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Cancel Culture

by Lawrence Edward Hinchee 7 months ago in controversies

Why it is bothersome

Copyrighted used as an example.

Why is the cancel culture so scary? The first amendment allows for freedom of speech and religion. The first amendment guarantees you the right to have an opinion, even if it differs from others. Now, the cancel culture wants to do away with it. The first amendment is backed up by the second amendment which allows you to keep and bear arms, which shall not be infringed. Again, what part of shall not be infringed do politicians and the gun grabbers not understand.

Why am I worried about cancel culture? First, it doesn't allow for differing view points. It doesn't expose our citizens to open and honest debate. Either you agree with me or you are a racist, xenophobe etc. But what have we canceled this year? A cartoon about an elephant with big ears, the Aristocrats, Swiss Family Robinson. They also pulled a movie where an African American woman was the first to win an academy award because of slavery references. We canceled Pepe Lepew because they said he glorifies the rape culture. Really? If you can't distinguish the difference then something is wrong. They pulled Laura Ingalls Wilder's name from her scholarship because of how she described the Native Americans. To kill a mockingbird, adventures of huck finn, tom sawyer, etc have been either pulled or banned by schools. Dr. Seuss cancelled six of their books because of defamatory references. Really, these are cartoon books for children to help them read. Why are people so triggered? Why are we so sensitive that statues, books, etc is offensive to everyone? Kamala Harris our current Vice President, believes that every statue of our founders and General Grant needs to be removed. Where did this attitude and culture originate? Where else in our public schools.

People that read this will ask what is this guys problem. All of these need to be cancelled or removed. My issue and concerns come from I have grandchildren and will have great-grandchildren. What will their future hold? What type of legacy are we leaving them? I know I keep making reference to Nazi Germany, or perhaps Communist Russia where no expression of differing views are or were allowed. My fear is that America is heading down the same path as these countries. In my blog about gun control and now a restriction on the first amendment, it doesn't take a genius to figure out that my fears will be recognized. Our founding fathers wrote the constitution for a reason, it was a contract between the government and it's citizens.

I say that those who are extremely sensitive to every issue and can't handle differing view points then they shouldn't read or watch materials that triggers their sensitivity. As for Dumbo, my six year old grandson, can't watch it unless his older sisters use their accounts to allow him to watch it. Is this the future we want for generations to come? Look at Germany in the 1930's. Germany paid for their decision to follow a sociopath into war and for their cancel culture of nearly an entire race.

Pretty soon the only though process allowed will be the ones that align with the political elite, something our founding fathers were afraid of happening; the reason for leaving the old world behind. The reason why so many people come to this country to leave oppressive regimes, or because they are political enemies and need another country to become a citizen. That was the founding principles of the United States. So how boring will conversations be if everyone has the same ideology? You need to have a spirited debate. That is why we have different political parties in this country. I don't agree with everything that Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity says but I still listen to their dialogue. I tried to listen to Rachel Maddow and she has had some good topics on her show, but personally I can't stand her politics. I may not agree with your point of view but you are entitled to it. That is the beauty of the first amendment.

Why has America and the rest of the world become so sensitized? As a gay man, I don't agree with everything the LGBTQ community says or does. I am also a conservative, which doesn't align with the community politically. But I am still accepted and loved, despite my differing opinions. This is the way it should be instead of cancelling everything we disagree with. My boyfriend and I don't always agree, here is a hint neither do straight couples. Most disagreements in a marriage are over children and finances and now a days, people would rather divorce than work it out. Like I said, at age sixty I am trying to figure out how the hell we ended up like this. Like I said, I am worried for my grandchildren, great grandchildren, nieces, nephews etc and our younger generation in particular. Heaven forbid if we cancel the Constitution then we are in trouble.


Lawrence Edward Hinchee

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Lawrence Edward Hinchee

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