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Migrants Heading Out To Rwanda.

Priti Patel To Go Ahead With Migrant Plan.

By Nicholas BishopPublished about a year ago 3 min read
Home Secretary Priti Patel.

When Australia was facing an influx of migrants the government had to act. Controversial at the time, yes but never the less the solution the Australians came up with settled the problem.

Australia made an agreement with Papua New Guinea (PNG) for deported migrants to go there. Once they were processed from holding camps they would either be returned to their country of origin or start a new life in PNG.

The UK is facing an influx of migrant boats coming across the English Channel. People make dangerous voyages in rickety boats or inflatable dinghies. Often these vessels are overloaded with people and many understandably get into difficulty. Some have drowned making the perilous journey from northern France to the south of England.

The Coast Guard, Royal Navy, RNLI, etc, have rescued many migrants and brought them ashore. From there they are processed to begin a new life here or are deported presumably from whence they came.

The Home Office fronted by Priti Patel came up with all kinds of things to deal with the migrant problem. Shipping migrants to Ascension Island was one idea in the Atlantic. However, this idea didn't fly and it was quickly dropped. St Helena also in the Atlantic was proposed but this idea was also shelved.

One has to feel compassion for people fleeing but one has to realize the UK has problems of its own. The UK has accommodated 20,000 Syrians with the same number of Afghans and now Ukrainians.

Many of the migrants are young men not necessarily fleeing a dangerous situation. Many are economic migrants just wishing to make it to the UK so they can access our welfare system, NHS, etc.

An agreement was agreed upon between Rwanda and the UK for Rwanda to accept refugees. Of course, the plan was met with derision from the Archbishop of Canterbury calling this plan unGodly. While Labour attacked the plan as unworkable as did refugee charities.

The first flight heading for Rwanda is expected to leave the UK on 14 June. Those going will be notified and nationalities included will be Syrians, Afghans, Egyptians, etc.

Ms. Patel stated recently there would be a delay in any flights to Rwanda. However, the first deportation flight to Rwanda is now on. Ms. Patel has said she fully expects there to be legal challenges. Nevertheless, the Home Secretary said she is going to carry on and remains undaunted.

Rwanda is a basket case of a nation to send these people to. Like many African nations, it might as well be a failed state as corruption is rife. The nation had a civil war in the past between the Hutus and the Tutsis. Horrific genocide occurred while the world stood by and did nothing.

What prospects will await the deportees when they arrive is unknown. Will the British government have any involvement in this or will it be up to the Rwandan government only?

Could the UK have chosen a more stable nation to send these people to? Albania was proposed as a destination but the Albanians were not happy. How migrants feel about being taken to Rwanda is not known. Some will feel unhappy as their plan to settle in the UK has failed. Others will be trying to access legal help in a bid to challenge the deportation to Rwanda. While others will be resigned to their fate and will have to accept their lot.

Finally, will this plan to send migrants to Rwanda be successful? Also, will it deter migrants from crossing the Channel? As with Australia, some will think twice before making the Channel crossing. Others will have nothing to lose and will make the journey anyway. Time will tell if the plan ultimately stops migrants from coming to the UK. It will also determine the fate of those sent to Rwanda and how they adapt to living there.


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