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Sadiq Khan: Wants More Money to Deal with XL Bullies.

XL Bully Dogs.

By Nicholas BishopPublished 18 days ago 3 min read
X L Bully Dog.

Sadiq Khan has written to Greg Hands asking for 4 million Pounds so the Met is funded to deal with XL Bullies. The dog is now banned in the UK and unless your dog is registered, it can be seized and destroyed.

Khan said these dogs can "Devastate families! The London Mayor's statement comes upon the back of several attacks, often fatally, by this breed.

Sadiq Khan also happens to be the Police and Crime Commissioner for the London Metropolitan Police (Met). So if that police service does not have the funding from central government then it should get it. Presumably, the Mayor has met with His police chief and discussed this. The Head of the Met presumably stated to Mr. Khan he needed the funding to detain and deal with these dogs. Whether the government will see fit to grant the extra funding remains to be seen.

Under the ban, you cannot sell, give away, abandon or breed the dog. Owners will also face the full weight of the law if they do not abide by this.

Many will applaud this ban. What were the motives of the government in introducing this ban? Was the ban a genuine attempt to control what is deemed to be a dangerous dog? Or a 'kneejerk' reaction, just to look like the government cares? Either way, this dog has become public enemy number 1!

Let's look at this though, are the dogs, really to blame? Dogs, whatever the breed, are sentient beings with an amalgamation of thoughts and feelings. The way news outlets portray these dogs is that they are demonic, mindless, killing machines. Dogs like any animals including humans react to situations that present themselves.

If a dog feels threatened, scared, or provoked they will react. Just as we do in whatever we encounter in life. Of course, I'm not defending the dog's right to cause injury or death, far from it. I am just pointing out that dogs will react in whatever they think is the best way to react. When the fight or flight mechanism kicks in expect reactions. Those reactions could be the dog fleeing the scene or reacting defensively/offensively.

Many XL owners are irresponsible people. They do not know how to handle their kids, let alone dogs! So, if that dog is bullied, plagued, or taught to attack, how do they think the dog will behave?

News outlets love attention-grabbing headlines. They never go into the depth of why dogs attack. It's not what attracts viewers. Most of us have the attention span of a goldfish! Only those who are aware of dogs as sapient beings will be interested in the psychology of why dogs react to certain stimuli.

We have to remember that dogs are essentially wolves. Over generations, we have bred dogs to fulfil roles in our society. Dogs have gone from living outside to being in the very centre of our homes. If we have created demon dogs then our species is solely to blame. XL Bully dogs have been bred to be aggressive so when they turn on us, it is what we have brought upon ourselves! Much like anything humans do it eventually recoils upon us.

Take climate change which is a prime example of human activity. We think we can keep on doing things and nothing will ever happen. They say for every action there is a reaction. Dog attacks and climate change have one thing in common - us! We like to see ourselves as highly intelligent beings, but in reality, we are stupid!

Surely some of these dogs can be rehabilitated. No doubt, many of them are and are given to responsible owners. Irresponsible dog owners need to be banned for life and in extreme cases, face imprisonment.


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Nicholas Bishop

I am a freelance writer currently writing for Blasting News and HubPages. I mainly write about politics. But have and will cover all subjects when the need arises.

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