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Boris The Clown: Could Come Back!

So Says Wishy-Washy-Rishi!

By Nicholas BishopPublished 17 days ago 3 min read
Someone Dressed as Boris The Clown.

Rishi Sunak said something to news outlets that no one would have thought possible. Asked if Mr. Sunak spoke to Boris, the Prime Minister admitted: "On occasion" and he could come back!

Surprising that the internet has not exploded with Rishi's revelation. Why would Sunak want to bring back such a toxic man who divides opinion? After all the bitterness that erupted between them!

Is Sunak desperate to up his fortunes in the polls? Does he think that bringing back Boris will close the 20 points gap between himself and Sir Keir? It's possible over time, the fires that burnt bright between Sunak and Boris have cooled. Cooled to the point where they are talking again.

How would Sunak even bring back Boris? Well taking a leaf out of David Cameron's book, he could bring Boris back by making him a Lord in the House of Lords. David Cameron right now, as Foreign Secretary is not an MP. However, because Sunak made him a Lord he can now act as a Foreign Secretary. First of all, there would have to be a vacancy in Sunak's cabinet to bring his old boss back (Boris). So will we see the return of the clown between now and the general election? Well as they say "Watch this space"!

ITV asked Sunak about his relationship with Boris before it all went wrong. Rishi replied, "I'm proud of the work that we did together. And we worked well together. Of course there were differences".

Sunak was asked about the plots against him and described them as "Minuscule". Sunak is either playing down the divisions within the Conservative Party or the divisions are not as great as the media points out. "I don't think that the country votes for divided parties. The vast majority of our party is united" Sunak stated.

Asked whether his wealth was an issue for voters Sunak doubted it. Rishi Sunak and His wife Akshata Murty have a combined wealth of 529 million Pounds it is reckoned. This is according to the 'Sunday Times' Rich List. However, while Rishi's wealth may not matter to some, it certainly matters to many more. Especially those who are at the bottom of the pile living with the cost of living crisis.

Sunak said that those who do not like his wealth are against ambition in this country. Also, those who smear him well that says more about them than the Prime Minister.

When historians look back at the period of 2010 - to whenever this Tory administration departs (hopefully in 2024 at the general election!) they will see it as chaotic. Cowardly Cameron, Mishap May, Boris the Clown, Dim Lizzy and Wish-Washy-Rishi! Can there ever have been such a shower of useless Prime Ministers? Can there ever have been such a corrupt, inept, out-of-touch, ridiculous, government? Surely, never in the history of UK democracy can there ever have been such administrations as these? The biggest circus in town was when Boris was Prime Minister. It is quite funny until you see what transpired over this period.

So whether Boris comes back or not, if the polls are to be believed, this Tory administration is facing wipe out. A wipeout at the ballot box because people have had enough of fourteen years of misery. Misery and cruelty were and are inflicted on the people at the bottom of the pile, the most vulnerable!

Could Sunak turn it around, even now, in this late hour of his Premiership? Sunak may be out of touch but he is certainly no fool. He will and may produce scraps for people to get more votes. He knows the majority of the rich support him, many OAPs vote for him, and there will be Sunak loyalists in the party and amongst voters. So to sum up, short of a political miracle Sunak and his crew are heading out of 10 Downing Street.


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Nicholas Bishop

I am a freelance writer currently writing for Blasting News and HubPages. I mainly write about politics. But have and will cover all subjects when the need arises.

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