

Ruto and his entire family were recorded making their drive. They were all photographed and covered by the media. What the media ignored was the white skinned diplomats and audience members leaving. The news announcer did mention that William Ruto’s mother was escorted out.

Screenshot from KTN News YouTube Live Video

Third, You can see that the Kenyan’s in the area were watching the people exiting, again these are screenshots of the video. They all become a bit upset at the amount of people leaving the venue, also being protected by security & other staff on their way out.

The choir is singing and the noise is extremely loud, which caused most people to not focus on the mass exits from the building. At one point the singing became too annoying to myself as I watched. People dancing and listening were probably unaware of the events taking place.

From KTN News YouTube Live Feed

Screenshot from KTN News YouTube Live Video

Everything happened rather quickly, yet with all the police encircled in the center of the floor, they let the opposition onto the stage. They were clearly showing signs of being upset as members seated on the stage raised their hands as to protect their bodies. The police and several military members didn’t move, it was almost like they wanted to wait and let them cause a scene.

Screenshot from NTV News Kenya YouTube Live Video

What you can’t see is that there were dozens of police and uniformed military officers just feet away. There was no way that things should have been thrown from the stage. These events were more bizarre & came with many unanswered questions as to unofficial polling stations. Forms with numbers that didn’t match, or how the Kenyan Supreme Court was able to go through a trunk load of documents in such a short period of time.

How were the able to question people about these unofficial polling stations. It was to quick and William Ruto was declared the winner.

Why was William Ruto invited to the United States for 10 days while he was just a candidate for president?

The media said a list of things that were discussed were the security within Kenya. As well as many other things that you would only discuss with a sitting Kenyan president, not a deputy president that had spent 3 years doing nothing.

Screenshot from Election Day Aug 2022 US Ambassador to Kenya With Election Officials

Why is the United States of America funding an election in an African country? Why can't Kenya pay for their own elections? Why would a foreign western country that so many African hate give money for them to elect their president?

Screenshot from KenyanCo Twitter NO DELETED

from Daily Nations News Twitter Account

Three years ignoring starving Kenyans, 3 years where the Kenyan media even asked why he (DP Ruto) was still in office.

The question no one seems to be asking is did the United States of America have something to do with William Ruto’s win? Why was he invited to the US prior to winning? Why did the US give him money so freely? Twice in less than 2 months in office.

Not only did he get money to feed Kenyans he didn’t feed them, he flagged off food trucks no one saw the food being delivered. No reporters covered the food being given out, plus he sent tons of food to the neighboring Somalia. Recently he sent more food to the DR Congo as well. While starting a fundraiser event for Kenyans to donate money for food.

Screenshot from KTN TV News Kenya Live YouTube

Ruto claimed there was no money in the governments bank less than 93 million shillings. He then went on several trips and has had the state house remodeled. Now one of his MP’s is calling to remove term limits. Charlene Ruto is now all involved she was not seen for years suddenly in November 2022 she wants to play politics.

Jill Biden visited Kenya, then gave them over $100 million USD after her trip. This is after William Ruto used the other millions of dollars NOT feeding Kenyans. He sent food to South Sudan and Somalia but started a fundraiser to feed Kenyans in the drought stricken areas of Kenya.

Kamala Harris is heading to Africa from March 25 until the first week in April 2023, who knows how much money she'll give to other African nations.

Ruto’s behavior is much like that of Donald Trump, nepotism, term limits, a business owner making deals that will help him make more money, using religion to blind citizens. Bullying MP’s to change party affiliations since winning. Already not explaining where money has gone. He also picked a useless, spineless deputy president who is moronic and useless like Mike Pence.

Thank you for reading 🙏🏽 Please consider buying a coffee for Lacey’s House efforts in Gender Equality & Children’s Rights as it tries to move international.

©️TB Obwoge 2022 All Rights Reserved

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