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by Flying Ace 2 years ago in humanity

Land of the Free, Home of the Brave

America is indeed a melting pot. This concept can be seen in our everyday lives. The one thing that is most unique is the people within the United States. America wouldn't be the way it is without immigrants and without the different cultures that clash together. Through this clashing, there have been many unique and amazing food options. It has also changed many concepts such as music, family, art, etc. It is what makes each and every single one of us unique and amazing.

Furthermore, don't let anyone tell you anything else besides the fact that you are amazing, beautiful, strong, and unique. Society has begun to place labels and standards when there should be none. For example, society has begun to make females believe that they should put lots of makeup and try to be a barbie doll basically. That is completely wrong and stupid. Instead, we should embrace each other's differences. It is by combining our different personalities and our different strengths and weaknesses that we truly become stronger. They have also begun to place standards on guys as well. This includes being muscular or being the real life "Ken Doll."

Another bad thing is that we have so much disunion in the United States. Instead of looking at the outside of a person, we should be looking on the inside. As Disney stated in Aladdin, "To find the diamond in the ruff." It is also by taking on problems together that one is able to move forward. We are the United States of America for goodness sake, so let us begin to live up to that name. Many look to us as a city on a hill, a place of refuge. So now it is our chance and our moment to fulfill those expectations and standards.

It is time to break free from all these negative vibes that are existent in the United States. In the past, we were able to look at a president or a leader that we probably didn't like and were mature about it. Now we are acting like a bunch of babies. We have forgotten our foundations, our roots, our manners, our respect, and our gratitude. We have literally become an "I" nation, when instead we need to be a "we" nation.

The reason as to why we are not united is because we don't fully understand our core values. You see, if you have a shaky foundation, you will fall. Many people do not have core values or morals or they simply don't understand them, which is why they side with whatever side seems right. However, that is not the way it should go. The Founding Fathers established the Bill of Right so that the people have more power than the government. Which is one big thing that our leaders understand and are trying to diminish. Ronald Reagan himself stated that it is very un-American to fully trust the government. Which is why he also said, "trust but verify." The Second Amendment, for example, many misinterpret. The true reason as to why the Founding Fathers placed it and worded it so was because, number one, the time period, and number two, so that the America people would have the power to rise up against the government in case it got tyrannical as it did with King George. It was never for "hunting humans" as some have stated. In fact, the very politicians that were against guns didn't even know what they were talking about. They just went with it for more votes, as do most politicians.

America is a great country, but it can be better. Are we up for the challenge to make America great again?

Flying Ace
Flying Ace
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Flying Ace
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