A Minimum Waged War

Is 15 dollars really too much?

A Minimum Waged War

Millennials seem to have a lot to complain about these days, right? Damned snowflakes. You know, with their wanting everyone to be treated with humanity (gag). Always busy both not spending enough money at chain restaurants and spending too much money at them. Yea, millinials are a pain in the ass. But while we're on the subject of money; let's talk about this dumb ass wage increase everybody has their panties in a bunch over.

P.S. I specifically wanted to point out how mysoginistic that saying is. But that is another rant for another day.

No, I want to talk about the number 15, the American dollar (lame), and the wonderful world of inflation. The root of the argument, if you don't know and have been living with Patrick Star, is that people think the federal minimum wage should be 15 dollars.

Why, might you ask?

Because it makes complete fucking sense. It does. The most common rebuttals are as follows:

  1. No one should be paid 15 dollars for flipping burgers.
  2. Emergency service workers barely make that much so it's no fair if Bob burger flipper makes that much. (Pun intended)
  3. If people want to make grown up money, they should get grown up jobs. (Now this one is usually accompanied by unsolicited advice about places to apply to, or going back to college, or redoing their life circumstances)

Either way, if your opposition falls under these three points (which it most likely does) you're so far off base you're practically stealing home.

  1. Yes everyone should be paid a living wage. Whether they are flipping burgers or doing something else YOU feel too good for. I don't give a good got damn if you had that job fresh out of high school 28 years ago Debra!! Guess what? $7.50 in 1990 would have covered your ass a lot better than it does now. Are you still going to consume those McChickens and McDoubles? Yes because you love capitalism and greasy foods. But guess what? Someone has to stand at that window and hand you your food while being disrespected. Honestly they deserve 15 dollars for putting up with your shit. Because no one, deserves to be treated subhuman. No, they didn't "sign up for this". They signed up to earn some money and in MOST cases support themselves. So fuck off.
  2. I get this point. I hear ya. Emergency workers are barely making a living wage. But, isn't that fucking sad? The people who help keep us alive are making just enough to keep themselves alive...sometimes. Raise their pay too! Like okay, maybe they do deserve to get paid more than Frank the Fry Guy. So pay them what they're worth. This is not up for debate. How about we don't just roll over and accept that we are getting fucked out of our money more while experiencing our "liberties" less. Stop with the bullshit. Please.
  3. Do you know how hard it is to go to college and succeed?! Very. Scholarship money isn't as easy to come by as you may think. So you end up supporting yourself through it for what? To end up so far in debt that half your paycheck is being swept from under you anyway. So yea, you go from making $600 every 2 weeks to $1200 just to have it sucked it right back down to $600? Where's the logic in that?

We have got to do better. Far better. A living wage shouldn't be a debate anymore. It should be common sense. If you own a business that requires HUMAN workers, then pay them enough to be able to sustain your business. And for those businesses who don't give a shit and are PURPOSEFULLY trying to get over, we can no longer allow them to. But hey, what do I know. I'm just a dumb, college educated, human rights supporting, snowflake, (not liberal I actually think the whole political system is full of illogical assholes), Millennial. So I'm going to go back to my avocado toast and mumble rap. Peace.

Duece Confucius
Duece Confucius
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