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Migration At All Time High!

By Nicholas BishopPublished 3 months ago 3 min read
Boris and Rishi: Boys Toys!

Boris Johnson writing a column in a well-known newspaper has criticised Sunak over migration figures. Saying under Sunak, migration, "is too high".

In the column, Johnson highlighted the riots in Dublin, blaming, demographic change in Ireland. Highlighting, the election, of Geert Wilders in the Netherlands. Johnson said the election of this controversial Dutchman was because of migration into the Netherlands.

Then Johnson turned to the migration figures in the UK. Johnson, said, these numbers, were "way too big". Johnson suggested that migrants wishing to stay and work in the UK should be charged, 40,000 Pounds, for a visa.

Johnson said, that people in the UK, would also turn against the high migration figures. In 2022, 740,000 people reached the UK. Those figures were higher than in previous years. Sunak has promised to 'stop the boats'. However, since Braverman was sacked, and Cleverly, has taken over, the migration policy is under review. It might be that Sunak is rowing back from the harsher ideas of Suella Braverman. In Suella, Sunak had a Home Secretary whose views chimed with many. Whereas, others, even moderate Tories, thought she went too far in her views. Not just on migration/immigration but describing being homeless as a "lifestyle choice".

Racism should never be, and must not tolerated. However, the UK is facing a torrent of people coming in, according, to some, like nothing in history. As you drive through the major cities of the UK, you realize, how multicultural, we have become. People from every faith, race, nationality, etc, now make the UK, their home. The speed of demographic change in so many years, is indeed, remarkable. Some say, however, that it is frightening how former, Native British areas, have changed.

The UK, even before, the UK was the UK, has always been a place of migration. The Beaker people, Celts, Romans, Saxons, Vikings, Normans, etc. People in later centuries and up to the present have come from, all parts of the world. Immigration, or so they say, is needed, as there are many jobs that Native Brits refuse to do. Hence, you have Africans, Asians, and Eastern Europeans, filling the vacancies.

However, others may have a point, that migrants and immigrants are changing the look and culture of the UK, forever! What was once a homogeneous nation, where everyone looked the same, had the same culture, and largely the same faith is changing. Sure, in the UK, there are the English, Scottish, Welsh, and Northern Irish. However, we are all European, and largely have the same outlook and culture, in some ways. White people are still the largest group in the UK. However, in some areas of the country, like Leicester, Native Brits, have become a minority.

If you look at UK adverts, you would think, black people, were the majority population. In reality, however, blacks and other groups, are roughly 3 -4 % of the population. Of course, people from different ethnicities, in modern Britain must be represented. As in movies, TV, social media, etc. They live here, pay their taxes, have families, worship, whatever. So it is only right and proper they should be shown and represented across all areas of life. However, since the death of George Floyd, it seems TV, cinema, and social media, are falling over themselves, to over-represent minorities.

Johnson, Farage, etc, all said Brexit, would end migration. We would have control of our borders. Well, that clearly has not happened, big time! If anything with the number of people coming here, Farage, Johnson, etc, now look rather ridiculous. That's if, they were ever serious, in the first place.

Will illegal migration, be an issue, in the general election that is coming? Labour will attack the chaotic jumble of the Tory's immigration/migration policies. The Conservatives will say, under Labour, the situation then, will be worse, than it is now. And so, it will go on, forever.


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Nicholas Bishop

I am a freelance writer currently writing for Blasting News and HubPages. I mainly write about politics. But have and will cover all subjects when the need arises.

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