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A Message to the Woke Youth

The Misguided March

By Daniel StevensPublished 3 months ago 4 min read

In a time of tumultuous change, where the winds of progressivism howl through the streets and digital corridors of the world, the youth stand at the forefront, brandishing the flag of wokeness. This essay inspired by the thought-provoking perspectives of James Lindsay, serves as a heartfelt missive to the young, woke generation, urging them to reconsider the path they tread, for it may lead not to the liberation they seek but to the very shackles they wish to escape.

The Trap of Western Maoism

A trap of Western Maoism Lindsay cautions that the current trajectory of woke activism is akin to Western Maoism, an ideological echo of Mao Zedong’s China, but with a distinctly American flavor. This path, he warns, is one that leads not to victory or triumph but to a paradoxical loss. In the pursuit of radical change, the woke youth, much like Mao’s Red Guards, may find themselves both the agents and the victims of a movement that uses and discards its champions with a cold, calculated indifference.

The Hegelian Dialectic and the Woke Movement

The philosophical underpinnings of the woke movement, as Lindsay argues, are deeply rooted in the Hegelian dialectic, a theory posited by GWF Hegel in the early 19th century. This theory, which advocates for the progression of history through conflict, has been co-opted by the woke ideology to manufacture societal clashes as a means to an end. However, the youth, seen as mere agents of this conflict, are warned that their relevance is fleeting, their utility temporary. Once the aims of the movement are achieved, they too shall be cast aside, as history has no need for yesterday’s change agents.

The Role of the Youth in the Woke Movement

The young, woke individuals are encouraged to see themselves not as heralds of a new era but as pawns in a larger game of ideological warfare. They are molded to destabilize the existing order, only to find that in the new world they help create, there is no place for destabilizers. This, Lindsay asserts, is the cruel irony of their plight – in winning, they lose; in succeeding, they render themselves obsolete.

The Historical Precedent of Marxist Movements

Drawing parallels to past Marxist movements, Lindsay emphasizes that the fate awaiting today’s woke youth is not novel. History is replete with examples of revolutionary zeal being met with brutal crackdowns once their utility has waned. The Red Guards, once instrumental in Mao’s consolidation of power, were swiftly neutralized when they no longer served their purpose. This historical lesson serves as a stark warning to the woke generation.

The Future of the Woke Youth

The future for those ensnared in the woke ideology, according to Lindsay, is grim. In a system that triumphs, they face the prospect of being discarded or, worse, transformed into hollow vessels serving a new authoritarian order. In a system that falls, they are left unprepared for the realities of a world that values skills and knowledge over ideological fervor. The education system, complicit in this indoctrination, fails to equip them for the challenges ahead, leaving them at a disadvantage in either scenario.

A Call to Reawaken to Liberty

Lindsay’s message culminates in a passionate plea to the woke youth to awaken not to a false promise of liberation but to the enduring principles of liberty. He urges them to recognize the manipulation at play, to see beyond the veil of ideological indoctrination, and to embrace the truth that real freedom lies not in the destruction of the old but in the preservation and improvement of the principles that have long been the bedrock of democratic societies.

Conclusion: A Choice at the Crossroads

In conclusion, this essay, echoing the sentiments of James Lindsay, stands as a clarion call to the young, woke generation. It invites them to critically examine the path they walk, to understand the historical and philosophical implications of their actions, and to make a conscious choice. Will they continue down a road paved with good intentions but leading to unintended consequences, or will they seek a path that upholds the liberties and values that have withstood the test of time? The choice, weighty and consequential, lies in their hands.


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I'm a young multifaceted writer. I write about everything from Science to Philosophy, my take on the life stories of great people from the past and the now.

If you are like me, interested in many different topics you defiantly love my work.

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    Brilliant, great job! 😁👍🍁

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