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Conspiracy Fact
A longing for the truth needn't be stigmatized.

We live in a world that is rapidly changing, and ultimately for the better in spite of popular opinion. A friend of mine called this period in our history "the last stand of darkness," analogizing it to a sort of collective dark night of the soul for humanity as a whole. We are increasingly seeing corruption and treachery for what it is, and calling people out on their devious behavior. Our united demand for a better, more loving world is paramount in undoing the dysfunctional power structure that has kept us in bondage.

What we still see is a sort of cognitive dissonance between the truth, as it is, and what we would like to believe. There are independent researchers who present cogent arguments and verifiable data that challenge the "official narratives" of certain key aspects of our collective experience.

The most poignant example for myself has always been that of 9/11. No event had been more traumatic and life altering until I started exploring the even darker reality behind this event. There is an almost endless body of research and testimonies that exist to challenge the "official story" of what happened on September 11, 2001. I'd like to post a recent article that is also relevant to the current administration which can be found below.

People like myself have often been called "9/11 deniers" and "conspiracy theorists." A lot of the time, these accusations can be justified if there is no real evidence to back up any claims. We can see "fake news" in the mainstream media, and so too we can have "fake news about fake news" in the alternative media as well.

However, when we start to see many independent sources offering corroborating evidence and testimonies, it behooves even the skeptics among us to take a closer look and listen with an open mind. This video compilation of clinical psychologists helps to explain how difficult it is for people to accept that they have been lied to and manipulated by a government that deems it acceptable to kill its own citizens to advance an agenda.

Looking at 9/11, the official story was repeated ad nauseum on the mainstream news and it has taken many insiders and researchers years of work and self-sacrifice to start putting the pieces together for the public. In my own journey of awakening, seeing through an event like September 11th has been a sort of milestone or initiation into a paradigm of critical thinking and increasing open mindedness.

As a 9th grade student, class was interrupted by the news that "America was under attack." The next days and weeks the country and the world at large were bombarded by pictures of Arab terrorists, with the key villain being named as Osama bin Laden and the country of Afghanistan being targeted to defend America from what seemed like an unprovoked attack.

The article below suggests that this official story is actually simply official propaganda. I wanted to offer some initial ideas that helped me delve deeper into the hidden truths of both 9/11 and many other facets of our world as well. Much like Alice in Wonderland, once we start tumbling down the rabbit hole we have to keep going. Something within us yearns to discover reality as it is, as well as realize who we ourselves truly are as conscious spiritual beings.

The sheer difficulty of discerning a more accurate picture of the world we live in can prompt us to become frustrated and simply give up and accept what is conveniently told to us on the news. However, there is a deep spiritual and existential yearning inside us to truly transform ourselves and the society around us. An important aspect of this is to shine light on all corners of darkness, even if what we find is unpleasant. This is the collective healing we need as a human race; we come into the light by facing the darkness within our selves and the world at large.

9/11 Planned in Tel Aviv and Washington

Read the article here.

Michael Thielmann
Michael Thielmann
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