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Cameron and Blinken: Still Selling Arms to Israel.

Meanwhile, Netanyahu Still Talking About Rafah Onslaught.

By Nicholas BishopPublished 2 months ago 3 min read
Foreign Secretary David Cameron and Secretary of State Antony Blinken.

As Antony Blinken and David Cameron stood fielding questions Netanyahu was still on about going into Rafah. Netanyahu announced there was a date for the operation to go ahead, however, Mr. Blinken said no such date had been communicated by Israel to the US.

David Cameron or the rather pompously titled Lord Cameron these days was in Washington to galvanise the US into supporting an aid package for Ukraine. David Cameron was asked if the UK would still sell arms to Israel after the destruction of a 'World Central Kitchen' convoy in Gaza. The IDF attacked the convoy leaving it a smouldering wreckage. 7 aid workers were dead and 3 of them were British. There was talk of suspending or banning arms sales to Israel over this. Israeli Ambassador to the UK was summoned and given a slap on the wrists that was it. Cameron was talking tough on Israel after the attack, however, Cameron dashed hopes now of any arms ban or suspension. David Cameron said after taking sound legal advice the UK government will continue selling arms to the Netanyahu regime.

Many, however, will not be surprised that the UK will continue along with other Western governments to continue selling arms to Israel. Israel remains an ally of both countries. Despite what Netanyahu has done to Gaza for what Hamas did to Israel, there will be no arms suspensions or bans from the UK/US. The West it seems will never give up on Israel, why I could speculate, but I won't.

Arms sales to Israel are worth millions to the UK alone. In 2022 for example, the UK sold £42 million in arms to Israel. Of course, Israel is no exception to the rule. Saudi Arabia is sold tons of weapons by the UK and the US. It bombed the hell out of Yemen when fighting the Iran-backed Houthis. However, the Houthis came out of it relatively well, during the war, even sending drones and missiles into Saudi Arabia.

The Houthis are now engaged in attacking ships bound for or related to Israel in The Red Sea and Indian Ocean, in support of Gaza. The US and UK have bombed Yemen in retaliation like Saudi before them. However, these attacks by the Allies have not stopped the Houthis in their operations against shipping.

Asked whether the government would publish the legal advice about selling arms to Israel Mr. Cameron said the UK does not publish advice. Sir Keir Starmer has called on the government to publish the advice. Although, he stopped short in calling for an arms embargo on Israel. Many have criticised Labour for this, however, if Starmer did call for an arms suspension/band, who would listen? For now, Sir Keir is the Leader of the Opposition and not in government. This limits his power as opposed to if he was the Prime Minister. Probably Mr. Starmer will be Prime Minister if he wins the general election.

Israel for its part has buckled after the US and the UK had words over the killing of the aid workers. It is now allowing more aid trucks in and the UK took part in a massive airdrop of aid into Gaza. Israel has also pulled back many troops from Khan Younis in Gaza. Some suggested it is a defeat because Hamas is still operating despite a rain of hell from the IDF on Gaza from land, sea, and air. Others have said it is to rest IDF soldiers as they have been in Gaza for a long time in combat. Also, these soldiers might be being rested for an attack on Rafah. A token force of Israeli forces remains in Gaza. Many Gazans have drifted back to Khan Younis but nothing is left there after fierce fighting.

David Cameron did add one caveat, however, at the news conference. David Cameron said the UK still has "grave concerns" about Israeli forces in Gaza.



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