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‘Covid’ operations: Just join the dots

Draconian measures stifling our freedoms

By Steve HarrisonPublished 3 years ago 4 min read
Six degrees of separation: are all these events connected in some way?

So, a global coronavirus pandemic is sweeping the earth and governments far and wide have closed their borders and ordered their populations to stay indoors, causing untold damage to the world’s economic systems.

You’ve got to ask yourself, why? The governments and mainstream media say it’s to protect the healthcare systems, but join up all the dots and that argument really doesn’t stack up, it’s a partial truth at best.

Look under the Covid-19 carpet and a whole lot of people could be sweeping away a hell of a lot of dirt, not to mention positioning themselves to profit when those destroyed economies are kick-started again.

At the start of the year in the midst of a re-election campaign the “Leader of the Free World” was facing impeachment and being disturbingly linked to a tawdry “little scandal” involving one of his “former” best buds, who’d mysteriously committed suicide in his Manhattan prison cell when all the surveillance equipment had amazingly gone down.

The best bud’s alleged “procurer” of under-age amusement has apparently vanished off the face of the earth… hide nor hair of her seen since that suicide in Manhattan.

Those linked to this sordid little affair include presidents, politicians, philanthropists and powerbrokers, not to mention the odd thespian and scientist for good measure.

Conspiracy theories are running rife… and “disturbingly” they seem to make a lot more sense than the draconian measures being wheeled out by politicians around the globe.

What’s the saying? If it looks like shit, smells like shit and feels like shit… then it’s “the man” telling you the gospel truth.

Just before Covid-19 appeared on the scene a “pandemic simulation” was orchestrated in Davos, Switzerland, by a "major philanthropic foundation", around the time a Military World Games was being held near the “source” of the pandemic in China.

Now countries are in lock-down, governments are introducing draconian measures and everyone’s following the herd into self-isolation.

But the strange thing is the pandemic appears to be basically harmless for the vast majority of people, although for those with compromised immunity it can be fatal... as only the worst-case scenarios bring about a deadly respiratory tract infection.

However as the days go by the endless stream of hype and hysteria is burying that truth under a huge pile of propaganda the like of which we've never seen before.

But since we're all being told to avoid contact and stay indoors it would be nice to know how to boost our immune systems to ward off such infections, but nothing seems to be being said about that.

The answer is to get plenty of Vitamin D for one thing, but our major source comes from sunlight and being out in the fresh outdoors where there’s plenty of clean air, away from the smog and smoke of our major cities.

But wait a minute, nobody’s supposed to go outdoors? So, surely the governments are telling us how to keep our immune systems in the best possible shape during such times? Ah no, nothing about how to stay healthy while locked down, just don’t bother the hospitals unless you get really sick.

But being indoors, in artificial light and breathing stale air… well that’s just going to feed any respiratory infections, wouldn’t that exacerbate the problems? No matter, save lives, stay indoors!

Every year tens of thousands die worldwide from respiratory tract infections, in 2020 the “deadly” catalyst is Covid-19. But apparently testing kits can’t tell one coronavirus from another, and you have to be a politician, philanthropist, celebrity or seriously ill to be tested anyway. So nobody knows the real percentages of those infected. Front-line workers are understandably worried… safety equipment is in short supply.

It seems to me resources should be focused on those seriously ill and those looking after them, but our lords and masters want to keep us all locked indoors to bring that about… with the majority of people losing their freedom and livelihoods to try to achieve this.

Oh, and that money that all the governments didn’t have to spend on health, education and social services before the outbreak started, well now they’ve found it. Suddenly they’ve got trillions to spend on useless testing kits and guaranteed “pocket money” for those who’ve been hit by the economic crash…. a catastrophic economic downturn that many financiers had already been predicting way before the corona-chaos came about.

Wake up people, join the dots… it’s time to go outside and smell the roses. Sadly, that’s not something governments allow us to do anymore.

So the next time you venture out for your “meagre” ration of sunlight, head to your local apothecary and stock up on a little Vitamin D, it’ll be far more beneficial for you than all that toilet roll that got piled up in homes around the world when the lock-downs were first announced!


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Steve Harrison

From Covid to the Ukraine... nothing is as it seems in the world. Don't just accept the mainstream brainwashing, open your eyes to the bigger picture at the heart of these staged productions.


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