Dear Donald
Dear Donald

A Letter to the Hero of Our Nation

by Brittany D 9 months ago in trump

A Letter to the Man Who Is Making America Great Again

A Letter to the Hero of Our Nation

Dear President Trump,

Over the past couple of years, I've stood by and supported you through all your ideas and claims. Everything you've proposed I've supported first hand. I've defended you, taken an emotional beating for you, and been called every name under the sun all in your defense. I would do it again in a heartbeat.

Fake news wants to mar your name and image. Democrats want to condemn you for issues you had no part in and that they haven't been able to fix in years. Your stand on illegal immigration will keep America safe and will lower amounts of cocaine and other drugs that pour into our country from the cartels.

I know you had hoped that Mexico would pay for our border wall. Now we know that might not be an option. Americans all over the USA are willing and putting their money and land up for the cause, all so we can have a safe America.

You've taken a beating after beating by newsgroups and political party members. You've stood strong and proud all through their lies, fake news, and alarmist mentality. You won our election fair and square. The people who said you won illegally do not know how our voting system works.

Through all this trouble, all these horrible personal attacks on you, your family, and your office, you've stood strong. You've never backed down, not once.

Some people call us racist, but we're not. We wear our MAGA gear proudly. We love anyone no matter the color of their skin, and we respect everyone no matter their opinion. You've supported us through and through. You've done the best you could do given the idiots in the Democratic Party that you've had to deal with.

We respect your choices, and we trust your judgment. Everyone has challenged how smart you are and called you a misogynist because of your "Grab them by the pussy" comment. I could care less about locker room talk. I don't care what a man says because he has the freedom of speech to say whatever he wants. I know you respect women because Melania is such a classy lady.

Our wonderful First Lady has been a pinnacle for the White House. She has been a true role model for young women. She shows young women how to be true ladies and to handle situations with grace and poise.

We will stand by you to build the wall, to enforce Legal Immigration, to broaden our horizons by accepting people from different countries legally. We will accept people no matter their race, gender, or creed so long as they uphold America. So long as they embrace America as their country. So long as they defend America as their country. We will stand beside you, always grateful, always willing to give our support to you who works day and night to make America Great.

Thank you for promoting a strong America. An America where men and women can stand together and present it to the next generation. Thank you for lowering the unemployment that Obama so quickly tried to take credit for. Obama himself said it could never be done, it would take a miracle. You did it. You brought the country back up. I know you will keep making changes, keep enforcing the good and reducing the bad.

You respect our military, honor their service, and give their families closure. The fallen fight for what America will be, and when one falls, there you are.

Thank you for standing by America, because America stands by you.

I'll be there to vote for you in 2020 and we will Keep Making America Great.

Thank you.

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