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Investors Are Still Living In Fantasy Land

by Paul Guadagno 6 days ago in bitcoin
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Very Quick Rebound In Silver And Gold Is A Strong Buy Signal


People buying into Bitcoin right now will probably lose if they don't sell out on quick gains . According to all the data, it's more likely gold and silver will rebound heavily in the 4th quarter, which will put a lot more pressure on the total stock market and Bitcoin.

Please refer to this recent article from Kitco:

Bitcoin Expected to Crash To 10k

This person isn't the only one claiming a deeper downside in Bitcoin. There are a few more analysts also saying that it will keep falling. The recent strength back up to Almost 25k is another strong bear market rally and should be sold. The article above, as bad as it sounds for Bitcoin, is kind of bullish which is ridiculous ! It's claiming that even though it has another 50% more on the downside, it will still do better than the stock market .

That's little consolation to long termer's that refuse to sell. There are more experienced people saying it might rebound off the the bottom of 10k but will ultimately fail completely. No one knows for sure what will happen, but for anyone still buying and holding, keep this in mind.

Don't let the Fed trick you into believing that they will have inflation under control !! They won't be able to do it without crashing the economy even more.

There are still a lot of investors that haven't learned their lesson. "Fantasy" investing can't go on forever if there's no true value to measure at the bottom.

** If the only reason why most people were buying Bitcoin was because it was going up, what happens when there aren't anymore new buyers ? The true believers will be holding a worthless asset that can't be resold for a higher price.

Here's an article that will truly scare anyone in Bitcoin if you haven't seen it yet.

Most bearish outlook ?

The upside in gold and silver between now and the end of the year , and for the next few years could make back all the money you lost in the stock market and Bitcoin and well more ! If you're not open minded about it , you will just keep losing money.

Please refer to the recent article below:

Unremarkable outlook even though it's positive

Regarding the article above , you can see how ,even with gold and silver's quick rebound over the last week , these assets are never overhyped. You have to admit, this article is kind of unimpressive for an investment that will most likely do very well until at least the end of the year while everything else stays weak.

That's the complete opposite of the articles that overhype and pump up Bitcoin, even while it's going down. That mentally "suckered" a lot more money into it.

More than a year ago, I claimed Bitcoin was no better than an penny stock with , no true value. And was only going up because the whole world was suckered into it . I stand by that statement.

Extreme manipulation in Gold and Silver prices

As time goes on this possibility becomes more and more evident ! It becomes very obvious on certain days when heavy downside comes out of nowhere for no good reason. One more current example occurred on February 24th 2022. With the gold price dropping from a high of close to $1970 to $1885 in just a few hours ? This has to be a coordinated attack on the price. As far as downside manipulation in Silver goes, it's already been proven because more than one big bank has been busted for it.

*** Soon this kind of manipulation won't matter at all because the same forces that are keeping it down will be the ones to force it to reset much higher.


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