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Boris: Facing Vote of No Confidence.

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By Nicholas BishopPublished about a year ago 3 min read
Boris:  Facing Vote of No Confidence.
Photo by Mathew Browne on Unsplash

Boris has finally pushed enough of his MPs to write 54 letters of no confidence. 54 letters are what is required to launch a potential vote of no confidence in the Prime Minister. Graham Brady Chairperson of the infamous 1922 Committee has indicated such a threshold has been reached. Mr. Brady also announced that he had told the Prime Minister on Sunday. Certainly, at Royal Jubilee events Boris looked forlorn worrying about his predicament.

Boris is known as the 'Teflon Prime Minister' because he has survived so many negative events. However, Boris may not survive this vote of no confidence. All it will take is a vote of 180 MPs half of the current government to oust him. The vote is due to take place between 6 - 8 pm tonight.

Boris is holding a meeting this afternoon at 4 pm to discuss the vote. Boris has already sent letters asking MPs for their support to allow him to continue. If Boris does survive he will be a lame-duck Prime Minister if he isn't already. Theresa May survived such a vote of no confidence but she was still ousted from her job later on. Boris would do well to remember this if he survives the vote.

Many Tory MPs have put up with Boris' shenanigans but not anymore it appears. Angela Richardson is one such MP and said she feels deeply disappointed. She cannot bring herself to support Boris anymore and she will vote to oust him.

Jeremy Hunt will also vote against the Prime Minister. Mr. Hunt could be another leadership challenger if the chance comes. Mr. Hunt was Health Secretary under Theresa May ironically enough. Boris was the one who helped destroy Mrs. May's Premiership. Now it seems what comes round has gone round. No doubt Mrs. May will relish the chance to vote against Mr. Johnson.

What has made so many MPs turn against Boris? Obviously, partygate, breaking lockdown rules, and the antics described in the Sue Gray report.

Penny Mordaunt a cabinet MP did not comment about the vote of no confidence. She has been tipped as a possible replacement for Mr. Johnson. Ms. Mordaunt was attending a D-Day Commemoration in Portsmouth at the time.

Other MPs who support Boris have been rallying to support the beleaguered Prime Minister. Michael Gove is one such cabinet minister lending his support. Chancellor Rishi Sunak will also support the Prime Minister. Liz Truss says she will back the Prime Minister "100 %". Gove, Truss, and Sunak will be the ones actively seeking to replace Boris if such a situation arose.

Boris said he welcomes a vote of no confidence. It would mean a chance to draw a line under partygate if he comes through. A chance to carry on and deliver on his promises to the British people. However, Boris can be economical with the truth and that is a fact.

There has been no response from the opposition parties. However, Labour, Lib-Dems, SNP, etc, will be watching things closely as this situation unfolds. If Boris gets kicked out and is replaced by another it may not be to their advantage.

Many say it would be advantageous if Boris stays in place. In other words, Boris in the 2 and a half years of being Prime Minister is destroying himself. Yes, he had the biggest landslide of any Tory Prime Minister in 2019 since the 1980s. Yes, he delivered a deal with the European Union on Brexit though not perfect. Yes, he got the COVID jab out across the UK and into people's arms. His arrogance of telling people to do one thing whilst he did something else has not helped his popularity. Partygate and other negative issues have seen Boris and the Conservative government literally plummet in the polls.

What follows after tonight's vote will determine both Boris' future and indeed our nation's future going forward.


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